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Chef News

From fleeing Syria to dazzling Merkel in the kitchen

Berlin - Back in Syria, friends gave Malakeh Jazmati the nickname "Miss Spaghetti" because cooking up tasty traditional regional dishes wasn't exactly her thing.

Burned-out French chef gives back Michelin stars

Toulouse - A chef in southern France with three Michelin stars says he wants to be stripped of the distinction because of the "huge pressure" to dish up flawless fare each day.

Executive Chef Stephen Rosenbluth talks Anchor Down Bar & Grill Special

Merrick - Executive Chef Stephen Rosenbluth sat down and chatted with Digital Journal about his critically-acclaimed restaurant, Anchor Down Seafood Bar & Grill.

Sandra Lee talks 'Stand Up to Cancer,' philanthropy, success Special

New York - Acclaimed cookbook author and television chef Sandra Lee sat down and chatted with Digital Journal about "Stand Up To Cancer." She also offered advice for aspiring chefs.

Interview: Chef Vinny Accardi talks about his restaurant Room 55 Special

Glendale - Chef Vinny Accardi, alum from "Hell's Kitchen," chatted with Digital Journal about Room 55, his restaurant in Glendale, Queens.

Chef Jamie Oliver's website infected users with malware

A spokesman for celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has acknowledged that malicious code on his self-branded website contained malware that could have given hackers control of users' computers as they browsed for recipes.

Canadian chef celebrates local food with his own stories Special

Toronto - Canadian chef Jamie Kennedy made a name for himself in Canada's culinary world through his poetically simple approach to cuisine. A new cookbook finds the chef reflecting on four decades of cooking and the re-birth of local food culture.

Professional private chef gives Washington Redskins food boost

Over the past 13 months, American football team the Washington Redskins has attempted to boost the players' dietary nutrition by creating a made-to-order, healthy-eating outlet in their basement staffed by a gourmet chef and a full-time nutritionist.

Blu-Ray/DVD Essentials: Freddie Highmore checks into Bates Motel Special

The one-time child star of ‘Charlie & The Chocolate Factory’ says portraying the pathologically troubled Norman Bates on ‘Bates Motel’ — a modern-day prequel series based on the film ‘Psycho’ — feels completely natural to him.

Review: New on DVD for September 30 Special

This week’s releases include anniversary editions from two distinct genres; a director getting back to his roots; an insightful documentary; an appealing first season; and a franchise’s attempt to turn things around.

Chef creates burgers that taste like human flesh

James Thomlinson, a chef, got first-hand accounts of cannibalism in order to create a burger that tastes almost exactly like human flesh.

Favreau goes from 'Iron Man' to stainless steel food truck in new film

Actor, director and screenwriter Jon Favreau traded the high-flying super hero antics of his "Iron Man" movies for a quieter new film about a celebrated chef who quits his job at a top-flight res...

Review: Chocolate éclair pastry is a savory delight at Spartan Diner Special

Farmingdale - On September 14, I was afforded the privilege to taste a chocolate choux pastry (better known as a chocolate éclair) at the Spartan Diner in Farmingdale, New York.

Interview with Chef Nikolaos Stavrakakis from Meli Restaurant Special

New York - On a hot day on June 30, I sat down and chatted in person with the executive consulting chef Nikolaos Stavrakakis at Meli Restaurant in New York City, located one block away from the Empire State Building.

Review: Meli Restaurant in New York City Special

New York - On July 2, I had the pleasure to visit and dine at Meli Restaurant, an upscale Greek restaurant in the heart of New York City. It is located on 1 East 35 Street, approximately one block away from the Empire State Building.

Food Network tosses celebrity chef Paula Deen

Savannah - Reports indicate the Food Network will not renew Deen's contract that is set to expire at the end of June. This move comes on the heels of the celebrity chef admitting to using a racial slur. Deen currently hosts two shows for the network.

Japanese chef was allegedly killed over bad meal

A Japanese chef based in Germany was allegedly killed after getting into a fight with two customers over a supposed bad meal he had cooked for them.

'Second Acts' editorial series celebrates life-pivots on Slate

F Scott Fitzgerald said 'There are no second acts in American lives,' and a crowd-sourcing and editorial series from Slate is seeking to debunk the famous Fitzgerald position.

20 injured, one dead after chef mistakes pesticide for sauce

A chef in China was making lunch, but instead of using a sauce, he ended up adding pesticide to the food, which led to 20 people being injured and leaving one person dead.

Chef arrested for stabbing complaining customer

A chef in Sydney, Australia, was charged on Wednesday after he allegedly stabbed a customer's hand. He was charged with reckless wounding.

Knish will be the next food craze says San Francisco chef Ramni Special

San Francisco - An old world treat is making strides to new culinary heights with the creative talents of chef Ramni Levy. The old world specialty that Levy is banking on is the knish.

Japanese artist, Mao Sugiyama, serves up his genitals at banquet

Tokyo - Mao Sugiyama, 22-year-old "asexual" Japanese artist, had his genitals surgically removed at a hospital. He then took his frozen penis and scrotum home, seasoned and cooked them for five dinner guests. He cooked his genitals himself, supervised by a chef.

Paula Deen withheld diabetes diagnosis to help others

Paula Deen, known for teaching us how to cook meals that are delicious, albeit fattening, announced she suffers from Type 2 diabetes. She has now become a “spokesperson” for diabetes, saying she withheld her diagnosis from the public for a reason.

Chef attacks kitchen worker after critic calls food 'disgusting'

A chef at a restaurant in Wales admitted he shoved a kitchen worker down the stairs after a critic called the food they had served "disgusting."

Meet the Thai chef who can deep-fry with his bare hands

Chiang Mai - A chef from Chiang Mai, Thailand, has recently been publicized for his wacky ability to dip his bare hands into a wok full of sizzling oil, with absolutely no anguish.

Chef drops out of festival over foie gras

Ottawa - A Canadian chef chose not to take part in the Ottawa area Winterlude festival rather than leave foie gras off of his menu.

The Art of Food presents Jamie Oliver in Toronto Special

Toronto - When Jamie Oliver was a drummer with the band Scarlet Division it's doubtful he had long lines. Tonight at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre more than 3,000 people waited for the doors to open for The Art of Food featuring the UK's popular chef.

Chef Michael Smith explains how to make the perfect cookie at CNE Special

Toronto - Chef Michael Smith is one of the biggest stars on the Food Network and travels the world exploring the best that is out there. Smith is also a down-to-earth man with a wicked sense of humour.

Body of French chef found in freezer

Lyon - The body of a chef who went missing two years ago was found in his girlfriend’s freezer this week. Authorities said Jean-François Poinard was placed in the freezer after being beaten to death in November 2008.

Bin Laden's former chef heads to jail

What's the price of cooking up tasty meals for the most wanted man in the world? Fourteen years, according to a Guantanamo Bay tribunal that has just sentenced the terrorist mastermind's former cook and driver.
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Spase Yovanofski  the hotel s breakfast chef  and Dimitrios Zarikos  regional vice president and gen...
Spase Yovanofski, the hotel's breakfast chef, and Dimitrios Zarikos, regional vice president and general manager of the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts posing for a picture with the hotel chain founder Isadore Sharp.
Ben the chef mashing up the butter tarts into the berry salad
Ben the chef mashing up the butter tarts into the berry salad
TV honors are Sept. 23.
TV honors are Sept. 23.
Wolfgang Puck
The lineup outside a Toronto store where chef Lidia Bastianich appeared
The lineup outside a Toronto store where chef Lidia Bastianich appeared
Duff Goldman at the CNE
Duff Goldman at the CNE
Chef Andres with wife at one of his events
Chef Andres with wife at one of his events
chef Scott Andres
Jon Mathieson  head chef for the Washington Redskins
Jon Mathieson, head chef for the Washington Redskins
Washington Times
(L-R Rainforest Alliance founder Dan Katz  Telepan pastry chef Larissa Raphael  Mas (farmhouse) chef...
(L-R Rainforest Alliance founder Dan Katz, Telepan pastry chef Larissa Raphael, Mas (farmhouse) chef/owner Galen Zamarra, 67 Orange Street owner/mixologist Karl Franz Williams, and Tocqueville Executive Chef Marco Moreira, in Union Square discussing the benefits of buying local.
Kyli Singh
Food personality Lidia Bastianich with her pasta and pasta sauce during a Toronto appearance
Food personality Lidia Bastianich with her pasta and pasta sauce during a Toronto appearance