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Charles Darwin News

Darwin's house reveals the history of science Special

Downe - Charles Darwin was one of the founding fathers of modern science. He undertook many of his studies into natural selection at his home in Kent ("the garden of England".) Not only of scientific interest, Down House is set among some beautiful gardens.

The 'tree of life' has no top and is still growing say scientists

Scientists can now say it truly is a small world once they have viewed the new tree of life unveiled last week. The new tree shows that almost two-thirds of the tree is made up of bacteria.

Zing: The perfect gift this Christmas Special

'Zing' is a brand new device developed by a team of hardworking entrepreneurs in Cambridge. Digital Journal spoke to one of them, Ludo Chapman, a great-great-grandson of Charles Darwin.

Ocean-going spiders can sail like tiny boats to reach land

When Charles Darwin made his famous voyage on the HMS Beagle, he found spiders "ballooning" across the ocean, fluttering through the air onto the ship's sails. Since then, many a sailor has noticed this as well.

Scientists solve the puzzle of 'Darwin's strangest animals'

When Charles Darwin sailed the HMS Beagle to South America in the 1830's, he discovered fossils of bizarre mammals that defied classification and scientists have never been able to figure out where these creatures fit in the mammalian family tree.

Massive geographic event caused Cambrian explosion of species

Austin - Newly published research may help solve the puzzle of the Cambrian explosion, a period in Earth’s ancient past that saw a massive diversification of animal life.

Darwin’s Beagle library digitalized

Singapore - An online reconstruction of the books that Charles Darwin took on the ship Beagle, has made the library from Darwin’s famed voyage more accessible.

Public-funded Texas school teaches Holocaust rooted in evolution

Houston - A publicly-funded charter high school in Texas is teaching students with an anti-science textbook that implies the Holocaust has roots in Darwin's theory of evolution.

Naturalist Wallace's house for sale

The Victorian English country house, built by the naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace, has been put up for sale. The price is around $2.2 million.

Newly released personal letters show the softer side of Darwin

Over 1400 previously unread personal letters by the famous naturalist have been published by Cambridge University's Darwin Correspondence Project.

How Charles Darwin won 5,000 votes for Congress

As part of a write-in campaign against the incumbent Congressman Paul Broun, Charles Darwin received almost 5,000 votes following a Facebook led protest against Broun’s anti-science credentials.

Playful people more sexually attractive

Human beings are unusual in the animal kingdom in continuing to play as adults. In other species playfulness generally disappears after the juvenile stage. Researchers have attempted to test the hypothesis that human playfulness is sexually selected.

Post-Mortem of famous tortoise Lonesome George

Guayaquil - The famous Pinta Island tortoise (Chelonoidis abingdoni) known to the international nature community and all environmentalists as "Lonesome George" died on Sunday, under unknown circumstances.

Giant tortoise 'Lonesome George' dies at the age of 100

Galapagos tortoise--Lonesome George died unexpectedly Sunday morning at the age of 100. Believed to be the last of his kind, George reportedly died of unknown causes at his home in Ecuador's Galapagos Islands.

Beyond Darwin: Rebel Scientist Lynn Margulis Honored in Amherst Special

Amherst - A three-day symposium, "Celebrating a Life of Science: In Memory of Lynn Margulis," was held this weekend, March 23-25th, at the University of Massachusetts, where Margulis taught evolutionary science for decades.

British scientists find Darwin fossil slides 'lost' for 150 years

London - British scientists say they have found new fossils Charles Darwin and his colleagues collected more than 150 years ago. The slides containing the fossils were found in a wooden cabinet kept in a "gloomy" corner of the British Geological Survey.

Op-Ed: Conor Cunningham's Has Darwin Killed God?

Conor Cunningham, philosopher and Christian apologist, talks about Darwinism in his documentary "Did Darwin Kill God?". Few religionists dare to tackle the subject, and I gave the documentary a thorough viewing.

Op-Ed: The greatest show on earth - the evidence for evolution

Religionists often claim that there is no evidence for Darwin's theory of evolution. World-famous biologist and author Richard Dawkins takes them on and shows how wrong this claim is.

Darwin Film 'Creation' Will Not Be Coming to America

British film 'Creation' will not be coming to the United States because of its controversial theme. While the film opened the Toronto Film Festival to rave reviews, the religious undertones surrounding this Darwin biopic appear to be to much for the U.S.

Rise in tourism to the Galapagos may introduce harmful mosquitoes

The fauna of the Galapagos Islands is attracting tourists in even larger numbers. However, a mosquito carrying West Nile fever brought from the mainland with the tourists could prove more harmful to the animals than the tourists ever will.

Rediscovered - a hand axe that challenged Creationism in 1859

A flint axe that challenged creationist history six months before The Origin of Species was published has been tracked down in the stores of the Natural History Museum in London, UK. It had been missing for 150 years.

Nature study shows synthesis of RNA building-blocks is possible

A team from Manchester University have been able to synthesise two of the four building blocks of Ribo-Nucleic Acid (RNA), the self-replicating molecule that is widely believed to be the original molecule of life.

Wallace's incredible gift to Charles Darwin.

Alfred Russel Wallace was in many respects a co-discoverer of the theory of evolution; specifically, the "how" of evolution, i.e., the survival of the fittest. However, he was infinitely gracious to Darwin by laying no claim to Darwin's theory.

Darwin Archive Reveals Survival of the Most Comfortable

Six newly discovered ledgers reveal that Charles Darwin led a pampered life as a university student. He made up for whatever hardships he didn’t experience on the grueling five-year journey that transformed scientific thinking.

Darwin was censored, Turkish scientists claim

A Turkish government agency responsible for the funding of scientific projects is accused of cutting an article on Charles Darwin’s life and work from a mainstream magazine, and of removing the editor from her post.

Creationist offensive begins in the Netherlands

The Netherlands have a reputation of freedom, and it has held this reputation for centuries, even during the time of the Holy Inquisition. For how much longer? Even in this lovely country creationism is on the march.

Today, we celebrate the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin

Exactly 200 hundred years ago, a man was born who can easily be considered the most influential scientist of all times. Although he was looking forward to an easy life as a country parson, Charles Darwin would become one of the greatest scientists ever.

Op-Ed: Happy 200th, Charles Darwin, Some Still Deem You Illegitimate

This is the year that Charles Darwin turns 200. The founding father of the scientific story of evolution would wonder about the deliberations in science today. He has his critics, those who believe his ideas aren’t legitimate.

Mrs. Charles Darwin's recipe book published

A book of recipes by Mrs. Charles Darwin is now available to the public for the first time from Cambridge University Library. Forget the theory of evolution; what about the theory behind Penally Pudding?

Vatican: Evolution is OK but no apologies to Darwin

The Vatican finally gave approval to the theory of evolution proposed by Charles Darwin but said there is no need for a posthumous apology to Darwin.
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Charles Darwin Image

Some of Darwin s specimens  which he studied for variations to aid his concept of natural selection.
Some of Darwin's specimens, which he studied for variations to aid his concept of natural selection.
One of the period features in Down House. Darwin probably filed specimen cards here.
One of the period features in Down House. Darwin probably filed specimen cards here.
Darwin s study  perfectly recreated at Down Hose.
Darwin's study, perfectly recreated at Down Hose.
Down House  restored to its Victorian splendor by English Heritage.
Down House, restored to its Victorian splendor by English Heritage.
The front entrance of Down House.
The front entrance of Down House.
A representation of human evolution at Down House.
A representation of human evolution at Down House.

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