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The digital farm and the impact of ‘green’ eggs

Okanagan - Scientists have been tracking the environmental footprint of Canadian egg products and looking at the optimal models of farming to reduce environmental impacts. The model has utilized digital technology.

Science reveals how some chickens got striped feathers

Stockholm - Behind the rage of plumage color and patterning on the feathers of birds is genetics. The precise mechanisms have proved elusive to researchers, until now. Two independent gene mutations reveal the barring pattern in chickens.

A discarded chicken bone tells the story of early domestication

A discarded chicken bone, human teeth marks clearly etched into it from a meal thousands of years ago, is physical proof of the introduction of domesticated chickens on the African continent, researchers have confirmed.

Sleeping with chickens protects you from mosquitoes

If you're worried about mosquito bites, or live in an area at risk from malaria, then sleeping with a chicken might be the answer. A point of scientific research are the compounds in chicken feathers.

'Angry' Oregon man releases 7 chickens at Revenue office

Eugene - Oregon police learned a lesson in chicken wrangling on Wednesday when a disgruntled man left seven of the birds in a rather unusual place — the office of the Oregon Department of Revenue. Police describe the man as "angry" at the department.

Obese 100-year-old crocodile dies from overeating sacrifices

An overweight 100-year-old crocodile in south-western Bangladesh has died from overfeeding caused by eating too many chickens and goats that were thrown to it by worshippers believing they would get good luck.

The state of bird flu in North America

Bird flu appears to be on the rise across North America. Farmers detect H5N8 in a commercial turkey flock in California, while Canadian officials document the first known human importation of H7N9 to the country.

Baby chicks can do math like humans

Like humans, baby birds visualize increasing numbers from left to right, according to a new study looking into whether this similar trait in humans is learned or innate.

H7N9 strain mutated from chicken flu virus

Beijing - Scientists have demonstrated how changes in a flu virus common to Chinese poultry farms triggered the rise of the novel avian H7N9 influenza A virus that has sickened hundreds of people since 2013.

Chicken juice helps pathogens to flourish

Washington - The food poisoning bacterium Campylobacter is relatively hardy in many kitchens. New research shows that the robustness is boosted by "chicken juice."

Campylobacter found on over half U.K. supermarket chickens

London - The U.K. Food Standards Agency have issued a survey of Campylobacter found on fresh shop-bought chickens. Over half of the chickens sampled were found to be infected.

New bird flu threat

The Chinese government has reported the first two human cases of H10N8 avian influenza. One case is linked to the death of a 73-year-old woman.

New 'H6N1' bird flu reported in Taiwan

It has been revealed that a woman who was hospitalized in Taiwan after she developed a high fever, cough and shortness of breath, was the victim of a rare strain of 'bird flu'.

Undercover video shows 'shocking' cruelty at Alberta chicken farm

A leading Canadian animal rights group has released secretly-shot video footage of cruelty and abuse of chickens at two Alberta farms.

Antibiotic resistant Salmonella traced from farm to shop

Scientists are concerned with both the use of antibiotic resistant bacteria in farming and the spread of bacteria in the food chain. A new genetic method is now available to help study the latest trends.

Chicken hatchery linked to U.S. Salmonella outbreak

A Salmonella outbreak which has led to more than 300 people becoming ill, across the U.S., has been linked to a hatchery in New Mexico that sells live baby chickens, ducks and other poultry by mail.

Chickens from farmers markets carry more pathogens

At least that was the case in one U.S. state. A study of raw, whole chickens purchased from farmers markets throughout Pennsylvania contained significantly higher levels of bacteria.

Film clips: 'Samsara' — an introduction into food production

The video is a selection of clips from the film "Samsara" (which is a Tibetan word meaning "the wheel of life") which show how our food is mass-produced in automated fashion, from living, breathing, feeling creatures, for our consumption.

Can oregano oil be as effective as an antibiotic in chicken feed?

Fredericksburg - A chicken farm in Pennsylvania is using oregano oil as a natural way to ward off bacterial infections in its chickens. The company says it feels they are "on to something" by using this herb as part of its preventative practices against disease.

70,000 chickens found dead in Maryland

Delmar - Tens of thousands of chickens are dead after a man purportedly shut off the power to numerous chicken houses on a Maryland farm. He is also alleged to have been drunk at the time of the incident.

New advert for chickens in France ruffles French Police feathers

Two years after first creating a stir with an advertising campaign, French brand Loué chickens has, once again, been the subject of clucking disapproval from a French police chief.

Arsenic, antihistamines and antibiotics fed to chickens

Beef consumers who were shocked to discover they were routinely eating pink slime now must face news that the chicken industry also routinely feeds chickens with reprocessed chicken feathers, which tested positive for arsenic and other ingredients.

French Village to hand out free waste disposal units — Chickens

A tiny village in North West France has come up with a novel waste disposal scheme combining cost saving, environmental and social benefits.

City prohibits artist from showing chicken slaughtering exhibit

Lawrence - Amber Hansen, a Kansas-based artist, has been blocked by a city ordinance from slaughtering chickens as part of a controversial art project.

50,000 chickens found left to starve on California egg farm

Turlock - In a disturbing situation, approximately 50,000 chickens were found dying at an egg farm outside of Modesto, Calif. last week. Officials say the tens of thousands of hens were starving, and had not been fed or given water in about two weeks.

Heat wave in US kills thousands of chickens and turkeys

Thousands of chickens and turkeys at farms in North Carolina and Kansas died as temperatures soared to around 43C (110F) this week.

PETA accuses monks of being unchristian farmers

The animal activist group PETA has taken issue with a New Brunswick monastery over how the monks are caring for the livestock on the monastery's farm.

Urban chicken 'experiment' being watched

The City of Charlottetown has no problem with backyard chickens, but are watching a flock of a dozen birds in Lewis Point Park.

Op-Ed: If You Eat Large Eggs is That Contributing to Animal Cruelty?

The chairman of the British Free Range Producers’ Association claims eating larger eggs is unkind to hens, and urges consumers to eat medium ones instead.

Nepal: Avian Flu Results in Culling of Over 10,000 Birds

Nepalese authorities have begun slaughtering thousands of poultry and disposing of their carcasses in response to an outbreak of bird flu.
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Map showing where the ancient farming village was in Ethiopia.
Map showing where the ancient farming village was in Ethiopia.
International Journal of Osteoarchaeology
The new ad campaign for free-range Loué chickens that has so offended some French police chiefs
The new ad campaign for free-range Loué chickens that has so offended some French police chiefs
Facebook Fermiers de Loué
A chicken market in Xining  China.
A chicken market in Xining, China.
M M (Padmanaba01)
The chickens getting used to their temporary digs.
The chickens getting used to their temporary digs.
YouTube screen grab TimeToKnow
George M. Groutas
A hen chicken (Gallus gallus)
A hen chicken (Gallus gallus)
Image: By Thegreenj
Transporting poultry by bicycle in Suzhou  China.
Transporting poultry by bicycle in Suzhou, China.
Gérald Tapp
A red junglefowl (Gallus gallus) crowing on a tree in the light of morning.
A red junglefowl (Gallus gallus) crowing on a tree in the light of morning.
Phillip Picart

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