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Review: Everyone’s fighting to survive in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include a Marvel war that exceeds expectations; a comedy that stays true to its absurd roots; a horror film from a skilled director; and the impressive celebratory release of a sci-fi classic.

'Many more people' in Paris attacks than first thought: Hollande

Brussels - Many more people were involved in the Paris attacks than first thought, French President Francois Hollande said after the capture Friday in Belgium of key suspect Salah Abdeslam.

Hydrogen-powered phone battery could provide charge for a week

A British firm has created a tiny hydrogen-powered battery that could let modern smartphones survive an entire week's usage without having to return to the charger. The company has already created a working iPhone 6 prototype device.

Report: 20 'Stingray' fake cell towers spy on London phone users

London - An investigation has found that there are more than 20 fake phone towers known as "Stingrays" operating throughout Britain's capital city, spying on phone users and indiscriminately collecting information from them. It is uncertain who owns them.

Researchers achieve 1Tb/sec 5G speeds in lab

Researchers developing the 5G mobile network technology that will eventually replace 4G have managed to transfer data at a massive 1 Tb/sec in experimental lab conditions, blowing away previous estimates of the potential speed of our future mobiles.

Heart cell transplants show 'less promise'

London - A new report argues that using bone marrow stem cells to treat heart disease is less promising than other research findings have suggested.

Nobel prize winner, Randy Schekman, boycotts top science journals

Nobel prize-winning scientist, Randy Schekman, is boycotting top science journals, Nature, Cell, and Science for encouraging corner-cutting, flawed and fraudulent papers and not concentrating on topics beneficial to science, humanity and society.

LG Display unveils bendable and unbreakable OLED display screen

LG Display recently showed off their latest technology, a six-inch flexible OLED display that may be arriving to next generation smartphones as early as Q4, November 2013.

New expectations for Samsung Galaxy S5

A Samsung representative told the Korean Herald that biometric security is currently not on the company's to-do list. Many have speculated that Samsung will follow suit to Apple and introduce a fingerprint security scanner of their own.

Motorola Moto X coming to AT&T on August 23rd

The American assembled Motorola Moto X is coming to US carriers as early as the end of August. AT&T customers will have exclusive access to this phone on the 23rd of August.

HTC One Max press image leaks massive display screen size

HTC is once again stepping up to the challenge as it faces fierce competition with Samsung and struggles to keep a positive balance sheet.

LG Mobile is live streaming the G2 launch event in New York City

The much anticipated LG G2 will finally be revealed. Many have pondered as to the naming and quested whether or not this is really the replacement for the Google Nexus 5. In short, the LG G2 is confirmed and is being revealed as of right now.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini scheduled for release this weekend

If the five-inch Samsung Galaxy S4 seems to be a bit overkill for your purposes, the good news is you do not have to wait much longer. Samsung has revealed the release date for the 'Mini' series for the S4 arriving this weekend.

Smartphones getting stolen in NYC, now Toronto Special

Toronto - In New York City, now Toronto, and no doubt around the world smartphones are being stolen in subways, on the street and everywhere.

Vodafone's customers experience Blackberry outages

Not the first time this has happened, but certainly won't be the last. Vodafone is experiencing a problem similar to the one back in 2012. Luckily, RIM is here to help.

Op-Ed: Amazon to launch their own smartphone line rumored

The US mobile market is dominated by Apple and Samsung. Earlier this year, Google decided to take a piece of the pie with the Nexus line. First with the Nexus 7 tab and now the Nexus 4 and 10 editions. It appears Amazon may be wanting in as well.

Op-Ed: Discount cellphones getting popular, but buyer beware Special

Toronto - We all love our cell phones and we need them, but are we getting taken for a ride on all the so-called "plans?" You just can't trust any of them anymore although the discount providers have made it better, but have they? $3 fee if you pay cash.

Is your cellphone watching you?

Spy software embedded in most cell phones is tracking and reporting on your calls, texts and location, reports researcher Trevor Eckhart.

World's first liver cell implant

London - A medical team at King's College Hospital, in South London, has successfully implanted donor liver cells into the abdomen of an eight-month boy, instead of waiting for a liver from a transplant list.

Alleged robber captured via cell phone technology

Vancouver - A Vancouver man has been arrested through the help of a cell phone's GPS. According to the Vancouver police department, the man allegedly pulled a gun on another man and took off with the latter's laptop.

Ex-convict constructs jail cell to help deter youth crime

Philadelphia - A Philadelphia man has constructed a jail cell on a vacant lot to serve as a focal point for his non-violent teachings and to interact with youth in the area.

Alcatel-Lucent: Faster Data in More Places

Global technology is a force that has been met with resistance and conflict on many fronts. Necessity, health, and product-quality remain significant issues for which high-caliber opinions clash--but such is process of innovation.

Mobile phone saves man from bullet

New York - A mobile phone really was a lifesaver for a man in New York on Thursday, when it deflected a bullet which was fired at him.

Policeman may be fired for throwing woman into cell

Melksham - A police sergeant has been suspended and may lose his job for injuring a woman at a police station. CCTV footage showing the woman being dragged through the police station and roughly shoved into a cell by the officer has been released.

Paedophile dies following attack in prison cell

Grendon - A man serving a life sentence for raping a child was attacked in his prison cell in England on Sunday afternoon and died in hospital later that day.

Is cellphone use safe? Experts disagree with FDA study

Washington - The FDA and WHO have recently released studies on the use of cell phones and report no increased danger for users. Other experts in the field including the scientific team at Mast Sanity disagree and saying studies were funded by the cell phone companies.

Scientists turn fat into stem cells

There has been a lot of controversy over producing stem cells from human embryos. Now, after skin cells have become an optional source, scientists from Stanford University are demonstrating another convenient, fast way to get stem cells: our fat.

Current Stem Cell Lines May Lose U.S. Federal Funding

During the Bush Administration, approximately 20 stem cell lines qualified for federal funding. Now, under a recently signed executive order, these ongoing lines can no longer receive such funds.

New Cancer Breakthrough

A new technology is now being used for the treatment of some cancers. This new development uses what scientists are calling "tumour busting" genes.

Researchers Make Breakthrough in Heart Repairs

The University of Ottawa Heart Institute's researchers have found a way to grow new blood vessels. That breakthrough may lead the way to repairing heart damage.
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Smart phones are getting even smarter.
Smart phones are getting even smarter.
Foto: Espen Irwing Swang
Alcatraz Prison Picture of a typical cell. Alcatraz is located in the middle of San Francisco Bay in...
Alcatraz Prison Picture of a typical cell. Alcatraz is located in the middle of San Francisco Bay in California.
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An iPhone charging
An iPhone charging
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Physics simulation of 5 megabases of DNA forming loops and domains.
Physics simulation of 5 megabases of DNA forming loops and domains.
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Image of GFAJ-1 grown on arsenic.

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