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Censorship News

Website of top Kremlin critic blocked after tycoon complaint

Moscow - Russia's media watchdog on Thursday blocked the website of opposition leader Alexei Navalny after he posted a video alleging a deputy prime minister enjoyed lavish hospitality from a billionaire tycoon.

China orders microblog companies to ramp up censorship

Bejing - China Friday ordered the country's microblog operators to establish mechanisms to remove false information, in the latest move by authorities to tighten policing of the web.

Iran removes block on Telegram

Tehran - Iran has lifted restrictions imposed during recent protests on the country's most popular social media app Telegram.AFP journalists were able to access the service on Sunday and officials confirmed it has been restored.

China has shut down 13,000 websites since 2015: Xinhua

Bejing - China has shut down or revoked the licenses of 13,000 websites since 2015 for violating the country's internet rules, state media reported Sunday.

China reasserts right to 'cyber sovereignty'

Chinese President Xi Jinping has stated the country will not cut off the global Internet but is committed to achieving its vision of "cyber sovereignty." During a speech in China, Xi said each country should be able to internally regulate the Internet.

Trump jumps over China's 'Great Firewall' with first tweet

Bejing - US President Donald Trump broke through China's "Great Firewall" on Wednesday as he posted messages on Twitter during his visit to the country, which has banned the website.

China fines tech firms over online content

Bejing - China has fined several of the country's biggest technology firms for failing to remove illegal online content as the authorities intensify their policing of the internet.

China disrupts WhatsApp ahead of Communist Party meeting

Bejing - Chinese authorities appear to have severely disrupted the WhatsApp messaging app in the latest step to tighten censorship as they prepare for a major Communist Party congress next month.

Facebook staffs up in China despite being blocked

Facebook has hired a Chinese government-relations point man and is seeking other staff in signs that it harbours ambitions for a China presence despite its main social media platform being blocked.

Chinese TV told to 'sing the praises of the party'

Bejing - Chinese television is about to get a whole lot more patriotic, after an official directive ordered producers to ramp up the praise of the ruling Communist Party.

Hundreds of Russians protest tighter internet controls

Moscow - About 1,000 Russians braved pouring rain in Moscow on Saturday to demonstrate against the government's moves to tighten controls on internet use, with police arresting about a dozen protesters.

At Beijing book fair, publishers admit self-censorship

Bejing - Just days after the world's oldest publisher briefly caved in to Chinese censorship demands, international publishing houses are courting importers at a Beijing book fair, with some admitting they keep sensitive topics off their pages.

Second academic journal pressed to censor China content

Bejing - A second academic journal has received requests to censor content in China, following an international outcry after Cambridge University Press temporarily agreed to block sensitive articles from another publication under pressure from Beijing.

Iran in talks to unblock Twitter, says new minister

Tehran - Iran's new communications minister said Tuesday that negotiations were underway with Twitter to unblock the service, which has been banned for years despite being used even by the country's supreme leader.

Apple removes some VPN services from Chinese app store

Bejing - Apple has removed software allowing internet users to skirt China's "Great Firewall" from its app store in the country, the company confirmed Sunday, sparking criticism that it was bowing to Beijing's tightening web censorship.

S. Korea former presidential aide jailed over artist blacklist

Seoul - A top aide close to South Korea's disgraced former president was sentenced to three years Thursday for blacklisting nearly 10,000 artists seen as critical of Park Geun-Hye's government.

Russians march against state internet crackdown

Moscow - Around 1,000 people marched through central Moscow on Sunday to protest against the government's harsh legislative controls on the internet.

'Oh, bother': Chinese censors can't bear Winnie the Pooh

Bejing - Has Winnie the Pooh done something to anger China's censors? Some mentions of the lovable but dimwitted bear with a weakness for "hunny" have been blocked on Chinese social networks.

Chinese censors scrub emoji tributes to Nobel winner

Bejing - China's censors raced Friday to scrub social media networks of candles, RIP and other tributes to Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo as they seek to silence discussion about the prominent dissident's death.

Indian censors want 'cow', 'Hindu' beeped in film

New Delhi - Indian censors have refused to certify a documentary film featuring Nobel prize-winning economist Amartya Sen unless words like "cow" and "Hindu India" are beeped out, the director said Wednesday, in the latest dispute involving the sensitive film boar...

China to ban consumer VPNs, force businesses to sign a register

China has announced it is banning all consumer VPNs and has told state-owned telecoms operators to prevent their customers from accessing them. Enterprises that are reliant on the use of VPNs will be required to formally register with the government.

'Goodbye, Putin': Caustic comments barge in on leader's show

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday began his annual televised phone-in show with the usual choreographed fanfare, but viewers also got to see a handful of uncensored -- and awkward -- questions flitting across the screen.

'Parthenon of Books' — monumental artwork protests censorship

Kassel - It looks like the monumental temple standing imposingly at the Acropolis in Athens. But this replica in central Germany is not built with marble, but books that have been or remain banned.

Israel minister says state won't fund shows with nudity

Jerusalem - Israel's outspoken culture minister is threatening to withhold funding from two productions showing at a top festival because they contain nudity, provoking mockery and claims of censorship.

Lost in translation: Russian TV cuts Putin mention from hit US show

Moscow - Russia's state-controlled Channel One is airing the hit US series "Fargo" with a twist: mentions of President Vladimir Putin have apparently been excised from the dubbed Russian translation.

Blank space replaces NY Times article criticising Pakistani army

Islamabad - An International New York Times opinion piece criticising the powerful Pakistani army was censored by its local publisher Friday, replaced by a blank space in a country where it can be dangerous to speak out against the military establishment.

China to launch own encyclopaedia to rival Wikipedia

China plans to launch its own online encyclopaedia next year, hoping to build a "cultural Great Wall" that can rival Wikipedia as a go-to information source for Chinese Internet users who Beijing fears are being corrupted by foreign influences.

Noiszy interview: How a browser plugin masks your digital tracks Special

Noiszy is a new browser plugin that masks your tracks with digital noise. It's one of a new breed of tools that let you resist online tracking and break the filter bubble. In this interview, its creator speaks to Digital Journal about the need for Noiszy.

Disney shelves 'Beauty and the Beast' in Malaysia after cuts

Kuala Lumpur - Disney has indefinitely postponed the opening of its film "Beauty and the Beast" in Malaysia after censors in the Muslim-majority nation reportedly cut out a "gay moment" in the movie.

Spectre of censorship haunts S. Korea artists

Seoul - When a documentary opened on the deep sea divers who retrieved around 300 bodies, mostly schoolchildren, from a South Korean ferry disaster, tickets sold out -- but it played to half-empty cinemas.
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Russia is ready to add a new censorship law  banning films not promoting  national unity.
Russia is ready to add a new censorship law, banning films not promoting "national unity."
A screengrab from an e-mail by Dr Fredrick Töben which exposes the censorship of YouTube videos by ...
A screengrab from an e-mail by Dr Fredrick Töben which exposes the censorship of YouTube videos by Zionist hatemongers.
Detail from the Google tool
Detail from the Google tool
Providence  at the head of the Narragansett Bay.
Providence, at the head of the Narragansett Bay.
A man protesting Internet censorship
A man protesting Internet censorship
Prime Minister of Canada  Stephen Harper
Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper
courtesy of the Conservative Party
A screengrab of the About page of the self-styled Online Hate Prevention Institute.
A screengrab of the About page of the self-styled Online Hate Prevention Institute.
A screen capture of the notice sent to the 4th Trimester Bodies Project about the removal of a post.
A screen capture of the notice sent to the 4th Trimester Bodies Project about the removal of a post.
4th Trimester Bodies Project
The Théâtre du Rond-Point in Paris
The Théâtre du Rond-Point in Paris
Creative Commons
A screengrab of an e-mail from Fredrick Töben.
A screengrab of an e-mail from Fredrick Töben.
ERT  morning TV show Marilena Katsimi and Kostas Arvanitis
ERT morning TV show Marilena Katsimi and Kostas Arvanitis
Nikos Simos MEDIA
A Turkish woman reads her freedom declaration to police
A Turkish woman reads her freedom declaration to police
Turkish Protests News
Against internet censorship
Against internet censorship