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Child sexual abuse News

Bidder to turn Neverland Ranch into haven for sex abuse victims

Los Olivos - In August 2014 it was revealed that Michael Jackson's estate, Neverland Ranch would be going for sale in the near future by Colony Capital. One of the current bids for the property is proposing to build a camp for sexually abused children.

Op-Ed: 1,400 kids sexually abused in one UK town, cops knew, did nothing

Rotherham - It must surely be one of the most inglorious moments in British history. A report indicates that a place called Rotherham was for years a centre of serious sexual violence and abuse of children over a period of 16 years.

Pope's apology on child sexual abuse fails to satisfy victims

In a strongly worded speech, Pope Francis sought forgiveness from victims of sexual abuse, assuring imposition of harsh penalties on priests who harm children.

Google cracks down on Internet child pornography, sexual abuse

Google will block global search results connected to child sex abuse and pornography. The Internet giant is introducing algorithmic changes to its engine and starting to monitor pornographic images and videos to help clean-up the web.

Review: ‘After Savile: No More Secrets?’ Special

The fallout from the Jimmy Savile inquiry continues with this half hour documentary by the BBC's 'Panorama' team currently on iplayer.

Op-Ed: Graham Ovenden — Painter and Paedophile

London - Graham Ovenden is a renowned fine artist, though he is likely to be remembered not for his paintings but for the abuse of some of his models.

NSPCC reports 84% rise in child sexual abuse calls for June/July

The NSPCC in the UK noted a massive hike in calls reporting child sexual abuse for June and July 2013. The charity says it may be down to better public awareness of child sex abuse following the Jimmy Savile cases last year.

Ex-teacher gets 30 days in jail for raping teen student

Billings - A former Montana teacher convicted of raping a 14-year-old student who later committed suicide was sentenced to 30 days in jail.

Op-Ed: Victims of alleged child sexual abuse punished in court Special

Ancaster - Two sisters from Ancaster, Ontario, now in their 30's, claimed they had been sexually abused by their uncle back in the 80's when they were just 4 and 6 years old. Now, an Ontario judge has decided they, not their uncle, are the ones guilty of a crime.

3 ex-Penn State officials face key hearing in Sandusky scandal

Harrisburg - A judge on Monday will decide if there is enough evidence to warrant a trial on charges involving Jerry Sandusky against three ex-Penn State administrators, including former President Graham B. Spanier, in hiding sexual abuse allegations for a decade.

Op-Ed: Julian Assange has served his time

London - Julian Assange has now been under virtual house arrest in the London Embassy of Ecuador for a year. Some would say that even if he is guilty, he has served his time and charges against him should now be dropped.

Nine-year-old Mexican girl gives birth via C-section

Mexico - A nine-year-old girl in Mexico’s western state of Jalisco has given birth and authorities are searching for the alleged 17-year-old father who has reportedly disappeared, Mexican authorities said Wednesday.

Saudi cleric says 'baby burkas' would prevent child molestation

A Saudi cleric claims the best way for his country to prevent sexual molestation of young girls is to require them to wear burkas.

Op-Ed: 5 Reasons Corbett sued NCAA over deserved Penn State sanctions

State College - "Doomed," "foolhardy," "disgusting" — are just a few of the words being used to describe Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett's lawsuit asking the federal court to toss out NCAA penalties handed to Penn State for its role in protecting a pedophile.

Australia to hold Royal Commission into child abuse

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced a Royal Commission into institutional responses to instances and allegations of child abuse in Australia.

Op-Ed: Jimmy Savile — From hero to zero — A timeline

Jimmy Savile died October 29, 2011, and on November 9 he received the sort of funeral a president or even a king would have envied. A year later his name is more reviled than that of many a serial killer.

Op-Ed: The scramble begins for Jimmy Savile's money

Now that the late Jimmy Savile has been hung, drawn and quartered from beyond the grave, the scramble begins for his money, something that has been called compensation but is more properly referred to as a gravy train.

Savile scandal spreads across the Atlantic

New York Times' public editor, Margaret Sullivan, has questioned whether Mark Thompson is fit to lead the organisation. As the BBC is rocked by the Savile scandal, the role of its former Director General, Mark Thompson, is being drawn into question.

Op-Ed: Trouble enough — more child sex charges in Rochdale

Rochdale - Just when we thought we'd seen it all with the Jimmy Savile affair, another big child sex scandal is looming on the horizon.

Penn State's Jerry Sandusky gets 30 - 60 yrs for child sex abuse

Bellefonte - Serial pedophile Jerry Sandusky, a former Penn State University football coach, was sentenced Tuesday morning to 30 - 60 years in prison for sexually abusing 10 young, at-risk boys over a 15-year period.

Sandusky may face danger once in prison Special

Bellefonte - As former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky prepares for his sentencing hearing on Tuesday, some are wondering if he will become a victim of sexual assault once he is placed into the Pennsylvania Corrections prison system.

Jimmy Savile accused of sexually assaulting young girls

Jimmy Savile, who was for decades, a constant presence on British television, has been accused of sexually assaulting young girls. The disclosures are made in a documentary to be broadcast on Wednesday.

Priest who blamed children for abuse still under fire Special

New York - Last week Father Benedict Groeschel, a prominent Catholic priest, found himself in the eye of a controversial storm after he made statements blaming children for sexual abuse. Reactions to his his comments were swift and fierce.

European arrest warrant issued for arrest of 'pedophile priest'

London - After failing to locate Father Laurence Soper when he failed to appear at a London police station, the London Metropolitan Police obtained the warrant. It is believed the priest may be in a monastery somewhere.

Second Episode of Satyamev Jayate, Topic-Child Sexual Abuse

Mumbai - After tackling female foeticide in the first episode, another taboo in society- child sexual abuse was tackled in the second episode of Satyamev Jayate or “Truth Alone Prevails”.

The sad tale of Robert Green

Stonehaven - Anti-abuse campaigner Robert Green has been gaoled for a year for handing out leaflets, at least that is what his supporters say. As usual, the truth isn't that simple.

L.A. elementary school teachers arrested for child abuse

Los Angeles - Two male teachers at Miramonte Elementary school in Los Angeles have been arrested and charged with the sexual abuse of dozens of children.

Op-Ed: Sex in schools is not just at Perv State

Some of the regulars down at Sparky’s Diner took me to task this week for not adding my wooden two-cents to what is easily the sleaziest story to come out of academia this century.

When is child sexual abuse considered normal?

The Roman Catholic Church and Pennsylvania State University are not only world-renowned but powerful institutions. Yet both made the choice to hide pedophile sexual activities of their staff, a decision that make "silent others" just as guilty.

Catholic order to pay $18 million to child sex-abuse victims

Montreal - A Roman Catholic order which runs an elite boys private boarding school in Montreal, on Thursday, signed an out-of-court settlement of a class-action lawsuit involving allegations of sexual abuse of school boys.
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Yawgood Scout Camps August  23  1971 incident report
Yawgood Scout Camps August, 23, 1971 incident report
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Downside  the independent school where boys as young as eleven were groomed and abused.
Downside, the independent school where boys as young as eleven were groomed and abused.
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Fr. Benedict Groeschel
Fr. Benedict Groeschel
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Father Groeschel s Sunday Night Live
Father Groeschel's Sunday Night Live
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Empowering the girl-child: against child marraige

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