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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention News

Scientists successfully 'delete' HIV virus from human DNA

Over the decades, HIV has remained elusive, meaning a cure couldn't be found. A wizard at installing its genome into human DNA, it is impossible for our immune system to get rid of it.

Montreal teen invents $500 dialysis machine for home use

Montreal - While volunteering at her local hospital, Anya Pogharian, 17, found out how difficult it is for many patients to go to the hospital when they need help, something she especially noticed of kidney dialysis patients coming in three days per week.

Virus striking Midwest may be tip of the iceberg, CDC reports

Kansas City - A peculiar flu-like virus that afflicts the respiratory system is sickening hundreds of children across the US Midwest, sending them to emergency rooms and clinics in at least ten states, according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.

Deadly toxins found improperly stored, forgotten in NIH, FDA labs

Bethesda - Officials are confirming that an alarming number of improperly stored vials containing highly dangerous pathogens have been located in various federal government laboratories.

Op-Ed: Ebola patients returning to U.S. should spark pandemic planning

Though there is virtually no chance of infection from the two American Ebola patients returning to the U.S., it does raise questions as to how prepared our nation is for a deadly viral pandemic.

75 lab workers at the CDC may be infected with anthrax

Atlanta - The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advised Thursday that around 75 lab workers in Atlanta may have been infected with anthrax. An investigation into the incident is apparently ongoing.

Op-Ed: CDC study finds fecal contamination in public pools

Atlanta - Fancy a swim? You might think twice in light of a newly published CDC study which revealed that poor personal hygiene is contaminating public water with fecal matter.

With 31 deaths reported, CDC issues calm on H7N9 bird flu spread

As the death toll from the H7N9 bird flu virus climbed to 31 on Monday, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention assured the public that the current strain does not pose a pandemic threat.

CDC: Man dies of rabies after kidney transplant

Atlanta - A man who received a tainted kidney in an organ transplant has died of rabies. Three other patients -- who also received organs from the mutual donor, are undergoing treatment for the disease.

CDC: West Nile virus disease cases in the U.S., up this year

Atlanta - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is warning the public to take steps to protect themselves against West Nile Virus (WNV) as the number of cases across the U.S. rise.

CDC: US is on track for record high whooping cough rates in 2012

Atlanta - After releasing the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) on the whooping cough epidemic that’s occurring in Washington state, the Centers for Disease Control said as of Thursday, "nationwide, nearly 18,000 cases have been reported to CDC."

U.S. CDC reports 1 in 13 pregnant women drink alcohol

Research released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says drinking among pregnant women is a public health concern. The agency noted 1 in 13 pregnant women drink alcohol.

E Coli outbreak in six U.S. states, source unknown

U.S. officials are conducting an investigation to determine what has caused an outbreak of E.Coli over the past two months. Since Apr. 15, over a dozen individuals in six states have been sickened by E.Coli bacteria, with one death.

CDC: Supersize is the 'new (ab)normal'

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has released a new infographic that outlines just how much restaurant food portions have increased over the past 50 years.

Study: Rate of children poisoned by medicine rising dramatically

Atlanta - A new study has found the number of children under 18 seen in emergency rooms due to an accidental overdose of prescription or over-the-counter medication has risen dramatically, with over 70,000 visits to hospitals occurring each year.

CDC: Fewer baby boys getting circumcised

Data from three separate US national surveys show the number of baby boys circumcised in hospitals has dropped in the past ten years.

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Are you brave enough to take the plunge in light of the CDC s findings?
Are you brave enough to take the plunge in light of the CDC's findings?