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The world is stepping up to help our friends 'Down Under'

Australia's deadly bushfire crisis has made international headlines and sparked an amazing response from people around the world. Donations of money, food, medicine, and help in fighting the fires are flowing in, thanks to social media.

From Reagan to Zelensky, stars who went into politics

Paris - Ukrainian comedian Volodymyr Zelensky, whom exit polls showed winning Sunday's presidential election in Ukraine, follows several celebrities -- from US actor Ronald Reagan to Liberian footballer George Weah -- who nabbed top political jobs in their cou...

From stardom to politics: some precedents

Paris - Former international football star George Weah, who has won Liberia's presidential run-off, follows several celebrities who have achieved the top job in their countries.

Celebrities voice horror, heartache at UK concert attack

London - The suicide bombing at a concert by Ariana Grande in Britain that killed 22 people, including children, sparked an outpouring of grief and condolences from pop stars and other celebrities around the world.

Teen hackers strike again, leak info from 2,000 govt. employees

Washington - The hackers who breached the CIA director's personal emails are at it again, having published additional data containing names, phone numbers, and email addresses of more than 2,000 law enforcement officers, military officers, and government employees.

Op-Ed: Reaction to Justin Bieber's nude photos highlights hypocrisy

On Tuesday the Internet exploded after nude photos of Justin Bieber were published online. The photographs, taken and published without his consent drew praise, and jokes, while simultaneously showing how hypocritical social justice feminists have become.

Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao dominate highest-paid celeb list

Boxers Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao came up on top of the world's highest-paid celebrities list with Mayweather taking the No.1 spot followed by Pacquiao in second place and entertainer Katy Perry in the third place.

Celebrities urge Australia PM to do more to save execution pair

Sydney - Celebrities including Oscar winner Geoffrey Rush released a video Tuesday urging Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott to fly to Indonesia to help save two citizens facing execution, forcing the government to defend its tactics.

ICANN investigates inappropiate usage of .sucks domain name

ICANN is investigating a Canadian domain registrar that is using the ".sucks" domain to get sums of up to $2,500 from celebrities and brands who are eager to protect themselves from the domain being used to negatively portray their company.

Miley Cyrus cups Katy Perry's breasts at the 2015 Grammys

With all the glitz and glamour on display at the Grammy awards, there is always a bit of time for fun between two friends competing for the Best Pop Vocal Album award.

Australian soap 'Neighbours' casts first aboriginal actor

For the first time since airing, the Australian soap "Neighbours" will be casting an Aboriginal actor. He'll be playing a lead role as Nate Kinski, making his debut on 13 August.

New App gives social media stars more control

Making the most of another's platform and marketing your brand to the max can get risky when the platform decides to change gameplans. That's exactly what happened when YouTube decided to take down some songs from its collection of online choices.

Op-Ed: The Monaco Grand Prix's big appeal

Monaco-ville - Every year, the world's fastest drivers gather for the most luxurious fixture in the Formula One calendar beneath the Rock of Monaco: the Monaco Grand Prix. Spectators have fun in the French Riviera at one of the most historic automobile races.

Why do celebrities lack serious 'will' power?

Celebrities, it seems, are always in court. And much of the time, the legal matters that precipitate these judicial showdowns involve family.

Britney’s baby sister gets hitched

Jamie Lynn Spears, sister of pop sensation Britney, has tied the knot with fiancé James Watson at a park in New Orleans.

Review: 'Legends of Oz' star Lea Michele's album 'Louder' debuts in Top 5

'Legends of Oz' star Lea Michele’s first solo album 'Louder' made Number 4 on the Billboard 200. Michele's covered songs have topped the Billboard Charts numerous times and, with her fellow Glee cast mates, she has brought three soundtracks to Number 1

Everything Oscars: From the red carpet to the night's big winners

Los Angeles - The 2014 Academy Awards took place Sunday evening in Los Angeles, at the Dolby Theater, hosted by Ellen Degeneres and filled with all of Hollywood’s biggest and favorite stars, just as expected.

Future bride surprised by amazing celeb video by groom (video)

Llanelli - Steve Williams did an amazing thing for his future bride. He put together a video with clips made by her favorite celebrities as a really original wedding gift.

Op-Ed: Bill, I forgive you!

I want to say it here so that it is public: I forgive Bill Clinton. I forgive him for lying to his nation in an attempt to save face after a sex scandal.

Photo Essay: Movie magic at London's Cinema Museum Special

London - London’s Cinema Museum is devoted to keeping alive the spirit of cinema from the days before the multiplex. The museum is tucked away in an old Victorian workhouse in south London.

Paul Walker named one of most charitable celebrities of 2013

Although the entertainment world may have lost Paul Walker in a tragic accident, his legacy and philanthropy lives on forever. He was the founder of the organization Reach Out Worldwide.

Celebrities who have recently been in rehab secretly

In decades past, celebrities worked hard to remain discreet while attending rehab for drug and alcohol issues. It seems that a short stay in a posh treatment center such as the Betty Ford Clinic is almost a rite of passage now.

Op-Ed: Celebrities against the status quo

Likely a result of the growing disillusionment with current government and political affairs, it seems as though more celebrities are speaking out against the status quo each day.

Full video: 'I am Bradley Manning' with host of celebrities

A host of high-profile celebrities and journalists took a stand and made a moving video, wherein they state the case of Manning and say that they are all, indeed, Bradley Manning. The full video is now available for viewing.

Suicide attempt: Michael Jackson's daughter cut her wrist

Paris Jackson, the 15-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson, was rushed to a hospital after cutting one of her wrists early Wednesday morning. She posted messages to her million-plus Twitter followers late Tuesday evening, "I wonder why tears are salty?"

Turkish celebrities join protests Special

Istanbul - A week after protests began in Istanbul over Gezi Park, Turkish celebrities are adding their voices to those demanding more freedom in Turkey.

Secret Service/FBI now investigating hack of celebrity financials

Washington - The week began with the release by hackers of financial and other private information on certain big names in both Washington and Hollywood. Now the Secret Service and FBI are investigating, along with the LAPD. More names have been added to the list.

Hackers reveal financial records of 1st Lady, VP and celebrities

Hackers have revealed, and continue to release, the alleged financial records of various US politicians and celebrities including the First Lady Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Kim Kardashian and even Donald Trump. (Update.)

Celebrities criticized in new YouTube video after 'Demand a Plan'

Beverly Hills - A YouTube video that shows Hollywood celebrities demanding a plan to end gun violence in the United States has gone viral, but another video that demands these individuals to “go f**k themselves” is also making the rounds

One Source Talent provides easy way to fame

In today’s day and age, everyone seems to want to get famous. Whether they want to have their own world tour or their own sitcom, fame and fortune is on people’s minds. One Source Talent may be the way to make those dreams become a reality.
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Amy Winehouse talks about Rehab
Amy Winehouse talks about Rehab
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Some memorable, some forgotten, the stars of Hollywood's golden age

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