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Child support News

Woman eats pig to avoid paying child support

A woman in Russia faces up to two years in jail because she ate her own pig in an attempt to avoid paying child support.

Spanish man must continue child support to 29-year-old daughter

Cadiz - The current economic crisis in Spain, together with rife unemployment, is having its effect on Spaniards in many unusual ways. In this case, a man has been told he has to continue paying child support, despite the fact that his daughter is 29 years old.

Man ordered to pay $30K child support bill for kid that isn't his

The state of Michigan is demanding that a man pay thousands of dollars for a kid that isn't his, or he could go to prison.

Texas dad jailed for overpaying child support

Houston - A Texas father has been sentenced to six months behind bars in a dispute over child support payments, despite the fact that he's paid his ex-wife the entire amount owed.

Jon Cryer's ex wants an extra $80k+ in monthly child support

The ex wife of Jon Cryer, who stars on the show 'Two And A Half Men' is seeking more than $80K in monthly child support.

Dad flashes cash on Facebook, then gets hit for child support

Christopher Robinson, of Milwaukee, is facing felony charges after he allegedly failed to pay his child support and flashing his money on Facebook.

Sperm donor, ordered to pay child support, takes fight to court

Topeka - A Craigslist sperm donor who signed away his parental rights for the daughter he helped a lesbian couple to conceive, is now being ordered by Kansas to pay child support.

Boxer Holyfield's money problems continue

Former heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield was held in contempt of court because he failed to pay more than half a million dollars in back child support.

Doctor to pay child support for baby born after failed abortion

Palma - In a landmark case at a Spanish court, a judge ordered a doctor to pay child support to a baby born after he botched an abortion. The judge made the ruling in Palma, Spain, after the child was born healthy following a full term pregnancy.

Father of 30 kids wants a break on child support

A man who has thirty kids with eleven different women has said he wants a break on his child support because it is a burden.

Willie Nelson helps promote rally for veterans benefits with OFFE

Country music legend Willie Nelson teams up with Operation Firing for Effect to promote a rally to protect veteran's benefits. The rally, named Operation Sin City, will take place May 15th and 16th in Las Vegas.

Veterans Injury Compensation and problems in court

Veterans benefits for personal injury are protected under federal law from any legal or equitable process, but civil courts across the country say the law is not applicable.

800,000 child support records lost in California

California Department of Child Support Services reports losing 800,000 child support records during transit from Colorado to California.

TLC's T-Boz files for bankruptcy for second time

Tionne Watkins, a.k.a. T-Boz from the 90s musical trio TLC, has found herself filing for bankruptcy as she owes creditors almost $800,000. This is the second time Watkins has filed this year.

Child support a victim during recession

Family courts are being flooded in the United States by out of work parents asking that their child support payments be reduced.

Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston in child support dispute

Bristol Palin has gone to court, demanding that Levi Johnston fulfill his duties as a dad and pay her some of the money he's made from his media appearances.

UK girl fights to keep her pony

A girl in the UK is fighting to keep her pony. British authorities are going after Emma Chapelhow's dad for back child support and want to seize Pringle the pony.

Man, 29, fathers 21 children with 11 women

A Tennessee man set a dubious record in the U.S. for fathering 21 children with 11 different women. The man recently told the court that he “was done with children”.

Man Jailed, Owes Back Child Support of $530,000 for 14 Children

Making babies is sure fun; paying for them…not so much. A Michigan man has been jailed for not paying child support for 14 children, he allegedly fathered with 13 women.

Father Kills Child So He Doesn't Have To Pay Child Support

When Danny Platt of New Orleans was told he had to pay child support he vowed to kill either his wife or child. On Saturday he was arrested on killing his 2 1/2 year-old son Ja' Shawn Powell.

Florida bureaucracy punishing man over child support for a kid who's not his

Francesco Rodriguez was jailed for a day for not paying over $10,000 in child support for a kid whom DNA proves he did not father. Further bolstering Rodriguez's cause is an affidavit from the mother stating his non-paternity.

Sperm Donor At Heart Of Child Support Case

A sperm donor from Indiana County who helped a lesbian couple conceive two children is liable for child support under a state appeals-court ruling that a legal expert believes might be the first of its kind.

Make that a pizza and some child support to go, please

Now you can have a deadbeat parent wanted poster and a pizza delivered to your home, no extra charge.

Woman Seeks $28,000/Month in Child Support

The father of the children makes $1 million a month, but a judge cut his child support payments down to $5,000/month and cited the mother's frivolous spending and unemployment. She's filing to raise it back to $28,000/month.

Doctor pays child support to patient he didn't have sex with

Why does it seem like no one wants to take responsibility for their own actions anymore???

Pay child support or miss the flight

Up to 1200 separated parents, mainly wealthy fathers, risk being stopped at airport departure gates as they leave for overseas holidays unless they pay outstanding child support.

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