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Chicken News

Breaded chicken recalled due to food poisoning risk

A bacterial toxin has been found in a range of breaded chicken products. As a precaution, the processed meat breaded products have been withdrawn from sale in the U.S.

Heartbroken Chinese woman spends a week at KFC

When dealing with a tough breakup, some grab a tub of ice-cream or chocolate, lock themselves away and eat until the pain goes away.

Foster Farms intruder kills 920 chickens with golf club

Caruthers - On September 20, an intruder killed more than 900 birds with a golf club at a Foster Farms chicken shed in Fresno County, California.

U.S. firm recalls chicken nugget product

Atlanta - A Gainesville, Georgia establishment in the U.S. is recalling approximately 15,306 pounds of a frozen, fully cooked chicken nugget product that may be contaminated with extraneous materials.

$50 Bloody Mary comes with an entire fried chicken

Milwaukee - A bar in Milwaukee has introduced a $50 Bloody Mary topped with an entire fried chicken. The drink, dubbed the Chicken Fried Bloody Beast, also comes with sausage, olives, cheese and onion shrimp.

Most raw chicken in hospitals contains pathogenic bacteria

More than 80% of raw chicken samples tested in a hospital kitchen tested positive for antibiotic resistant bacteria, according to a recent study.

Costco chicken strips warning over Listeria concerns

Ottawa - The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is advising people not to consume Kirkland Signature brand grilled chicken breast strips due to possible listeria contamination.

Op-Ed: Kroger being sued for lying about their 'Simple Truth' chicken

Consumers are having a hard enough time just trying to stay informed of the next meat or poultry recall news. Now we are being hit with the news that a nationally known grocery store has been telling lies about their chicken products. What's next?

Man crashes into chicken joint, then pleasures himself

Philadelphia - A drunk driver crashes his car into a chicken restaurant and proceeds to strip and supposedly masturbates in front of startled onlookers.

Op-Ed: Most chicken in American stores is full of pathogens

Very few American's don't like chicken, either southern fried, baked or as chicken tenders along side their favorite dipping sauce. But most people don't realize just how many different kinds of dangerous pathogens raw chicken can harbor.

Making a probiotic chicken to beat food poisoning

A probiotic chicken could be reared, with friendly bacteria added to the coat of the chicken, as a way of warding of food poisoning bacteria.

Recall of 90 tons of chicken salad for E. coli contamination

The "Grab-and-Go" option of getting a quick meal to eat on-the-go has become a way of life in our hectic world. With the option of picking up just about anything that catches the eye, it's a good way to pick up something you may not want to bring home.

Videos: So-called 'humane' chicken hatchery exposed for cruelty

The first video you will see (above) tells you how wonderful and clean this chicken hatchery is, and how well the chicks are treated and what a wonderful life they have. Then the second video shows you what is actually happening at this company.

From poultry farms to chicken nuggets: food poisoning

Scientists have identified a link between the certain food-borne pathogens on poultry farms and processed meat products.

Domino's Pizza introduces donut shaped pizzas

If pizza isn't good enough for you, hopefully Domino's Pizza's solution will accommodate your needs by putting together all the classic fast food restaurant menu items.

Whole Foods mixes up chicken and vegan salads

Whole Foods Market Inc. announced Thursday that labels on its curried chicken salad and those on a vegan version of the salad were reversed at some of its stores in the Northeast.

With seventh bird flu death, Chinese CDC warns on eating habits

As the new 'novel' H7N9 bird flu claimed its seventh victim, and with additional infections blossoming across key provinces in China, Chinese authorities are now cautioning citizens to change their eating habits.

Woman in wheelchair choked over last piece of chicken

A disabled woman sat down for Sunday dinner only to be choked by an enraged man because she grabbed the last piece of chicken.

McDonald's adds chicken wings to menu in select cities

Chicago - This week McDonald's is launching chicken wings in a limited market. The new item, "Mighty Wings", will be only offered for a limited time.

Photo Essay: Birds I have Loved Special

I love birds. In California, I cherished my parrot Penny. In New Zealand, I hand-fed keas, the only alpine parrots in the world. In Russia, I saw pigeons by a frozen river. In Turkey, I found seagulls and native chickens. Enjoy my winged collection.

Raw chicken parts fall from the sky in Virginia

Three raw chicken parts rained down from the sky on a teenager Cassie Bernard, who was taking a horseback riding lesson in Virginia Wednesday. She got hit by the smallest of the parts, a foot-long piece. She was not hurt because she was wearing a helmet.

Chicken superbug linked to E. coli bladder infection in women

A study says more than 8 million women are at risk of developing difficult to treat, painful, long-lasting bladder infections because they handle and eat chicken carrying E. coli resistant to antibiotic treatment.

Report: U.S. poultry products contain banned antibiotics

A research team has discovered a banned antibiotic in animal feed prepared from poultry by-products. The concern is the antibiotic creates resistant bacteria, and some of these bacteria are food pathogens and could pose a public health risk.

Chicken lays a close to 7-ounce egg, 'Popples clucking as normal'

Portsmouth - A massive egg was recently found in the chicken's run at a U.K. farm. The egg, which weighed in close to 7-ounces, amazed 8-year-old Harriet Whitaker and her family.

Video: Director Herzog lectures on chicken stupidity

Werner Herzog's heavily accented and absurdly grave cadence with which he has created a peculiar genre of voiceovers, imitated and caricatured more than any, has been described as "that authoritative, avuncular Bavarian sound."

Poultry in motion: New channel shows nothing but roasting chicken Special

Rogers Communications in Canada announced it will launch a digital cable channel featuring only a chicken rotating on a spit, 24 hours a day seven days a week. It will be active from Feb. 28 to May 22.

Weighing the Double Down: KFC's infamous Sandwich comes to Canada Special

There’s a new epidemic in town, and it's like no other of its kind. Comprised of a “secret sauce,” and two pieces of cheese and bacon sandwiched between a pair of fried chicken fillets, the KFC Double Down is a sandwich without a bun.

Photo of mechanically separated chicken nauseating the Internet

Who doesn't love chicken nuggets? They're golden brown, cooked on the inside and when dipped in plum sauce, they're absolutely delicious. After seeing a photo of mechanically separated meat, you may not eat them again.

British scientists crack the chicken vs. egg mystery

British scientists have discovered that egg formation is only possible by a protein found in chickens' ovaries. That means eggs must be formed in chickens first, which now solves that age-old question.

The truth behind what's inside hot dogs Special

Hamburg - Whether you call it a frankfurter, hot dog or wiener it's a cooked sausage and a year-round favorite. They can be made from beef, pork, turkey, chicken, or a combination- the label must state which. But does it always? What exactly is the ingredient MSM?
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Chicken Image

Buffalo Chicken & Gorgonzola Meatballs.
Buffalo Chicken & Gorgonzola Meatballs.
Chicken Roll Ups
Chicken Roll Ups
Yummy Prosciutto and Asiago Chicken Roll-ups/Rolltini - you decide.
Yummy Prosciutto and Asiago Chicken Roll-ups/Rolltini - you decide.
Cooking chicken!
Cooking chicken!
Bourbon Pecan Chicken
Bourbon Pecan Chicken
Ooey Gooey Cheese changing lives one day at a time.
Ooey Gooey Cheese changing lives one day at a time.
Chicken marinating...
Chicken marinating...
Chicken simmering in salsa!
Chicken simmering in salsa!
yummy gorgonzola being added to my creamy and bacon-y tomato sauce
yummy gorgonzola being added to my creamy and bacon-y tomato sauce
A screenshot from a KFC China ad featuring chicken doused with Irish liqueur
A screenshot from a KFC China ad featuring chicken doused with Irish liqueur
YouTube screenshot
Bacon-wrapped Buffalo Blue cheese chicken.
Bacon-wrapped Buffalo Blue cheese chicken.
Shredding chicken
Shredding chicken
Chicken roll ups with bechamel sauce!
Chicken roll ups with bechamel sauce!
Chicken Burritos
Chicken Burritos
A whole lot of goodness on chicken breasts.
A whole lot of goodness on chicken breasts.
Shredded buffalo chicken
Shredded buffalo chicken
KFC s Double Down sandwich  returning to Canada June 1.
KFC's Double Down sandwich, returning to Canada June 1.
Mike Saechang
Persons infected with the outbreak strain of Salmonella Heidelberg  by State since May 22  2014.
Persons infected with the outbreak strain of Salmonella Heidelberg, by State since May 22, 2014.
Zambian farmers  hide yer chickens...
Zambian farmers, hide yer chickens...
Marji Beach/Flickr
Blue cheese and buffalo chicken pizza ready for the oven.
Blue cheese and buffalo chicken pizza ready for the oven.


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