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Brexit is here, what changes?

Apo - At midnight on Friday -- 1,317 days after British voters decided to leave the European Union -- Brexit finally came about. So what changed?So far, not much.

Madrid orders removal of electric scooters

Madrid - Madrid's city hall said Tuesday it had refused to grant a licence to three electric scooter-share companies and gave them 72 hours to remove their scooters from the streets of the Spanish capital.

Demands for change as Iraqis vote in national polls

Hilla - Iraqis voting across the country in parliamentary polls Saturday insisted they were hoping for change, even as the same old names continued to dominate the ballot papers.

Review: New book outlines the 'fourth industrial revolution' Special

London - A new book by Klaus Schwab looks at the 'fourth industrial revolution', taken as the age of connected devices. The book considers the opportunities and challenges that await human society as this era unfolds.

France's Royal applauds U.S.— Canada move to cut methane emissions

New York - France's ecology minister Segolene Royal on Friday welcomed new commitments from Canada and the United States to cut methane emissions, whose global warming potential is worse than carbon dioxide.

Twitter forces all of its users to have a plain background image

Twitter has unexpectedly removed custom background images on all user profiles without any explanation of why it has made the change. Stumped users from across the world have been left staring at a blank white space where their image once was.

Apple CEO Tim Cook plans to donate his wealth to charity

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that he plans to give much of his vast fortune away to charity in the near future, joining a list of tech executives including Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg who enjoy sharing their wealth with others.

Internet Explorer is finally dead, Microsoft is killing the brand

Microsoft's marketing chief confirmed at the company's Convergence conference yesterday that the long ill-spoken Internet Explorer web browser brand will be killed off with Windows 10 and replaced with the company's new "Project Spartan."

Microsoft executives change overall strategy for the company

The spread of Microsoft devices and services is going to be put on the back burner to focus on the "core" of the company, according to CEO Satya Nadella. As he has been saying for months he wants a "mobile first" and "cloud first" approach.

Video: Locals question Krogers on store quality and get results

San Diego - The Food 4 Less was the only grocery store for the Euclid Avenue community. Over the years food quality had fallen despite the store being managed by the grocery giant Krogers. Shoppers came to executives with complaints and they were answered.

Op-Ed: Appearance by a lesbian humourist cancelled

Spartanburg - On Monday, the University of South Carolina Upstate announced that they were cancelling an appearance by lesbian humorist, Leigh Hendrix.

Op-Ed: Just what does a Personal Financial Trainer do and who needs one? Special

Toronto - Just what is a Personal Financial Trainer, who would use or need the services of a Personal Financial Trainer and why is it needed and different from the many financial services available to the masses in 2012?

Facebook will change your Profile to Timeline this fall

Whether people like it or not users of Facebook will have their profiles changed over to the new Timeline before the year is over.

NASA predicts massive ecological change in Canada

A NASA study predicts that parts of Canada are among the areas that will experience massive ecological changes by the year 2100.

One Millionth Tower film an interactive meeting place for change

The world premiere cinema of “One Millionth Tower” has just launched in London on Nov. 5, and it's a new popcorn-powered web documentary style that interacts socially with viewers. It includes real-time context and unique ways to interact with the fil

Op-Ed: Occupy London – Tent City speaks its mind Special

London - ‘This isn’t an outrageous movement of crazies. Our’s are reasonable demands, and this camp is in the public interest. People just don’t understand this protest; they don’t understand the inequalities that they live with every day.’

Suicide rate in South Korea doubles in last ten years

Seoul - South Korea, already facing one of the world’s highest suicide rates, has seen those numbers double in the last decade, and the government is facing pressure to come up with a solution to the spiraling problem.

Obama tells supporters on Monday he has ‘brought about change’

Washington - Seeking early momentum for a second term in the White House, President Barack Obama told supporters Monday night not to look at the first part of his presidency with “complacency,” letting them know he has already brought “change.”

Report: Climate change, extreme weather set to disrupt power grid

Washington - A new report on climate change shows more extreme weather is on the way, and the current US energy infrastructure is poised to fail unless it goes through a detailed transformation, including appropriate wind and solar sites.

Value of American food waste greater than offshore reserves

New York - A new study suggests that 16 per cent of the total energy used in the U.S. is used in food production and the amount that is thrown away is more valuable than what is available in offshore reserves.

Egyptians take new steps on the painful road towards democracy

Cairo - Egyptian police violently beat and randomly detained men and women today who protested against the one-party Mubarak government. The demonstrators demand both a constitutional reform and an end to the continuous use of old Emergency Laws.

Canada decides against changing national anthem

Canada has decided against a plan to change the national anthem. It had been suggested that changing the anthem would make it more gender-inclusive.

Survival expert says most people will not survive climate change

Ray Mears, television personality and probably the world's foremost expert on bushcraft, says most people will not survive the climate change crisis.

China's second largest lake shrinking fast

Dongting, China's second largest freshwater lake, has decreased in area by about two thirds in only one month says a local meteorologist.

Barack Obama says change is hard

After winning the 2008 Presidential election with the slogan of "change", Barack Obama now says "change is hard", "Change isn't supposed to be easy" and "Change doesn't happen overnight."

ICANN approves non-English domain names

A change that will transform the Internet and users experience is being accepted by officials at the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). This change is the most dramatic the Internet has seen in 40 years.

Parents Angry Over School Sex Change Assembly

Parents are angry over an emergency school assembly held to tell children that a 12-year-old male pupil was having a sex change.

Op-Ed: It's Time To Prepare For A Total Cure

The world has changed as words were exchanged and a man took the reins of a battered country today. Barack Obama is now in charge of the United States, a nation in sore need of healing.

Op-Ed: GOP in State of Confusion

After eight long years of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, the Republican Party is in a state of leaderless chaos after its major rejection by the American voting public. Americans welcome a time of major realignment in almost every aspect of our society.

Op-Ed: Obama suppresses information from own site

Obama places security measures on in an attempt to stop the hemorrhaging of his own information. The hypocrisy of a leader of change.
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Canadian pennies
Canadian pennies
Adriana’s Insurance pays 76-year-old man $21 000 settlement with buckets of pennies  dimes  nickel...
Adriana’s Insurance pays 76-year-old man $21,000 settlement with buckets of pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters.
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Adriana’s Insurance pays 76-year-old man $21 000 settlement with buckets of pennies  dimes  nickel...
Adriana’s Insurance pays 76-year-old man $21,000 settlement with buckets of pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters.
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