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Charlie Hebdo News

God carrying an assault rifle condemned by Vatican

Paris - The Vatican's Osservatore Romano has condemned French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo for portraying God as an assassin in its commemorative edition cover marking the one-year anniversary of the terrorist attack on its offices.

Charlie Hebdo contributor scoops top cartoonist award

Paris - Riad Sattouf, half-French, half-Syrian and who’s regularly contributed to Charlie Hebdo, picked up the prestigious Fauve d’Or award at one of the world’s biggest cartoon festivals, held in France, last weekend.

Sydney Muslims rally against free speech

Sydney - On Friday night, a group of nearly 1,000 protesters assembled in the Sydney suburb of Lakemba to oppose what organisers classed as negative coverage of the Islamic faith and to reject the notion of free speech.

Op-Ed: Are the Paris massacres religious?

New York - Some human beings are violent. Some are religious. Some are one or the other. Some are both. Some are neither. Is there such a thing as religious violence per se?

Belgium police kill two suspected extremists in anti-terror raid

Police in Belgium engaged in a firefight with suspected terrorists Thursday evening and killed two of them. Witnesses in the city of Verviers told media explosions were heard and gunfire exchanged. A third person was arrested.

Op-Ed: Pope Francis wrong in saying 'one cannot make fun of faith'

Though Pope Francis has condemned the terrorist attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which killed twelve innocent people, he has erred terribly by insisting "one cannot make fun of faith." Words do not justify hitting.

Al Qaeda in Yemen claims responsibility for Paris terror attack

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has claimed responsibility for last week's massacre of Charlie Hebdo staff members and police in Paris, France.

Australian prime minister Abbott praises new Charlie Hebdo issue

Australian prime minister Tony Abbott has praised Charlie Hebdo’s latest cartoon, lampooning the prophet Mohammed, noting he could revisit options to amend existing racial vilification laws should another “Bolt-type prosecution” emerge.

Op-Ed: Defending free speech versus defending the content of speech

Glenn Greenwald has a long article on the reactions to the attacks on Charlie Hebdo culiminating in the huge march in Paris expressing support for the satirical journal.

Charlie Hebdo sales expected to soar from 60,000 to 3 million

The new edition of the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo is expected to have a run of as many as 3,000,000 copies. It is the first edition to come out since the death of many of its staff members.

Charlie Hebdo staff try not to laugh as pigeon poops on Hollande

Paris - In a moment completely befitting the sometimes scatological nature of Charlie Hebdo's satire, surviving staff members of the French magazine struggled to suppress their laughter as a pigeon pooped on President François Hollande during Sunday's memorial.

Show of solidarity in Stockholm Special

Stockholm - Braving cold winds, sleet and below freezing temperatures, more than 3000 people gathered in Stockholm’s main historic square, Sergels torg, on Sunday. They were out to show their support for the Charlie Hebdo victims last week.

Website gets 'Je Suis Charlie' iOS app approval in one hour

Apple didn't want to waste any time when it came to publishing a new app showing support for the "Je Suis Charlie" campaign in its App Store.

Anonymous contributes to #JeSuisCharlie, takes jihadist site down

The hacktivist group Anonymous is stepping up to the challenge of defying the terrorist acts that took place in France last this week by launching a new offensive against extremism-promoting Islamic websites in the wake of the disaster.

Op-Ed: Did Obama not attend Paris vigil to avoid angering extremists?

While many Western heads of state are flocking to Paris to mourn the victims of the terrorist attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, top leaders from the United States are notably absent. Is this intentional? Is it appeasement of extremists?

Op-Ed: Anonymous vs jihadi terror? Anonymous declares war

Sydney - In a major development, online activists Anonymous have vowed vengeance for the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris. This is a true game changer. ISIL and other jihadi groups have grown a worldwide presence for dissemination of propaganda online.

Toronto shows support to victims to Paris terrorist victims

Toronto City Hall is flying the French flag in a show of solidarity following a terrifying terrorist attack Wednesday in Paris. Terrorists killed 12 people at a newspaper Wednesday in Paris at Charlie Hebdo, a satirical magazine.

Why trending #KillAllMuslims isn't all it seems

The twitter hashtag #KillAllMuslims has been trending strong in the wake of Wednesday's Islamist terrorist attack on the headquarters of a controversial French satire magazine known for its cartoons skewering religion.

Inspirational artwork in tribute to Paris victims not by Banksy

Social media accounts linked to the enigmatic street artist Banksy posted a touching tribute to the 12 people killed by Islamist terrorists in Paris on Wednesday.

Charlie Hebdo: Vigils worldwide show France not alone in grief

Paris - Rallies and vigils took place in cities and towns across France Wednesday evening as the full horror of the earlier shootings at the Paris offices of French satirical newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, became clear.

Charlie Hebdo suspects identified, reports differ on their status

The identities of three men believed to have attacked the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo Wednesday and shot dead 12 have been released. Some reports say one was killed, the other two captured. Other reports say one is in custody, two at large

Op-Ed: West must not compromise on free speech after Paris shooting

Paris - A horrific terrorist attack has occurred in Paris. Twelve innocent people were slain by black-clad gunmen at the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in what appears to be a highly-organized assault. Will free speech stand strong?

Charlie Hebdo publishes comic book on Prophet Mohammed

On Wednesday, Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical magazine, published a comic book biography of the life of Prophet Mohammed.

French magazine publishes comic book 'The Life of Mohammed'

Satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo published a comic book biography of the Prophet Mohammed titled "The Life of Mohammed" on Wednesday. The magazines editor said "I don't think higher Muslim minds could find anything inappropriate."

Spanish magazine El Jueves publishes satirical Islamic cartoon

Barcelona - The satirical Spanish magazine, El Jueves, has published a magazine cover, showing a line up of men in Islamic outfits as a parody of recent controversial cartoons. The text of the cover reads, "But how do they know which one is Muhammad?"

Egypt newspaper launches campaign against Charlie Hebdo cartoons

Cairo - Secular Daily Egyptian newspaper al-Watan has launched a 13 cartoon campaign devoted against offensive and obscene cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad published last week by French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Man who called for decapitation of Charlie Hebdo editor arrested

La Rochelle - French police have arrested a man who used a jihadi website to call for the decapitation of the editor of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Op-Ed: In Marseille, France, riot police out in force after protest ban

Marseille - In Marseille authorities were well prepared to deal with any illegal demonstrations. They were determined to enforce the ban on demonstrations against the anti-Islam film "Innocence of Muslims" and cartoons mocking the Prophet in Charlie Hebdo magazine.

Op-Ed: 'Be braver' says Salman Rushdie

Paris - Today, "Charlie Hebdo" published cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. Its website is unavailable and riot police have been deployed. Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right and it is under attack.

France steps up security as magazine publishes Mohammed cartoons

Paris - Satirical French weekly Chalie Hebdo hit the newsstands in France, complete with cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed. French officials have beefed up security in wake of the actions.
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Citizens of Angers (Angevins) assemble in the city s Place du Ralliement in solidarity with the vict...
Citizens of Angers (Angevins) assemble in the city's Place du Ralliement in solidarity with the victims of Wednesday's terrorist attack in Paris that left 12 dead.
Angers Info via Facebook
Handout photos released by French Police in Paris early on January 8  2015 of suspects Cherif Kouach...
Handout photos released by French Police in Paris early on January 8, 2015 of suspects Cherif Kouachi (L), aged 32, and his brother Said Kouachi (R), aged 34.
French Police/AFP
 Tout est pardonné  (all is forgiven).
"Tout est pardonné" (all is forgiven).
Charlie Hebdo
French cartoonist  author and film director Riad Sattouf pictured 2014 at Livre sur la Place 2014
French cartoonist, author and film director Riad Sattouf pictured 2014 at Livre sur la Place 2014
By ActuaLitté, via Wikimedia Commons
Al-Malahem Media -- the media arm of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) --  shows Nasser al-An...
Al-Malahem Media -- the media arm of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) -- shows Nasser al-Ansi claiming responsibility for the attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo's offices in Paris
, Al-Malahem Media/AFP