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Chicago News

Chicago releases videos of police shootings

Washington - It's a scene that could have come straight out of a Hollywood action movie: a video of a minivan suddenly careening backwards at high speed. It almost collides with a group of police officers, who draw their guns and shoot.

Report: McDonald's Corp. planning to move HQ to downtown Chicago

Chicago - McDonald's plans to move its corporate headquarters from the Chicago suburbs to the downtown Fulton-Randolph Market District, a local business publication has reported.

Trans teen in Chicago: From surviving to thriving

Chicago - Sixteen-year-old Arthur Brown is finishing his second year in high school in a suburb of Chicago.

Review: Japanese superstars Babymetal to release 'Metal Resistance'

A young, all-girl heavy metal/teen-pop trio from Japan, Babymetal recently released their new single "Karate," a song off their upcoming second album 'Metal Resistance.' Digital Journal listened to both.

Fossil fish with enormous mouth unearthed by paleontologists

Chicago - Lurking in Cretaceous seas, Rhinconichthys was an ominous-looking fish with an enormous jaw that it could swing shut to capture food. But it was only dangerous if you were plankton.

Review: New Evan Linder play a timely drama about race, family, love Special

Toronto - How can a poor white couple cope in a small-minded Mississippi town when their new baby turns out to be African American? That’s the dilemma of Chicago playwright Evan Linder’s explosive new play, “Byhalia, Mississippi”, which opened on Friday.

Lawyer quits amid police scandal in Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Chicago

Chicago - A top attorney in Mayor Rahm Emanuel's administration stepped down Monday after a federal court judge alleged he hid evidence in a fatal police shooting. This is the latest wrongdoing allegation amid scrutiny about how the city handles such cases.

Chicago top cop on trial for putting gun in suspect's mouth

Chicago - Chicago's highest-ranking police official went on trial Tuesday on charges that he allegedly assaulted a suspect with his gun while he was on duty. The trial is happening in the midst of intense public scrutiny over the death of Laquan McDonald.

Black Friday crowds smaller, calmer in stores across the country

New York - Smaller crowds and fewer unruly bargain-hunters made the start of the holiday shopping season seem almost civilized, reports from around the country appear to indicate.

Thousands protest police shooting in Chicago

Chicago - Thousands of protesters blocked traffic and barred shoppers from entering stores during the Black Friday sales extravaganza to demand justice for a black teen killed by a Chicago police officer.

Arrests in Chicago, NY at protests over police shootings

Chicago - Multiple arrests were made overnight in Chicago and New York during protests over police shootings of two black males, US media reported.

McDonald's fires worker who threw water on Detroit homeless man

Detroit - A worker at a Detroit McDonald's who doused a homeless man with water after offering him a hamburger has been fired after the video went viral and stirred outrage.

9-year-old fatally shot in alley may have been targeted

Chicago - On Monday, Tyshawn Lee, 9, was fatally shot in an alley in Chicago's Gresham neighborhood. Police believe Lee may have been targeted.

Chicago: Over 70 heroin overdoses in 72 hours

Chicago - As if it wasn't bad enough that people were shooting each other in record numbers in Chicago, now they are trying to kill each other with bad narcotics. Dozens of people were said to have overdosed on a heroin-fentanyl mix this past week alone.

Chicago sued over cloud tax on streaming services

Chicago - In July, Chicago introduced the cloud tax, which taxes streaming services such as Netflix. Now, Chicago is being sued over it.

Hamels throws no-hitter in what may be last start for Phillies

Chicago - Philadelphia Phillies pitching star Cole Hamels certainly heard the rumors about being traded before Saturday's waiver deadline.

Op-Ed: Amari Brown: Fireworks for some, mourning for others

Chicago - They already tried banning the sale guns and it was deemed unconstitutional. What's Chicago to do in the wake of yet another child murder?

Chicago to charge tax on streaming services like Netflix

Chicago - People who live in Chicago will soon pay more for streaming services, including Spotify and Netflix, due to the 'Cloud Tax' that takes affect in a few weeks.

Police agency recommends firing Chicago cop for off-duty shooting

Chicago - For the first time in its eight-year history, a Chicago agency that investigates serious misconduct allegations against police officers has recommended that an off-duty officer be fired for shooting someone.

Watch this viral video of a police officer sleeping on the job

A police officer in Chicago has been suspended for five days without pay after a viral video captured him sleeping in his police cruiser while on duty.

Cop calls pregnant woman racist remark, punches her in stomach

A Chicago officer is being investigated after allegations emerged that he punched a pregnant woman in the stomach. Apparently, the altercation occurred after the woman laughed at the the officer for failing to catch a suspect he was chasing on foot.

Chicago agrees $5.5 mn payout for police torture victims

Washington - The Chicago city council approved a $5.5 million reparations package for dozens of men -- most of them African-American -- who were tortured by police between 1972 and 1991, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Blues-rock guitarist Hamish Anderson talks to Digital Journal Special

Digital Journal meets the 23-year-old Australian, described by as a "guitar phenomenon," who is about to embark on an extensive North American tour.

Interview with rock duo V2's producer Ron Nevison Special

V2 are one of the most exciting new rock acts around at the moment and have recently released their debut album, produced by the very experienced Ron Nevison. He spoke to Digital Journal.

Passion for political science at the 2015 MPSA Conference Special

Chicago - The annual MPSA Conference was recently held at the Palmer House in Chicago, IL. Thousands are drawn to the yearly event, and each passes a symbol of romance upon arriving. Passion for the field of political science was exuded by all who participated.

Fire extinguisher factory destroyed by huge blaze in Chicago

Chicago - Firefighters responded to a massive blaze Thursday in a place that they probably never thought likely to catch fire: A factory that makes fire extinguishers. The blaze broke out in Chicago's Arthur Heights section shortly after 9 p.m.

'Insurgent' sails past 'Cinderella'

"Insurgent" took over the box office and grabbed the glass slipper from "Cinderella." But, it rolled out about even with last year's "Divergent."

Homan Square, CIA-style 'black site,' uncovered in Chicago

Chicago - A report published by the UK's Guardian uncovers a secret facility called Homan Square, run by the Chicago Police Department. At the facility, police employ methods that reflect the abuses at the overseas detention facilities of the war on terror.

Video: Nik Wallenda completes Chicago skyscraper tightrope walks

Chicago - Daredevil tightrope walker Nik Wallenda, 35, completed two skyscraper high-wire walks on live TV Sunday evening: The first walk at more than 500 ft over the Chicago River, and the second blindfolded, without a safety net or a harness.

Interview with singer and comedienne Jenny Talia Special

The multi-talented Australian, a U.S. resident since 1999, speaks to Digital Journal about her last album, her new album and her upcoming Australasian tour.
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Chicago Image

Tulips in Chicago.  April 2012.
Tulips in Chicago. April 2012.
Flags in front of Soldier Field stadium  Chicago  IL.
Flags in front of Soldier Field stadium, Chicago, IL.
Chicago, IL
Russian tea time restaurant dining room.  Chicago  IL
Russian tea time restaurant dining room. Chicago, IL
Dogs adjusting to Chicago s blizzard of 2011
Dogs adjusting to Chicago's blizzard of 2011
Stairway leading to the entrance of the Empire Room at the Palmer House Hotel.  Chicago  IL  April 2...
Stairway leading to the entrance of the Empire Room at the Palmer House Hotel. Chicago, IL April 2012.
Chicago blizzard 2011
Chicago blizzard 2011
Michigan Avenue (Northbound)
Michigan Avenue (Northbound)
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Numerous publishers and professional associations  including Cambridge University Press  were in the...
Numerous publishers and professional associations, including Cambridge University Press, were in the Exhibit Hall of the Palmer House during the 2015 MPSA Conference. Chicago, IL
The tightrope stretched across the Chicago River
The tightrope stretched across the Chicago River
Discovery Channel
Participants in the 70th Annual Midwest Political Science Association Conference.  April 2012.  Chic...
Participants in the 70th Annual Midwest Political Science Association Conference. April 2012. Chicago, IL
Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s “Chrysanthemums.”  Art Institute of Chicago.  Chicago  IL
Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s “Chrysanthemums.” Art Institute of Chicago. Chicago, IL
Prof. Arthur Lupia begins the 2015 Empire Lecture Series at the MPSA Conference.  Chicago  IL
Prof. Arthur Lupia begins the 2015 Empire Lecture Series at the MPSA Conference. Chicago, IL
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.  Featured speaker at MPSA Conference.  April 2012.  Chica...
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer. Featured speaker at MPSA Conference. April 2012. Chicago, IL
Winter storm stats from Tom Skilling s group at WGN News.
Winter storm stats from Tom Skilling's group at WGN News.
P. Dailey, T. Valle / WGN-TV
2012 Walk Now for Autism Speaks: Chicago
2012 Walk Now for Autism Speaks: Chicago
Jamie Deen during cooking demonstration at ADA EXPO.  Chicago  IL.  April 2012.
Jamie Deen during cooking demonstration at ADA EXPO. Chicago, IL. April 2012.