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Chernobyl News

Op-Ed: Putin replaces ISIS and Ebola as public enemy No. 1

Moscow - Even as there were growing signs of peace in the Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin is on the war path as far afield as the Bering Straits and Sweden/Finland.

Radiation damage has affected Chernobyl's ecosystem

A new study has shown that radiological damage to microbes near the site of the Chernobyl disaster has slowed the decomposition of fallen leaves and other plant matter in the area.

Fukishima workers begin removing fuel rods

The latest video recordings have shown new leaks in the fuel rods in the Fukushima nuclear pool, but crews were able to begin removing the rods Monday.

The Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster isn't over yet

The Chernobyl nuclear power plant sits in a 1,000-square-mile fenced-off no-mans land near the city of Pripyat, Ukraine. It's a graveyard of unmarked burial sites for machinery used in the cleanup and spent fuel from other nuclear power plants in Russia.

Scary removal of Fukishima fuel rods begins

Tokyo - Pressure to complete the unprecedented work is rising because of fears a new major earthquake could decimate Japan and threaten the U.S. West Coast .

Fukushima hero dies of cancer

Fukushima - The former Fukushima supervisor of damage assessment of the tsunami-devastated nuclear reactor has died of cancer. His decision not to follow a corporate order prevented Chernobyl-like explosions of overheated Fukushima reactors.

Radioactive wild boars found in Italy

Turin - Samples taken from 27 wild boars captured in northern Italy during the hunting season revealed the animals to be radioactive. Traces of the radioactive isotope cesium-137 exceeded the legal limit by 10 times.

Horror film 'Chernobyl Diaries' upsets victim support group

As the horror film "Chernobyl Diaries" hits American and Canadian theatres this weekend, a victim support group has expressed its disapproval.

Green clouds spotted over Moscow spark apocalypse fears

Moscow - On the anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, fear spread when green clouds were seen in the skies over Moscow. Experts say don't worry, it's only birch pollen.

Photographer returns from Chernobyl exclusion zone Special

Photographer Gerd Ludwig has returned from three weeks inside the Chernobyl exclusion zone documenting the nuclear disaster 25 years later.

Japan raises nuclear crises to highest level, equals Chernobyl

Tokyo - Japan's Nuclear Safety Commission has raised the severity level of the crises at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi power plant to the highest rating on the international scale. The event is now rated as a Level 7, which equals the disaster at Chernobyl.

Op-Ed: Chernobyl vs. evolution- Lessons from a horror story

Chernobyl - If any good is ever to come out of the Chernobyl disaster, it will have to be in the form of lessons learned. A new study is providing some evidence that the Chernobyl exclusion zone is causing physiological changes in wildlife.

The Long Shadow of Chernobyl - 25 years after the disaster Special

National Geographic photographer Gerd Ludwig is determined the world’s worst nuclear accident should not be forgotten. And is returning to Chernobyl 25 years on to photograph the site and people who live and work there.

Chernobyl disaster site becoming a tourist attraction

The site of a major nuclear disaster may not be the first spot most people think of when planning a holiday, but those interested in such a visit will soon be able to take part in government-approved tours of the area around the Chernobyl power plant.

Crumbling Chernobyl nuclear shelter to be updated, $1.4 billion

Chernobyl - Chernobyl stands as a stark reminder of a deadly past and a possible future that may be revisited. Radiation still leaks to this day. Russia’s wildfires this year didn't help matters, spilling into the contaminated forests.

German farmers want army to declare war on wild boar

Frustrated farmers in western Germany want to call in the army to bring hordes of rampaging wild boar under control. The animals have destroyed hundreds of acres of maize – Indian corn – and are threatening further serious damage to the autumn harvest

Biofuels could clean up Chernobyl 'badlands'

Company claims contaminated lands, blighted by fallout from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, could be cleaned up in a clever way: by growing biofuels.

Op-Ed: Dying animals, kids, and credibility in Chernobyl aftermath

Chernobyl isn’t a nice place. It’s wiping out animal populations, drawing in others, and wiping them out. Mutation levels are high. The animals aren't deformed, just dying. So is the credibility of much of the information about Chernobyl.

Doomed Chernobyl reactor to be buried in giant steel coffin

Plans are underway to bury the Chernobyl nuclear station with a giant steel coffin to prevent further radioactive leaks. The Chernobyl nuclear reactor exploded in 1986.

Black Fungus Eats Harmful Radiation in Chernobyl

Fungus living in the walls of a failed nuclear reactor in Chernobyl was found with high melanin content, implying it survived living under dangerous radiation. Fungus might be a possible food source in high-radiation places like outer space.

Life Discovered Inside The Chernobyl Reactor

There is an exciting new biological discovery inside the Chernobyl reactor. Straight out of a B-movie. A robot sent into the reactor discovered a thick coat of black slime growing on the walls.

Chernobyl to be covered in steel

The authorities in Ukraine have hired a French firm and they have approved a giant steel cover to encase the radioactive site of the world's worst nuclear disaster, Chernobyl.

Chernobyl Has Wildlife Returning

Twenty years after the disaster at Chernobyl nuclear plant wildlife seems to be returning. Wild packs of wolves, wild boars, fox, rabbits and snakes all wander through small villages that dot the landscape.

Chernobyl: Disaster by Euphemism

I spent 20 years working in the public sector, and I know when I smell something bad. I have never seen anything quite as evasive as the official version of the situation at Chernobyl. You'd think someone had spilled their drink at a cocktail party.

A Motorcycle Ride Through Chernobyl - Radioactive Ghost Town

A woman motorcycles through Chernobyl and chronicles her journey.

Nuclear Waste and Wildlife

A response to "Nuclear power and its Risks."

Ukraine Marks 17th Anniversary of Chernobyl Disaster

MOSCOW (voa) - Ukraine is preparing to mark the 17th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, the worst nuclear accident in history. The country's president Leonid Kuchma laid flowers Friday at the memorial dedicated to those who helped to contain the nu...

Democrats Rebuke Plan To Store Nuclear Waste In Nevada

WASHINGTON (voa) - U.S. Democrats are criticizing a plan to transport the nation's nuclear waste to a storage facility beneath the Nevada desert. The House of Representatives is expected to vote next week on a Bush administration plan to build a pe...

Concern Over Increasing Chernobyl Cancer Cases

KIEV (voa) - Ukrainian health officials are expressing concern over the increasing number of Chernobyl-related cancer cases as the country remembers Friday's 16th anniversary of the world's most serious civilian nuclear accident. On April 26, 1986, ...
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Chernobyl Image

Workers must wear plastic suits and respirators for protection inside Reactor #4  where radiation le...
Workers must wear plastic suits and respirators for protection inside Reactor #4, where radiation levels remain so high shifts are limited to only 15 minutes per day.
© Gerd Ludwig/INSTITUTE
YouTube screen capture
The city of Pripyat  a  Ghost Town  now  with a view of Chernobyl in the background. Jan. 20  2007.
The city of Pripyat, a "Ghost Town" now, with a view of Chernobyl in the background. Jan. 20, 2007.
Jason Minshull
A memorial in Chernobyl  Ukraine.
A memorial in Chernobyl, Ukraine.
flickr/Stuck in Customs
The 1 000 sq. mi. no-mans land around Chernobyl is known as the  Zone of Alienation.
The 1,000 sq. mi. no-mans land around Chernobyl is known as the "Zone of Alienation."
Entrance gate to the Chernobyl reactor zone. In the background: The sarcophagus built around Reactor...
Entrance gate to the Chernobyl reactor zone. In the background: The sarcophagus built around Reactor #4.
Timm Suess
Children born in the region are said to have a higher rate of birth defects and retardation because ...
Children born in the region are said to have a higher rate of birth defects and retardation because of Chernobyl, a belief supported by many, but not all in the scientific community.
© Gerd Ludwig/INSTITUTE
The Chernobyl reactor #4 building as of 2006  including the later-built sarcophagus and elements of ...
The Chernobyl reactor #4 building as of 2006, including the later-built sarcophagus and elements of the maximum-security perimeter. Photo taken: September 18, 2006.
Carl Montgomery
Wind blows through the desolate town of Pripyat.  On April 26  1986  this amusement park was being r...
Wind blows through the desolate town of Pripyat. On April 26, 1986, this amusement park was being readied for the annual May Day celebrations when the Chernobyl nuclear accident occurred.
© Gerd Ludwig/INSTITUTE
A panorama view of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant  June 2013. The in-progress NSC construction ar...
A panorama view of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, June 2013. The in-progress NSC construction area is the arch on the left-hand side.
Ingmar Runge
Chernobyl s nuclear winter
Chernobyl's nuclear winter


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