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Cereal News

Essential Science: Saving the crops — tackling fungal disease

Cereals are a stable foodstuff around the world, yet the crops can be ruined by fungal diseases and this can lead to world hunger. Different studies are being conducted to tackle mycotoxins, and three examples are considered.

Students in Zimbabwe were brewing beer with cereal

A few schools in Zimbabwe have made the decision to ban certain types of cereals because students have been making homemade beer.

Cyclist spots and confronts driver eating bowl of cereal

London - A video surfaced and it was filmed by a cyclist two mornings ago. It shows a woman behind the wheel of a vehicle, eating a bowl of cereal.

Fungi could be the next ‘bio-fertilizers’

Biologists are proposing that a common soil fungus could be a candidate as a ‘bio-fertilizer’, replacing the more harmful phosphate based chemicals. In a study on rice crops, the fungus has triggered improved root growth.

Make an ice cream cone out of Fruity Pebbles cereal

Fans of Fruity Pebbles cereal can make an ice cream cone from the cereal. Nick from Dude Foods has already created a cone from Fruity Pebbles.

A new crop virus reported in North America

Chicago - A type of mastrevirus called switchgrass mosaic-associated virus 1, has been detected in North America. Such viruses cause damage to staple food crops like corn and wheat, and lead to economic consequences.

New 'Eatmecrunchy' cereal bowl keeps cereal crunchy

The new 'Eatmecrunchy' bowl is designed to keep cereal from going soggy with a removable shelf to separate cereal from milk.

Op-Ed: Food companies market products to kids via smartphones

It's not that surprising to see food companies are increasingly advertising to kids through smartphones. Advertisements are already implemented on smartphones, specifically via the Android application market.

Kellogg's recalls Frosted Mini-Wheats cereal due to metal mesh

Kellogg's has announced the company is recalling some of its popular Frosted Mini-Wheats cereal due to the possible presence of metal mesh in some boxes.

Kellogg's recalls four varieties of cereal totaling 28M boxes

Kellogg Company announced a voluntary recall of the cereals Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Froot Loops and Honey Smacks due to off-flavor and smell coming from the package liner.

Hulk Hogan sues Post Cereal over Cocoa Pebbles commercial

Tampa - Hulk Hogan is back in federal court in Florida, this time over a cartoon commercial. Hulk claims his reputation was harmed in a Cocoa Pebbles ad featuring Bamm-Bamm tossing " Hulk Boulder" into the air and winning the match.

Kids' cereals highly marketed, less nutritious says Yale study

Cereals heavily marketed to kids have been found to be the least nutritional, according to Yale University study. Lucky Charms and Trix are just two of "worst" cereals in terms of heavy marketing and low nutrition. Cereal industry disagrees.

Food Bank Swimming in Michael Phelps Cereal Boxes from Kellogg's

Pass the plate of Kellogg’s cereal and say thank you to Michael Phelps for his youthful indiscretion and getting caught photographed passing the bong and taking part is a different kind of soul fool.

Why a chocolate bar is as good as a cereal one

A British newspaper debunks the common logic that health foods are a good option for dieters, suggesting that cereal bars can be as high in sugar as chocolate ones.

World's Largest Cereal Maker Raises Nutritional Value for Kids' Sake

The world's largest cereal maker was threatened with a lawsuit by parents and nutritional advocacy groups, who are worried by the increase in child obesity. In response, Kellogg promises to make their sugar-filled breakfast food healthier.

Eat Cereal, Stay Slim!!

Eating the Right Cereal Every Morning Helps You Get (and stay) Slim!!

Fanfare For The Corn Section - Muesli Turns 100

Munster, Germany (dpa) - Muesli may be celebrating its one hundredth birthday this year but the alternative breakfast cereal is certainly not showing its age. Loathed by children of health-conscious parents but adored by sports enthusiasts, muesli h...

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