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Wikipedia filing lawsuit to NSA challenging mass surveillance

Wikipedia is to take legal action against the National Security Agency and the U.S. Department of Justice that will challenge the government's program of mass surveillance of Internet traffic and suggest that this undermines democracy.

China deletes over 60,000 online accounts ahead of new regulation

Some of China's largest online companies have been forced to delete over 60,000 accounts registered on their services ahead of the upcoming date for the introduction of new censorship and regulation of names used online.

Op-Ed: New censorship rules sending Russia back to the Soviet era

If a film to be shown in Russian movie theaters or on television does not promote the Kremlin's visions of "national unity" or if it "undermines the foundations of the national order," it will be banned, according to a new law soon to go into effect.

MPs brawl as Kenya passes controversial terror law

Nairobi - Kenyan lawmakers on Thursday voted through a tough anti-terror bill amid chaotic scenes in parliament and a brawl between opposition and government MPs.

U.K. lawmakers ban sex acts from domestically-produced porn

Women climaxing, spanking, bondage and other forms of rough sex just got a little harder to come by in the United Kingdom following an amended set of restrictions on which types of pornography U.K. film makers may produce.

Puns are now punishable in China

China has banned the use of wordplay within its borders in all forms of media. No puns, idioms, or other creative uses of language allowed.

Op-Ed: Net neutrality furor — Why the Internet should be a public good

The Internet is the greatest invention in modern decades in terms of education and consumer why are some conservatives upset that the Obama administration wants to preserve Net Neutrality?

Thai junta leader Prayuth wants media blackout for ex PM Thaksin

Bangkok - Thailand’s military junta head Prayuth Chan-ocha has asked the national media to “stop reporting" about former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

Moscow threatens to block BBC Russian Service

Moscow - Russia threatened Tuesday to block the website of the BBC's Russian Service because it reported an activist's public appeal to get people to attend a rally mocking Moscow's policy in Ukraine.

Singapore halts destruction of 'pro-gay' children's books

Singapore - Singapore on Friday stopped its national library from destroying two children's books with gay themes following an outcry over literary censorship in the tightly regulated city-state.

Dropbox access blocked in China just four months after approval

Dropbox only recently gained approval to provide an online cloud storage solution to the Chinese market earlier this year. Since February early this year, Dropbox has been operating smoothly until yesterday.

LinkedIn censoring posts about Tiananmen Square

Mountain View - In a sign of China's growing international clout and Western corporations' growing willingness to play by Beijing's rules, the popular business networking site LinkedIn is blocking content relating to the Tiananmen Square massacre anniversary.

Editor's removal sparks Hungary press freedom protest

Budapest - The sudden termination of a Hungarian editor's contract sparked protests in Budapest Tuesday after allegations he was fired for publishing a story which embarrassed Prime Minister Viktor Orban's government.The owner of the popular Origo.

China blocks Google sites amid Tiananmen security drive

Beijing - Several Google websites have been blocked in China, a monitoring service said Tuesday, as authorities step up arrests and censorship before the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square crackdown.

China professor's microblog blocked after Tiananmen post

Beijing - A controversial nationalist professor in China has had his microblog account suspended after he posted a comment about the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, in which he took part as a student.

Iran president vetoes WhatsApp ban: reports

Tehran - Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has vetoed a plan to ban WhatsApp, following a row over censorship of the popular messaging application, media reports said Wednesday.

Award-winning manga comic upcoming about Fukushima disasters

Japanese manga artist Kazuto Tatsuta worked on the Fukushima Daiichi I nuclear plant cleanup. He had to quit in December 2012, when his radiation exposure neared the annual limit. Kodansha Ltd. is publishing Tatsuta's initial book about his experiences.

Twitter ban sparks outrage in Turkey ahead of key polls

Ankara - In a tweet, Turkey's president on Friday hit out at the government ban of Twitter, as opposition leaders vowed to mount a legal challenge to the measure that came just days ahead of crucial polls.The popular micro-blogging site, one of several that has...

Support strong for open Internet in developing world

Washington - Support is strong across emerging and developing countries for an Internet without government censorship, a US survey showed Wednesday.The Pew Research Center found a majority opposed to government restrictions on online activity in 22 of 24 countries ...

United States on ‘Enemies of the Internet’ list

For the first time ever, the United States has been included in the Reporters Without Borders “Enemies of the Internet” report. Its inclusion places it in a report alongside the regimes in China, Iran, and North Korea.

Op-Ed: Rape culture article in school paper leads to censorship policy

Fond Du Lac - A Wisconsin school district's decision to require school administrators to approve student newspaper subject matter is taking a lot of heat.

Russia puts the squeeze on independent media, freedom of speech

A very real fear of censorship has now taken hold in Russia after the federal media watchdog ordered the closing of several major opposition-leaning news sites, as well as the internet sites of prominent Kremlin foes Alexei Navalny and Garry Kasparov.

Crackdown hits popular China messaging platform WeChat

Shanghai - Chinese Internet giant Tencent has shut several accounts on its popular instant messaging platform WeChat, users said Friday, in what appeared to be part of a broader government crackdown on political content.WeChat -- known as "weixin" or micro-messag...

China cracks down again on popular messaging app WeChat

Chinese authorities have launched another crackdown on Tencent Holdings Ltd's popular social messaging app WeChat, closing dozens of popular accounts, media reported on Friday, as China tightens its control of the Internet.

Op-Ed: NSA chief seeks to end free press

Outgoing National Security Agency boss, Keith Alexander, advocated making it a crime to report on government leaks this week, and said that legislation to accomplish this was coming in weeks.

Hollywood blockbuster 'Noah' faces ban in Arab world

Three Arab countries have banned the Hollywood film "Noah" on religious grounds even before its worldwide premiere and several others are expected to follow suit, a representative of Paramount Pictures to...

4th Trimester Bodies wants dialogue over Facebook censorship Special

Chicago - Being censored on social media accounts is something those behind the 4th Trimester Bodies Project have grown accustomed to.

LinkedIn launches China version despite censorship fears

Beijing - Business networking site LinkedIn has launched a Chinese version, attempting to tap the huge market while navigating a strict censorship regime that has seen other foreign social media giants banned.China has the world's largest online community with m...

Microsoft denies Chinese-language Bing search censorship

San Francisco - Microsoft denied censoring Chinese-language search results across the globe, but the group behind the accusation stood firm."We can emphatically confirm that they are not," Microsoft's senior director of Bing search engine Stefan Weitz said in a blog p...

Microsoft's Bing accused of Chinese-language censorship

Beijing - Microsoft's search engine Bing appears to be heavily censoring its Chinese-language search results across the globe as well as inside China, a cyber-monitoring group said Wednesday.According to the group, international Chinese-language Bi...
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A Turkish woman reads her freedom declaration to police
A Turkish woman reads her freedom declaration to police
Turkish Protests News
ERT  morning TV show Marilena Katsimi and Kostas Arvanitis
ERT morning TV show Marilena Katsimi and Kostas Arvanitis
Nikos Simos MEDIA
A screengrab of an e-mail from Fredrick Töben.
A screengrab of an e-mail from Fredrick Töben.
Detail from the Google tool
Detail from the Google tool
A screengrab from an e-mail by Dr Fredrick Töben which exposes the censorship of YouTube videos by ...
A screengrab from an e-mail by Dr Fredrick Töben which exposes the censorship of YouTube videos by Zionist hatemongers.
Prime Minister of Canada  Stephen Harper
Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper
courtesy of the Conservative Party
A screen capture of the notice sent to the 4th Trimester Bodies Project about the removal of a post.
A screen capture of the notice sent to the 4th Trimester Bodies Project about the removal of a post.
4th Trimester Bodies Project
Russia is ready to add a new censorship law  banning films not promoting  national unity.
Russia is ready to add a new censorship law, banning films not promoting "national unity."
A man protesting Internet censorship
A man protesting Internet censorship
Against internet censorship
Against internet censorship
The Théâtre du Rond-Point in Paris
The Théâtre du Rond-Point in Paris
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A screengrab of the About page of the self-styled Online Hate Prevention Institute.
A screengrab of the About page of the self-styled Online Hate Prevention Institute.