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Central america News

Central America will be devastated by Category 5 Hurricane Iota

Relief organizations are preparing for the second devastating storm in as many weeks in Central American as Hurricane Iota heads for Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and southern Belize, the same regions hit by Hurricane Eta earlier this month.

Tropical Storm Eta nears Central America — Will become hurricane

Forecasters said they expected the newly-formed Tropical storm Eta to become a hurricane by Monday, shortly after the system formed in the Caribbean and tied the record for most named storms in a single Atlantic hurricane season.

African migrants in record numbers cross into U.S. through Mexico

While the number of immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border has been coming from Central America, growing numbers of migrants from a handful of African countries are joining them, border patrol officials say.

Op-Ed: Don't kid yourselves — Trump is loving his border crisis

President Donald Trump said he’s considering releasing migrants apprehended at the U.S. southern border into so-called sanctuary cities - to punish congressional foes for inaction on the border.

The facts on the mass exodus of migrants from Central America

Thousands of Central American migrants are traveling in a so-called caravan through Mexico, enduring what is potentially a deadly journey in hopes of entering the United States and claiming asylum. Why are they hoping to reach the U.S.?

Impacts of climate change on today's Central American migrants

Violence and poverty have been cited as the reasons for the exodus of migrants from Central America, however, experts say the big picture is that changing climate is forcing farmers off their land – and it’s likely to get worse.

Tropical Storm Nate headed for U.S. Gulf Coast

New Orleans and states from Louisiana to Florida are now bracing for a pounding as Tropical Storm Nate is predicted to hit the U.S. Gulf Coast as a hurricane.

Drought parches El Salvador

San Salvador - Citing lack of rain, the Salvadoran government has declared a drought emergency as rivers and lakes have dropped to record levels and many are going days without running water.

As crime continues, El Salvador weighs limiting citizens' rights

San Salvador - Following the March killings of 11 people, including eight workers at an electric plant, the Salvadoran government is considering severe limits on the rights of the nation's six million citizens in an effort to get the country back under control.

Gangster and guards partied with strippers in Salvadoran prison

A video showing naked women bumping and grinding to Latin dance music for gang members and a guard at a Salvadoran prison has sparked an investigation into perks gangs may have received for cooperating with a short-lived, government-backed truce.

Nicaraguan accused of 'massacre' of five awaits his fate

A Nicaraguan man who allegedly killed a U.S. citizen, his wife, and their three children in a stabbing rampage at their home in Costa Rica, is in custody in his country but it is not clear if he will face charges.

How the Ninja lanternshark glows in the dark

Moss Landing - In the depths of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Central America, swims an enigmatic shark that uses its jet-black skin to hide, yet it can also glow in the dark. Previously unknown to science, the Ninja lanternshark is a recent discovery.

Deadly new virus discovered — Jumped from squirrels to humans

The deaths of three people in Germany, all of them breeders of variegated squirrels for the pet trade, has researchers wondering if maybe they contracted a new strain of virus from squirrels.

Op-Ed: Climate change in Central America — Wildlife struggles to survive

Climate change in Central America is affecting wildlife in profound ways, but few places have been as seriously affected as Guatemala's Laguna Del Tigre National Park which suffered a devastating wildfire as the result of an El Niño in 1998.

Op-Ed: The real Ebola threat for the U.S. is our Southern border

Marine Corps Gen. John F. Kelly, the commander of the U.S. Southern Command, says the real threat from the Ebola virus coming into the U.S. is not by international flights. The threat would be if Ebola breaks out in Central America.

UPDATE: Powerful earthquake rocks El Salvador, 1 confirmed dead

Chirilagua - The United States Geological Survey (USGS) is reporting that a powerful earthquake has struck the coastal area of El Salvador .

Op-Ed: America: Dumping ground or safe refuge?

According to CNN News on Friday, in the past year, over 47,000 children have made the journey from Central America, often alone, to the U.S. border. Officially, they are called Unaccompanied Children, or UACs by the Department of Homeland Security.

Arizona has become 'dumping ground' for illegal immigrants

The illegals immigrants, mostly from Central America, cross the Rio Grande into Texas where they are soon picked up by the Border Patrol. Last year 154,453 immigrants were apprehended, up from the 97,762 caught in 2012.

Fungus is devastating your morning cup of coffee

A tree-killing fungus that causes coffee rust, known scientifically as Hemileia vastatrix, has swept across Central America, attacking coffee trees and affecting production abroad. The disease spares no farms, reducing once healthy trees to wilted twigs.

U.S. maternal deaths highest of all developed countries Special

Seattle - Maternal deaths in the United States are rising and researchers estimate that 18.5 women died out of every 100,000 births, a total of 800 in 2013. The death rate is more than double that of Saudi Arabia and Canada, and triple that of the United Kingdom.

Members of Salvadoran gang freed from jail only to be gunned down

San Salvador - Three alleged members of a notorious Central American gang - along with a taxi driver who had picked them up at a local lockup - were gunned down moments after being released from jail in El Salvador Monday.

Mexican army frees dozens of kidnapped immigrants

Ciudad Victoria - Soldiers freed 60 immigrants of various nationalities who were being held in a warehouse in Northeastern Mexico by an organized crime group, according to the news agency Proceso.

Central American's using 'credible fear' to seek asylum in U.S.

The number of Central American immigrants seeking asylum because of a "credible fear" has increased sevenfold in the last five years. Immigration officials are not sure if the fears are real, or if people are now more aware of using asylum as an option.

Honduran government grants land to indigenous group

Honduras has handed over nearly a million acres of forest land on the Caribbean coast to the Miskito indigenous people, in an agreement both parties hope will protect the area from environmental exploitation.

Go directly to jail: Guatemala passes tough new gun law

Guatemala City - Even as homicide rates fall, Guatemala has enacted strict measures which will send anyone caught carrying a firearm straight to jail until trial.

With U.S. aid, Honduras building navy bases to fight smuggling

With money from the United States, the Honduran military has built one navy base and plans to build two more in an effort to curb drug trafficking.

Salvadoran ex-colonel sentenced for immigration fraud

An ex-colonel from El Salvador linked to the 1989 murders of six Jesuit priests has been sentenced to 21 months in prison for immigration fraud in the United States.

Six children killed in Honduras landslide

Tegucigalpa - A landslide provoked by heavy rain in Northern Honduras killed six children in the village of La Chicharronera Wednesday night.

Panama's attorney general seeks money to combat street gangs

Panama's attorney general has asked the Central American nation's general assembly for money to combat gangs, evidence that gang-related crime is not isolated to traditional hotbeds such as Honduras and El Salvador.

Honduras faces deadly dengue fever epidemic

Tegucigalpa - In the wake of 12,000 reported cases of mosquito-borne dengue fever and at least 19 deaths from the disease, Honduran officials have declared a state of emergency as the rainy season looms in that Central American country.
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The Ninja lanternshark is largely mysterious and scientists have much to learn about this little cre...
The Ninja lanternshark is largely mysterious and scientists have much to learn about this little creature.
YouTube screen grab Victoria Elena Vásquez, David A. Ebert, Douglas J. Long
Photographer captures swarms of illegal aliens crossing US border.
Photographer captures swarms of illegal aliens crossing US border.
The bones were found carefully arranged in a midden  or mound of organic refuse.
The bones were found carefully arranged in a midden, or mound of organic refuse.
Nicole E. Smith-Guzmán
A fine example of Latte art entitled  Coffee time.
A fine example of Latte art entitled "Coffee time."
Mortefot / Flickr - Coffeetime! (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Coffee rust at a farm in Cauca  southwestern Colombia. From the Two Degrees Up series of case studie...
Coffee rust at a farm in Cauca, southwestern Colombia. From the Two Degrees Up series of case studies on the effect of climate change on agriculture. Photo taken: Sept. 23, 2010.
Neil Palmer (CIAT) (CC BY-SA 2.0)
U.S. Border Patrol officer checking a car at the border.
U.S. Border Patrol officer checking a car at the border.
File photo / ammanteufel
A crime scene in San Pedro Sula  Honduras
Charles Parkinson /Monday  21 April 2014
A crime scene in San Pedro Sula, Honduras Charles Parkinson /Monday, 21 April 2014
Illustrative image of arabica coffee from Costa Rica sold by Cafe Britt (copyrighted and TM logos ha...
Illustrative image of arabica coffee from Costa Rica sold by Cafe Britt (copyrighted and TM logos have been blurred to avoid any copyright infringement). Photo taken: Sept. 12, 2009
Mariordo (Mario Roerto Duran Ortiz)
Guanaja Island  in the Caribbean  sits 70 miles off the coast of Honduras.
Guanaja Island, in the Caribbean, sits 70 miles off the coast of Honduras.

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