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Britain and France sign fresh deal to reduce migrant crossings

London - Increased patrols and technology will be deployed along France's beaches under a new agreement between Paris and London aimed at stopping illegal migration across the Channel.

'Just God, the water and us': risking the Channel 'death route' to Britain

Calais - Britain! After years trekking through countless countries, weeks in a filthy camp on the French coast, seven gruelling hours on a small boat tossed about by the Channel, Walid has finally made it.He's managed to cross the so-called death route.

'Queen of Stream' Adriana Kaegi launches new fashion channel

Adriana Kaegi, affectionately known as the "Queen of Stream" has launched a new fashion channel. Digital Journal has the scoop.

Fourfold rise in migrants rescued in English Channel: authorities

Lille - Over 2,300 migrants had to be rescued attempting to cross the English Channel in 2019, four times the number for 2018, local authorities in northern France said on Tuesday.

Caeleb Dressel hopes to start a podcast channel to help people

The world's fastest swimmer, Caeleb Dressel, announced that he and his best friend want to start a podcast channel for positive purposes.

Paxton Booth talks 'Coop & Cami Ask The World' on Disney Channel Special

Young actor Paxton Booth ("Coop & Cami Ask The World") chatted with Digital Journal about the new season of the show, which stars on October 5.

The many ways of crossing the English Channel

Paris - By plane, hot-air balloon and gondola: the English Channel has been crossed in many inventive ways, and on Sunday Frenchman Franky Zapata succeeded in crossing on a jet-powered hoverboard on his second attempt.

UK to help fund French fight against Channel crossings

London - Britain on Thursday promised to pay for the deployment of new surveillance equipment in France to fight illegal cross-Channel migration.

UK treating rise in migrant Channel crossings as 'major incident'

London - Britain is treating the spike in migrants trying to cross the Channel in small boats as "a major incident", its interior ministry said on Friday.

Spike in illegal Channel crossings 'concerning': UK minister

London - Britain's Immigration Minister Caroline Nokes said Thursday that a spike in migrants crossing the Channel by boat was "deeply concerning", after dozens of people were rescued overnight.

YouTuber PewDiePie made $7.45 million profit last year

YouTuber PewDiePie made a massive $7.45 million in profit last year, according to a new report. PewDiePie gained such fame for his video game reviews, playthroughs, tutorials and vlogs that he has become the most successful YouTuber ever.

Google announces YouTube Gaming, coming this summer

Google has announced that it is creating a special variant of YouTube for gamers, throwing it into direct competition with Twitch. The site will allow players to stream footage of their games and make it easy for viewers to keep track of their favourites.

Op-Ed: SYGU Network and the music video revolution Special

Los Angeles - Music videos are plentiful online thanks to the digital distribution explosion that has positioned the the portable laptop,cell phone, and the tablet as a few of the high tech,convenient mechanisms for viewing content.

Video: Hipster Disney Princess musical goes viral

New York - A parody video that has gone viral on YouTube is a spoof on Disney princesses, including the Little Mermaid, Belle, Snow White and Cinderella, singing about organic food, vinyl, and poetry against a backdrop of the city of New York.

Terrorist group attacks TV Channel in Syria — 7 people dead

Damascus - Three journalists and four workers at the Syrian al-Ikhbariyia Satellite Channel were killed on Wednesday morning in an attack by an armed group.

Video: Belgian TV channel stages surprising 'drama' on street

To launch a high-definition TV channel, TNT in Belgium, a big red push button was placed in a square in a Flemish town. Over it hovered an arrow "Push to add drama". Then they waited for someone to push.

Al Jazeera channel losing staff over 'bias' on Syria

Beirut - Al Jazeera's Beirut news bureau is currently losing key staff due to 'bias' in the channel's stance on the conflict in Syria.

Poultry in motion: New channel shows nothing but roasting chicken Special

Rogers Communications in Canada announced it will launch a digital cable channel featuring only a chicken rotating on a spit, 24 hours a day seven days a week. It will be active from Feb. 28 to May 22.

Torpedo found in English Channel

Eastbourne - A six-metre (20 foot) torpedo was discovered floating in the English Channel, close to a busy shipping lane, on Tuesday.

Shameless materialises into Doctor Who universe

Tonight’s episode of the Channel 4 drama series Shameless, sees Frank Gallagher (David Threlfall) regenerate into the famous Time Lord from the BBC’s Doctor Who.

Shameless: young TV actor criticised for mocking Islam

Qasim Akhtar, one of the teenage actors in the Channel 4 drama series Shameless, has been accused of making a mockery of Islam.

Shameless: US remake premiers a day ahead of UK original’s return

Following more than two years in development, the US version of the hit British drama Shameless is set to premier on Showtime one day ahead of the original’s return to UK television.

British TV show Misfits voted 'Upstarts of the Year'

As part of the Independent's television review of the year, E4's "ASBO superhero" drama, Misfits, has been named "Upstarts of the Year".

Misfits: season 3 confirmed, spin-off also possible

Howard Overman has confirmed that there will be a third season of E4's surprise hit, Misfits, a British TV show which follows the exploits of a group of teenagers who acquire superhero powers while on community service.

Misfits: series three and US remake likely, but no movie

Signs are emerging that the BAFTA-award winning and surprise hit of last year, Misfits, has already been commissioned for a third series as well as being remade for US television. But its creator doesn’t want a film version.

BBC iPlayer set to go global

People living outside the UK could soon be able to access the BBC’s popular on-demand Internet TV service, as plans for Global iPlayer are stepped up.

Channel 4 acquires UK rights to Chris Chibnall’s Camelot

Channel 4 has purchased the UK broadcasting rights to Camelot, the new fantasy drama series chronicling the life of Merlin, from Starz/GK-TV.

URL-TV combines drug info with life skills for teens

On Halloween Canada's youth are getting more than just treats, the first online healthy lifestyle television channel for youth aged 10 to 24, featuring programs for youth and by youth on everything from cooking and budgeting to bullying and drugs airs.

Brideshead Revisited composer Geoffrey Burgon dies, aged 69

Geoffrey Burgon, the British composer and jazz musician, who became famous to television audiences for his soundtracks on Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and Brideshead Revisited, has died at the age of 69.

Frenchman becomes first limbless person to swim English channel

A Frenchman who had his arms and legs amputated after an electrical accident has become the first limbless person to swim the English Channel.
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Satellite view of the English Channel.
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