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Op-Ed: Celebs using social media to complain about each other

Do you follow celebs on Twitter? If you do you can be more up to date than the gossip rags on who is fighting with who. Celebs have taken to the social media network site like ducks to water.

Op-Ed: Kindness Is Not A Photo Op

Celebs are often treated like teenagers in the press, the only time they make the wires is from something they have done that is wrong. Good news doesn't bring in money. Sometimes though the good guys do good deeds that isn't for the public display.

Paparazzi Just Got Younger

Imagine owning a Porsche 911 Turbo but being too young to drive it. That's the case for Blaine Hewison. At fifteen he earns his pocket change snapping pictures of the rich and famous.

Op-Ed: And The Crowd Asked For More

Janis Joplin. River Phoenix. Lenny Bruce. These are only three celebs that died from drugs and fame. They had the money to indulge and take that path. And the public ate up their tragedies. Give us that dirty little laundry.

Who's Who in the World of Green Celebs

Everyone is going Green! Celebs are often the ones that highlight causes and environmental ones are a hot ticket in Hollywood these days. So who's doing what? Blood Diamond star, Leonardo DiCaprio, has his own environmental web site.

When Celebs Do It Right The World Follows

It started with Princess Diana. The use of ones celebrity to draw attention to a cause. Other notable people had been doing it of course before her, but Diana was the one that we really saw working with people everyone "hated." She used the press.

Op-Ed: Why Do We Care?

I was reading an article about Prince Harry going out with his squad and having a few drinks. He was criticized for this action because the Britain's 150th soldier died in Iraq. Only Harry by the way was in the wrong, not the others that were beside him.

Celebs help in search for girl

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has joined other prominent Britons and pledged a major contribution to a $3-million reward fund for the safe return of a British girl who has gone missing in Portugal.

Stuff we all get

We read about it in the celeb rags. Swag. Those little gift bags that aren't so little that the stars get for attending events. And those little bags filled with expensive goodies are big business.

Celebs without makeup

Hey we're all human aren't we?

Celebs With And Without Makeup. Beware

See how the celebrities look with and without makeup.

Why cellphones have enriched our lives....for the worse

In a world where technology is changing every day, it appears as if everyone has a cellphone. Some for emergency use only, some for business or some for personal reasons. The argument is that cellphone makes us more accessible and is that a good thing?

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