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'Canada's gallery' embraces its creative future Special

Toronto - The McMichael Gallery is home to some great artwork painted by the Canadian Group of Seven. It's broadened its scope with live music concerts, a photography exhibition, and an upcoming art installation with the former "Naomi Campbell of the art world."

Daily Relief: Tuesday 25 March

A light-hearted look at the odd events happening in the world. Today includes a father with 98 children, a gorilla playing with kittens, and a look at the reactions of those who think the world is ending.

Grave for fictional play character appears in Norway cemetery

Oslo - A grave site paying homage to a fictitious character in a play written by Henrik Ibsen was recently discovered on the grounds of Vår Frelsers cemetery.

British burial space may be gone within two decades

Pending a legal change, British citizens may not have anywhere to be buried when they die in the near future. An extensive BBC survey recently found that many burial sites will run out of space within a decade, while some are already out of space.

Woman decorates her house yard with stolen cemetery items

A woman steals 146 items from a cemetery in order to decorate her yard. Police locate and arrest her. She is taken to Osceola County Jail and faced with grand theft charges.

Serbian man lived in abandoned cemetery tomb for 15 years

A 42-year-old homeless Serbian man Bratislav Stojanovic has lived in an old abandoned cemetery in Nis, a city in southern Serbia for more than 15 years. The homeless man converted one of the underground tombs in the cemetery into a home.

Lindsey Stone flips off dead hero, posts to Facebook, in trouble

While visiting Arlington National Cemetery in October, Lindsey Stone snapped a picture of herself "disrespecting" the tomb of the Unknown Soldier," by giving the finger and pretending to yell next to a sign that says, "Silence and Respect."

Hurricane Sandy pushes coffins out of graves in Maryland cemetery

Crisfield - After wreaking devastation in New York City, Atlantic City and along the East Coast, Hurricane Sandy departed with an eerie Parthian shot for Halloween—it caused coffins to rise from their graves in a cemetery in Maryland.

WW II veteran buried in cardboard box sparks outrage in Congress

Bushnell - Less than a week after U.S war veterans were honored in Memorial Day celebrations, the discovery that a World War II veteran was buried in a shallow grave at the Florida National Cemetery in a cardboard box has sparked outrage in Congress.

Russian police find 29 mummified bodies in man's home

Authorities in Russia have made the gruesome discovery of 29 mummified bodies being kept in a man's apartment in the town of Nizhny Novgorod along the Volga River. The corpses were all females and had been exhumed from local cemeteries.

Bones protruding out of ground in Iowa cemetery

Heavy rains have caused major erosion to the grounds of an Iowa cemetery. The bones of once buried corpses are now becoming exposed to the world above.

Grave news for UK rapist

Lancashire rapist Gerald Greenwood will not be spending eternity next to his late wife due to a ruling by the Church of England court.

Elderly worker assaulted and robbed at graveyard

Greater Manchester Police have released pictures of a man who was assaulted and robbed while trying to lock up the cemetery that he worked in.

Award-winning Milwaukee veterans' cemetery used as a waste dump

Around $37,000 worth of trash was found in one America's most pristine veteran cemeteries, the Southern Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery near Milwaukee. The 105-acre cemetery had recently earned an award for its beautiful appearance in April.

World War II cemetery in Germany damaged by wild boar

Charlottenburg - Wild boar have caused severe damage to a cemetery in Germany which contains the graves of British and Commonwealth soldiers.

Golf course future as a cemetery awaits approval

Deerfield Beach - Tam O’Shanter golf course in Broward County, Florida is awaiting City Commission approval to turn the property into a cemetery.

Pensioner climbs wall for help after being locked in cemetery

A 67-year-old man was forced to climb the wall of a UK cemetery to get help after both the pedestrian and car gates were locked earlier than the posted closing time.

Group of Canadian Orthodox Jews to protest in Ottawa

Ottawa - A group of anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews will be on Parliament Hill in Ottawa Thursday protesting their opposition to Israel and the ongoing destruction -- permitted and encouraged by the Israeli government -- of an ancient Jewish cemetery in Jaffa.

Investigation reveals over 200 mistakes at Arlington Cemetery

An Army investigation concerning the operations at Arlington Cemetery found 211 troops' graves were misidentified or improperly buried.

Edinburgh pensioner robbed while tending daughters grave

Edinburgh - Police in Edinburgh are hunting a man who robbed an elderly lady in a cemetery while she tended to the grave of her daughter.

Strasbourg, anti-Semitism during HaShoah Special

Strasbourg - Right on the very day that the world had highlighted to remember all the victims of the Fascism and Nazis regimes, the Jewish Cemetery of Strasbourg was desecrated. Another act of anti-Semitism in the country with the highest number of Jewish in Europe.

Pets remembered at California pet cemetery during holidays

There’s no telling if this is a “California Thing,” because loving and missing deceased pets is a universal emotion, decorating a Calabasas pet cemetery for the holidays has been a tradition for many years.

Pet Death Raises Question: Do Animals Go to Heaven? Special

A recent story in the Village Voice discusses the increasing business in pet deaths and funerals. People are attached to their pets and mourn them when they die. But what do people believe about what happens after pets death. Do they go to heaven?

Clean Energy From The Crypt

The dead in a Spanish ciudad contribute to the living by sending jolts of electricity from the roofs of their resting place, to power up the town.

French War Graveyard Victim To Racist Attack

Vandals have desecrated 148 graves in the biggest WWI cemetery in France. All of those graves were of Muslims who had served their country.

Prospective Property Buyer Stirs Controversy over Moving Cemetery

A prospective buyer of a 150-acre Hartland farm in Vermont has stirred controversy by proposing to move a small graveyard that sits on the property once the property has been purchased. Moving the cemetery would accommodate new house construction.

Identity thief steals veteran's cemetery burial plot

The family of a recently dead Harlem veteran wanted to bury him at a veteran’s cemetery, but was shocked to find another man with the same identity already buried there. The buried man had the same name, social security number and military honors.

U.S. military cemetery running out of space

A Kansas military cemetery said they have now run out of space after two burials in the last week, including that of an Iraq war casualty, according to what officials said on Thursday.

Michigan Cemetery Angry at Golfers

The last thing you want to see when you're laying a loved one to rest is a cemetery dotted with golf balls. Unfortunately, this is a problem at the Washington Township Cemetery in Michigan.

Urns stolen from cemetery

Now the dead are no longer able to rest in peace without being subject to theft.
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Cemetery Image

Cemetery in China.
Cemetery in China.
Faungg's photo
Ray Gosling  a filmmaker and BBC presenter  admits he killed his gay lover
Ray Gosling, a filmmaker and BBC presenter, admits he killed his gay lover
YouTube screenshot/sporegalaxies
Rippleside Cemetery sign
Rippleside Cemetery sign
Adrian Cable
Historical marker for the Battle of Franklin cemetery
Historical marker for the Battle of Franklin cemetery
Mount Olivet Cemetery
Mount Olivet Cemetery
A cemetery in France
A cemetery in France
Wimbledonian on Flick'r
Mausoleum of Sara Braun and her husband  Portuguese magnate José Nogueira. Mrs. Braun donated the f...
Mausoleum of Sara Braun and her husband, Portuguese magnate José Nogueira. Mrs. Braun donated the funds to build the Cemetery's Main Gate.
The Artists  Cemetery  on the grounds of the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg  Ontario.
The Artists' Cemetery, on the grounds of the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg, Ontario.
McMichael Gallery
Daniel Sancho
Main Cross  sorrounded by sculpted European cypresses at the Central Plaza of the cemetery.
Main Cross, sorrounded by sculpted European cypresses at the Central Plaza of the cemetery.
These photos were taken on December 16  2012 at Fred Hunter s Cemetery in Hollywood  Florida. They w...
These photos were taken on December 16, 2012 at Fred Hunter's Cemetery in Hollywood, Florida. They were shot with a Kodak Easy-Share 16 MP digital camera with a 5x optical aspheric lens.
Monolith commemorating Captain Adolfus Andresen  a Norwegian sailor who held Chilean sovereignty at ...
Monolith commemorating Captain Adolfus Andresen, a Norwegian sailor who held Chilean sovereignty at Deception Island in the Antarctic.
The New British Cemetery in Harelbeke
The New British Cemetery in Harelbeke
Flickr user ArcheoNet Vlaanderen
P. Arenas cemetery. Tomb of the Kusanovic family.
P. Arenas cemetery. Tomb of the Kusanovic family.
Mausoleum of the Croatian Mutual Aid Society.
Mausoleum of the Croatian Mutual Aid Society.
Main entrance to the Municipal Sara Braun Cemetery of Punta Arenas.
Main entrance to the Municipal Sara Braun Cemetery of Punta Arenas.
Photograph of graves on the Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery  Beijing  China. Taken 8 January 2012
Photograph of graves on the Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery, Beijing, China. Taken 8 January 2012
Author Rolfmueller