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Chavez News

Chavez birthplace stagnates 20 years on from socialist revolution

Sabaneta - Deserted streets and closed stores surround the imposing statue of late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez in his birthplace of Sabaneta, 20 years after the enigmatic figure launched the country's revolution.

Maduro decree seeks to stop Hugo Chavez tomb desecration

Caracas - Just after losing control of Venezuela's legislature, President Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday issued a decree aimed at stopping anyone from desecrating ex-president Hugo Chavez's remains and tomb.

Chavez heirs in Venezuela 'must adapt to survive'

Caracas - It was meant to be a revolution, but now the wheels risk coming off "Chavism," the socialist movement that made Venezuela a beacon of leftist leadership at odds with the United States.

Venezuela's Chavez lives on, but some voters move on

Caracas - Two huge black eyes stare out from the top of the tower block housing the National Assembly in Caracas, surveying the busy streets and the misty green mountains beyond.Just the eyes -- but every Venezuelan knows whose.

Crisis-hit Venezuela pays tribute to Chavez, two years on

Caracas - Fireworks lit up the dawn skies as Venezuela paid tribute Thursday to leftist firebrand Hugo Chavez two years after his death, but the movement he founded faces its worst approval ratings ever amid a deepening economic crisis.

In crisis-hit Venezuela, even opponents miss Chavez

Caracas - Since Hugo Chavez died two years ago, Venezuela's economy has tanked and the government has lurched toward more repressive tactics, triggering nostalgia among the late leftist firebrand's supporters and even his opponents.

Fidel, Chavez moment after failed 2002 coup captured

Havana - Cuban leader Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez shared their amazement and joy upon the triumphal return to power of the late Venezuelan leader after a brief coup in 2002, an exchange vividly captured in a transcript released Friday.

One year after Chavez, Venezuela gropes for way forward

Caracas - Hugo Chavez, the charismatic ex-paratrooper who for 14 years drove a socialist-inspired revolution in oil-rich Venezuela, died one year ago -- and his deeply divided country is in crisis.Violent street protests that have left 18 dead, worsening living ...

Nicolas Maduro to reveal foreign conspiracy of cancering Chavez

The Venezuelan government said it will set up a formal inquiry into suspicions that the late President Hugo Chavez's cancer was the result of poisoning by his enemies abroad.

Photo of Ahmadinejad hugging Chavez's mother sparks controversy

Tehran - A photo that shows President Ahmadinejad hugging the grieving mother of the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez has sparked a controversy among conservative Muslim leaders who say his action is "haram," that is prohibited by Shiite Islamic regulations.

Ahmadinejad's embrace of Chavez's mother garners him flak

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been criticized by clerical religious authorities in his country for embracing Hugo Chavez's grieving mother at his funeral.

Review: Greg Palast's video on Chavez and the coup attempt

New York - Back on April 11, 2002, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was kidnapped at gunpoint and then flown to an island prison in the Caribbean.

TopFinds: RIP Hugo Chavez, inside the dark side of Mother Teresa

The death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez sends shockwaves across the world. Inside the not-so-holy side of Mother Teresa. A comet's collision course with Mars. These are the top stories on Digital Journal.

Chavez ally re-elected as interim Assembly chief

As Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez reportedly fights for his life, the country faces an uncertain future. Leaders are attempting to secure stability in Venezuela, as the President receives health care in Cuba.

Ahmadinejad and Chavez rail against U.S., joke about nukes

Caracas - The leaders of Iran and Venezuela on Monday mocked and joked about 'imperialism' and nuclear bombs. Ahmadinejad was in Venezuela as part of a tour of Latin American countries to shore up support for Iran after U.S. sanctions over its nuclear program.

Op-Ed: Why Gaddafi must fight on

Actions speak louder than words, but not nearly as often: despite calls for the Libyan leader's immediate resignation, the West is ensuring the only conclusion to this crisis will be a violent one.

Oregon Man Arrested on Charge of Roommate's Murder

Eugene - A Eugene woman was found dead at her residence Monday and police have now arrested Miguel Angel Chavez, 24, in connection with her murder.

Apprehension over possible Arms Deal between Russia and Venezuela

Moscow - The United States is alarmed over a possible $5+ billion arms deal between Russia and Venezuela, due to the likely aftermath of such a transaction.

Chavez Nationalises Foreign Supermarket Chain

Citing price-gouging and "multiple violations of Venezuelan laws", Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez has nationalised Exito, a chain of supermarkets under French and Colombian ownership.

President Hugo Chavez Threatens to Expel Toyota from Venezuela

President Hugo Chavez of Valenzuela is angry at Toyota motor's decision to stop production of its Land Cruiser 70 4x4 vehicle, a model that many believe serves the rural areas well because of poor road conditions.

Drought in Venezuela prompts Chavez promise to 'bomb clouds'

Following on the perceived successes with cloud seeding efforts in China, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez promised to solve his country's drought by hopping on a plane to 'bomb clouds.'

Brazil, U.S. Urge Venezuela & Colombia to Talk, Not Go to War

A push for diplomacy between Venezuela and Columbia is being led by the U.S. and Brazil. It follows Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez order to his military to prepare for a possible war with Columbia.

Chavez orders military to prepare for war with Colombia

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is saying the United States could attempt to provoke a war between the two South American countries and has ordered Venezuela's military to prepare for war with Colombia.

Chavez ends Russian visit with purchase of 'some little rockets'

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez concludes his tour of 9 countries, announcing his purchase of Russian-made rockets for defensive means against 'any threat.'

Venezuelan radio stations being shut down by government order

Venezuela has ordered that 34 of Venezuela's's radio stations be shut down because of licencing irregularities, such as illegal transfers or lack of renewals.

Honduras News Roundup For July 7th, 2009

As SOS Clinton met with Zelaya in DC, many House Reps and Senators, including Sen. McCain, defended the interim government's actions. Also, Honduras claimed that the bullet that killed a young boy during a protest on Sunday was not military caliber.

Op-Ed: Welcome To The Media Age Of Orwell

The Orwellian aspects of today's 'Main Stream Media' are a wonder to behold. Obama is held forth as God, Sarah Palin is Emmanuel Goldstein, and a democratic overthrow in Honduras becomes a brutal military coup. Truth becomes lie, and lie becomes truth.

Op-Ed: Puppeteer Hugo Chavez Pulling Manuel Zelaya's Strings

A definite pattern is beginning to emerge in the aftermath of President Manuel Zelaya's ejection from office in Honduras. Wherever you look at whatever Manuel Zelaya is doing, Hugo Chavez isn't far behind. UPDATE: SOS Clinton to meet with Zelaya in DC.

Honduras Vows to 'Stop Zelaya Plane' UPDATE: Flight Diverted

Ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya is scheduled to fly out of DC to Honduras today, accompanied by the leaders of Argentina and Ecuador. In response, the interim Honduran government says it will refuse landing rights to any plane carrying Zelaya.

Op-Ed: Was Honduran President Manuel Zelaya's Overthrow Legal?

According to news reports, Honduran President Zelaya was ousted from office by orders of the Supreme Court, AG and Congress, after he repeatedly engaged in violations of Honduras' Constitution. Are Obama, the EU and the UN wrong in condemning Honduras?
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Venenzuelan president Hugo Chávez with Perú s new leader Ollanta Humala (right)
Venenzuelan president Hugo Chávez with Perú's new leader Ollanta Humala (right)
Chavez with fellow South American presidents of Argentina and Brazil.
Chavez with fellow South American presidents of Argentina and Brazil.
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