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Q&A: Renewable technology to mass-produce effective facemasks Special

A new type of facemask has been developed using the process of chromatogeny, which can render cellulose materials hydrophobic. The technology offers a new means to mass produce facemasks from renewable materials.

Plastic packaging alternative derived from crab shells and trees

A new material made from substances common in crab shells and tree fibers could replace the flexible plastic packaging used to keep food fresh.

'Kyoto Process' looks to cellulose nanofibers instead of steel

Kyoto - Scientists are working with plastics and cellulose nanofibers to create a product that is five-times lighter than steel but will be five-times stronger.

Your Parmesan cheese may be nothing but wood fiber

Parmesan cheese sprinkled over pasta dishes is almost as American as apple pie to many of us, but the cheese police have discovered that we have been unknowingly sprinkling wood shavings on our spaghetti.

Researchers create a working wooden processor for future PCs

U.S. and Chinese researchers have successfully created a processor made nearly entirely of a material derived from wood. Biodegradable, cheap and fully functional, our phones and computers of the future may be powered by the most basic of materials.

Roll over biology, super computer creates better crops

For years biologists have toiled away to find ways to make better crops. Now it seems the answer lies with computers. An advanced computer has fully detailed the nanostructure of cellulose, the key to creating more robust grains.

Why that fast-food burger you just ate includes wood pulp

Many fast-food items produced by leading global brands include the oft-overlooked ingredient microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) or "powdered cellulose." It's better known as wood pulp.

Wood-eating gribble helps to produce biofuel

Tiny marine wood-borers called 'gribbles' contain an enzyme which could be used to turn paper, scrap wood and straw into a liquid biofuel.

Peaches can help with biofuel production

Scientists have managed to use a study of the peach genome to identify genetic aspects of other trees used for biofuels. This is to look for ways to make source materials more efficient for biofuel production.

Researchers Develop Dress Made From Wine

An observation made by a University of Western Australia (UWA) researcher back in the days when he worked at a vineyard inspired him to literally grow dresses.

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J. Carson Meredith  a professor in Georgia Tech s School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering  h...
J. Carson Meredith, a professor in Georgia Tech's School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, holds the new packaging material made from crab shell-sourced chitin and cellulose sourced from tree fibers.
Allison Carter, Georgia Tech
Wood pulp and cellulose are added as fillers to many foods consumers buy  and is an accepted practic...
Wood pulp and cellulose are added as fillers to many foods consumers buy, and is an accepted practice in the industry.

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