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Nearly half of all cellphone calls will be scam calls by 2019

Next year, almost half of all calls to cell phones will not be business calls or check-ins from loved ones, but scam calls. That grim forecast is according to First Orion, a company that makes caller ID and call-blocking software.

New firewall designed to protect Android cellphones

A security threat to smartphones comes from phone components, like touchscreens, chargers, and battery or sensor assemblies. These 'field replaceable units’ have weak security settings; but there is a new solution for this vulnerability.

Four Wisconsin schools block social media access in pilot project

Madison - Access to popular social media platforms are being blocked in four Madison, Wisconsin high schools in an effort to study the effect of social media usage during school hours on grades and behaviour. As expected, not everyone is happy.

Man attempts to smuggle 59 heroin wraps and phones up his butt

Liverpool - Recently, a court in England heard about man attempting to smuggle 59 heroin wraps and six cellphones into prison. He thought a good way of doing this was by placing them up his butt.

Cellphone and cancer study questioned

A new study that claimed to have proven a link between cellphones and cancer caught media headlines last week. However, a more in-depth view of the findings has called the results into question.

Indian village bans unmarried women from owning cell phones

Suraj, a village in India, has imposed a ban on unwed women and minor girls from owning cell phones. Those who violate the ban can face a fine of around $30.

Bear strolls through Montana high school, becomes media sensation

Bozeman - It sounds like the beginning of a joke: "A black bear strolled into a high school..." but it's no joke. It actually happened — at a high school in Montana. The bruin ambled around Bozeman High School around 7:30 a.m. before leaving on its own.

Man tries to fire cellphones over prison wall with a crossbow

Tavda - If there was a category for the crime that this man allegedly committed, perhaps it would be called the "What was he thinking?" category. That's because he was arrested after trying to launch 18 mobile phones, batteries, and earpieces over a prison wall.

Making cellphone batteries last longer

As mobile and wearable tech becomes more commonplace and sophisticated, one of the frustrations that consumers face is a lack of battery power. But now physicists have come up with a new way to make more powerful cellphone batteries.

Everything we know about the mysterious fake cell towers across the U.S. that could be tapping your phone

Ever since an August report in Popular Science revealed the existence of a series of "Interceptor" cell towers across the U.S., there's been a scramble for information on exactly what these mysterious towers actually are.

Study: Cellphone laws do not reduce accidents

New research says cellphone bans do not actually cut down on accidents. After many media and government campaigns against "distracted driving" this may change how some people think.

Survey shows land lines becoming a thing of the past

The reliable old telephone land line is quickly becoming a relic. A new survey states that 4 out of 10 American homes have only cell phones.

Volkswagen 'Eyes on the Road' ad inspires road safety (Video)

Some adverts can confuse and seem totally unrelated to whatever they are trying to sell. Others tell a story in a strong and meaningful way, like this Volkswagen ad promoting road safety.

Major cellphone makers, carriers to install 'kill switch' by 2015

Most of the world's major mobile phone makers and carriers have agreed to install a "kill switch" on devices made after July of next year, an industry group announced Tuesday.

Review: HTC One a contender for year's best phone Special

After years of producing products that were going unnoticed by consumers, HTC seeks to regain relevancy once again with the uniquely designed flagship device the HTC One.

Cat busted for trying to smuggle cellphones into Russian prison

Guards at a Russian prison nabbed a cat trying to make its way inside the jail through the fences. The animal had cellphones and adaptors strapped to its body.

Op-Ed: Americans tend to spend more money on cellphones than necessities

Studies tend to show people are interested in staying attached to the outside world more so than paying other bills like power, water and mortgages.

6 billion people have cellphones, only 4.5 billion have toilets

A UN report says six of the world's seven billion people have mobile phones but only 4.5 billion have toilets. In response to the statistics the UN has issued a call "to change a situation in which more people worldwide have mobile phones than toilets."

Why Mobiado's luxurious mobile phones are art

Vancouver - Mobiado is a Canadian company based in Vancouver which specializes in high concept and very expensive mobile phones which the fashion conscious and very rich lineup to purchase around the globe.

Manitoba introduces new laws on cellphone contracts

Winnipeg - The Manitoba government has introduced legislation that will improve cellphone contracts for the consumer. The legislation mirrors legislation already passed in the province of Quebec.

Who cares about private and secure smart or cellphone activity? Special

Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project has released a research report on mobile privacy. In particular, this report includes Pew’s first-ever investigation into how cell owners deal with privacy concerns in the context of mobile apps

Pew survey: Rising number of Americans use cellphone to go online

A new survey shows over half of Americans use their cellphone to go online, and 17 percent of cellphone owners do most of their browsing via a mobile phone rather than use a computer or laptop.

Cellphone use is up for Canadian drivers

Ottawa - Despite the laws and the statistics showing the danger of distracted driving, more than one third of Canadian motorists admit to using their cellphones while behind the wheel.

Most American workers admit using a cellphone in bathroom

If you hear the flush of a toilet or the sound of running water in the background next time you call a colleague on their cellphone don't be surprised, a new study shows three out of four Americans admit to using their phone in the bathroom.

1930s actress Hedy Lamarr-inventor of cellphones, Wi-Fi and GPS

Hedy Lamarr is remembered as a stunning legend in Hollywood's Golden Age. However, most people do not know that she would co-patent the technology for today's cellphones, Wi-Fi and GPS by building a torpedo for the U.S.Navy.

Stun guns resembling cellphones seized in Toronto Special

Toronto - Police nabbed one suspect and are on the hunt for another in Toronto after officers seized numerous firearms, including 100 stun guns that appear as cell phones.

Op-Ed: Microsoft video offers stunning vision for future of mobile

With smartphones becoming as commonplace as wrist watches, it's only a matter of time before they also start to take control of other gadgets in our lives. In this video, Microsoft offers a stunning view of what is possible.

Apple announces new iPhone 4S with voice controls, 8MP camera

On Tuesday Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed the new iPhone 4S, complete with voice controls, and the updated operating systems for Apple's iconic smartphone. He also explained how the iCloud service will work for Apple product users.

Facebook to close California prison inmate accounts

Sacramento - The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, in cooperation with Facebook, is working to close the accounts of inmates who have been accessing the site with contraband cellphones to update their status and harass victims of their crimes.

Google to acquire Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion

Google has announced plans to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion in cash. The deal gives Google a stronger foothold in the mobile industry, putting it directly in the handset business, and positions Google to better compete with companies like Apple.
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Talking on cell phone.
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France is imposing a nationwide ban on mobile phones in schools to try to reduce distractions
France is imposing a nationwide ban on mobile phones in schools to try to reduce distractions

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