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Chemotherapy News

Cognitive training to battle 'chemobrain': Interview Special

Cognitive changes are common among breast cancer survivors. Scientists have developed a new approach to guide the management of cognitive changes in those who have undergone chemotherapy.

How brain training is effective against 'chemobrain': Interview Special

A specific type of brain training is effective against "chemobrain", the common cognitive deficits caused by cancer or its treatments. Up to 90 percent of cancer survivors report cognitive issues, and there is no widely-accepted treatment.

Using ultrasound to tackle brain tumors

To help tackle brain tumors, researchers have designed an ultrasound implant that allows more chemotherapy meds to reach the cancerous site. This could lead to a breakthrough in tackling aggressive types of brain cancer.

Investigating chemotherapy related heart damage

A major risk with chemotherapy is the increased chance of developing heart disease. One of the side-effects of treating cancer through chemotherapy is the potential damage to the body. Researchers have been looking at why this happens.

Rob Ford's cancerous tumor has shrunk by more than half

Since Rob Ford was diagnosed and began treatment for a rare stomach cancer his tumor had not shrunk despite four rounds of chemotherapy. Until now. Latest tests indicate that during the current round, his fifth, the tumor has shrunk, and considerably.

Ontario family says chemo for aboriginal child ‘uncalled for’

Ontario - An Ontario family of an aboriginal child who is the center of attention about whether she should be isolated from her family and given chemotherapy treatment states the box was "uncalled for" and that they would not ever hurt a child's well-being.

Research develops green tea antioxidant as a cancer-fighting tool

Green tea is well known for its anti-oxidant, cancer-fighting, anti-ageing and anti-microbial wonders; and now a study from the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology has used the health advantages of green tea to directly fight cancer cells.

Study: Fasting reactivates damaged immune systems

Fasting can protect the immune system and repair it according to findings from various researchers. The reasons why are somewhat surprising.

Study: Early chemotherapy increases survival in men

A recent study found that men who took chemotherapy early on in their treatment lived around 14 months longer than those who did not.

Bone marrow transplant for Gaurav Bains following Asian appeal

Tipton - An appeal for more Asian bone marrow donors in the UK has resulted in a huge increase to the donor register and one little boy looking at a life-saving operation.

Chemo drug linked to blood clots in arteries and veins

The U.S. FDA is investigating an increasing frequency of serious and life-threatening blood clots and severe narrowing of blood vessels (arteries and veins) of patients taking the chemotherapy drug Iclusig.

The father of chemotherapy has died

Scientist Emil Frei III, who the 1950s combined multiple chemotherapy drugs to treat childhood leukemia, has died at the age of 89.

Scientists find way to 'turn off' sensation of feeling cold

Don't you hate it when you feel cold? Your muscles stiffen and joints ache as the temperature drops. What if it was possible to "turn off" the neuron responsible for sensing cold?

New treatment extends life for pancreatic cancer patients

Gemcitabine and Abraxane, a variation of the old drug Taxol, are part of a 900-patient study in Arizona to treat pancreatic cancer. Currently, they are extending life by 1.8 months on the average patient diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer.

Study says chemotherapy is safe for pregnant women

A new study has found that pregnant women who are diagnosed with cancer can have chemotherapy without endangering their unborn child. Researchers say there appears to be no greater risk of birth defects or other health issues.

Study: Chemotherapy can make cancer worse

Chemotherapy has long been known as the most effective, albeit highly aggressive form of cancer treatment. However, a shocking new study has found that it may just make the cancer worse by via high production rate of the WNT16B protein.

Bride postpones wedding so pet lizard can get chemo

London - British bride Lizzie Griffiths chose between her bearded dragon and her future husband. The lizard came first, so he could have chemotherapy on his facial tumors.

Poisoning cancer cells with sugar

A new two-part therapy combining a modified sugar molecule with two cancer killing drugs causes many types of cancer cells to "commit suicide" by apoptosis, a type of programmed cell death, researchers at UC San Diego and Kyushu University wrote.

Outpatient cancer nurses may be exposed to toxic drugs

Oncology nurses deal with life and death while caring for cancer patients. Some of them may be exposed to the highly toxic drugs that kill cancer cells but are dangerous to healthy individuals.

Chavez supporters shave hair in solidarity

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez got a seemingly unusual support in his fight against cancer after supporters shaved their heads in solidarity with the leader.

Scientists focus on cancer stem cells in war against the disease

The most stubborn and deadly of cancerous tumors feature stem cells of their own design, and now scientists worldwide are working on eradicating these metastasizing factory cells.

Chemotherapy may not be as terrible as you have been told

Chemotherapy, a standard form of cancer treatment, has a bad reputation. So bad, that quite a few people prefer to forgo it. But is it really that bad? The indomitable world-renowned James Randi talks about his experiences in a video clip on YouTube.

Chemo boosts cancer survival in older women

A new study shows the combination of chemotherapy with standard tamoxifen treatment improves cancer survival of older women.

Clinical trial of antibody-guided breast cancer drug promising

A new antibody guided anti-cancer drug has shown encouraging Phase 2 clinical trial results, shrinking or stabilizing HER2-positive metastatic cancerous breast tumors in about half of the cases.

Surgery may not be best first approach to colorectal cancer

Researchers are saying that patients with Stage VI colorectal cancer may benefit more from chemotherapy than from surgical removal of the tumors.

How Eating Fruit, Vegetables Can Improve Cancer Patients’ Chemotherapy Response

A University of California Riverside study describes how naturally occurring apigenin facilitates the death of cancer cells.

A Vision Of The Fight Against Female Breast Cancer Is Here: Treatment Without The Chemotherapy

A drug worthy of it's success for other cancers could hold the key to breast cancer patients avoiding the debilitating chemotherapy completely

St. Louis Surgeon Performs First Ever Ovary Transplant

A St. Louis, Missouri surgeon Dr. Sherman Silber has become the first person to transplant a whole ovary in non -twin sisters.

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Cancer chemotherapy
Cancer chemotherapy
Phil and Pam Gradwell (CC BY 2.0)
Officer Anita Hart smiles at her new hair do after the fundraiser.
Officer Anita Hart smiles at her new hair do after the fundraiser.
Dr. Emil Frei III
Dr. Emil Frei III
Allen Lichter
Variety of chemotherapy drugs in vials and an IV bottle
Variety of chemotherapy drugs in vials and an IV bottle
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A picture of a nurse hanging some chemotherapy drugs.
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