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Spain rejects Mexico's demand to apologize for conquest

Comalcalco - A diplomatic row has broken out between Mexico and Spain after the Mexican president wrote to King Felipe VI demanding he apologize for crimes committed against Mexico’s indigenous people during the conquest 500 years ago.

Church incense could be banned as a ‘legal high’

London - Incense, used by some churches in services, could be banned as part of the U.K.’s crackdown on so-called "legal highs." These are psychoactive drug substances currently escaping drug enforcement measures.

Review: 'Radical Grace' wants to shake up the Catholic church Special

In 2008, the Vatican, concerned about a "feminist spirit" in U.S. nuns, launched two separate investigations. 'Radical Grace' follows three "radical" nuns as they demand change within the Catholic church.

Pope Francis starts 5-day visit to Philippines

His Holinesss Pope Francis arrives at the Villamor Air Base in the Philippines moments ago to start his five-day visit to the country which will bring him to the typhoon-devastated city of Tacloban in Central Philippines to meet with typhoon survivors.

Op-Ed: Pope Francis's remarks on evolution go against the Bible

This week Pope Francis said 'God is not a magician with a wand' saying the theories of evolution are true. But does what the Pope said go against the word of the Bible?

Vatican backs away from 'welcoming homosexuals' stance

Rome - Despite Pope Francis saying homosexuals have "gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community" and a push by LGBT rights groups for a more accepting Catholic Church, the Vatican has backed away from its "Welcoming Homosexual Persons" stance.

Irish-born priest found guilty of sexual abuse of minor in Chile

Santiago - A criminal court in Chile ruled that priest John O'Reilly is guilty of repeated sexual abuse of a minor, a former student of an all-girls’ school. The child was five years old at the time the alleged abuses took place.

Catholic Bishop resigns after being 'unfaithful' to vows

Slaugham - One of England's most powerful and influential Roman Catholic Bishops has resigned after admitting he has been "unfaithful" to his vows.

Cocaine, marijuana found in Vatican diplomatic vehicle

Chambley - Two men are in custody after French authorities found cocaine and marijuana in a Vatican diplomatic car owned by an Argentine Cardinal.

Catholic priest confesses: 'I am having twins; it's a blessing'

Cabildo - Father Ignacio Miranda of St. Lawrence Catholic Parish in the town of Cabildo in Chile announced his resignation from the priesthood after admitting his relationship with a woman and confessing that he will be daddy of twins within a couple of months.

Pope Francis says about 2% of Catholic priests are paedophiles

Pope Francis is claimed to have said that about 2% of the clergy of the Catholic Church are pedophiles, but some Vatican insiders dispute the authenticity of the interview.

Vatican Bank profits plunge

The controversial Vatican bank has seen its 2013 profit wiped out due to a clean-up process which has seen it end relationships with about 3,000 customers.

Pope Francis begs forgiveness from sex abuse victims

Pope Francis delivered a homily that called for the forgiveness of all sex abuse survivors from clerics in the Catholic Church, but some say it is not enough.

Watchdog group alleges Pope Francis covered up sex abuse

Buenos Aires - Pope Francis is accused of looking the other way when sex abuse occurred while he was still the Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

High ranking Australian Catholic Bishop arrested on sex charges

A senior Roman Catholic Bishop who is head of the Australian Defence Force military diocese, has been arrested by Western Australian police and charged with sexual assault.

Pope Francis replaces financial team

The Pope fired all members of the Vatican's financial oversight committee and replaced them with new candidates. This came after significant problems within the group itself.

Women sleeping with priests urge Pope to lift marriage ban

Rome - A renewed light has shone on the issue of celibacy within the Catholic Church as Pope Francis receives a letter urging him to allow priests to have sex and marry.

Op-Ed: Pope John Paul II's canonization and rainbows that circle the sun

Pope Francis has declared Pope John Paul II a Roman Catholic Saint. Having been a local witness to this event, I recalled seeing Pope John Paul II in action when I was a youth participant of the 1993 8th World Youth Day in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Phl Cardinal hits human commercialization in Easter message

In his Easter message during his homily on Maundy Thursday at the Mass of the Last Supper, Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle showed his dismay about people being treated as material objects in such a way that everyone seems to have a price,

Pope Francis apologizes for priests who sexually abused children

Aware the Catholic Church has been heavily criticized for not responding adequately to the issue of child sex abuse by priests, Pope Francis made a strongly worded apology on Friday. He did so while meeting with child-rights groups.

Catholic priest arrested for alleged rape, torture in exorcisms

Versailles - A French priest from an ultra-conservative Catholic sect has been arrested and charged with raping and torturing three schoolteachers while performing 'exorcisms.'

Man baptised at the age of 99

London - A 99 year-old man from Brentwood in Essex in England has been baptised. “I have been thinking about it for a couple of years,” commented Norman Machin after the baptism.

Child molesters: Pope defrocked nearly 400 priests over 2 years

Documents revealed today by the Vatican show that in 2011 and 2012 Pope Benedict XVI defrocked nearly 400 priests for child sexual molestation. While the numbers are higher than previous, the Church has only been releasing statistics for 4 years.

Pa. Court reverses priests conviction over sex abuse charges

Philadelphia - A Catholic priest’s conviction for child endangerment was overturned today by a Pennsylvania appeals court because the child endangerment law did not apply to those supervising people who are in charge of children.

Angels exists but they do not have wings Catholic Church says

Rome - Angelologist Father Lavotori says that the heavenly beings do exist, however he is risking ire by challenging the perception of what angels look like.

5 Philadelphia priests removed over alleged child sex abuse

Philadelphia - The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia has removed three suspected pedophile priests, two priests accused of misconduct, and placed another on leave as an investigation into clergy child sex abuse moves forward.

Op-Ed: Is the Catholic church ready for first woman cardinal?

Talks of having a first woman cardinal in Vatican have been spreading like wildfires and rumors are swirling around that reformist Pope Francis could break a canon law of 1917 that says only ordained men can take the role.

Photo Essay: Cathedral Square in Old Havana, Cuba Special

Havana - The “Plaza de la Catedral”, located not far from Old Havana’s Main Plaza, is the best known square in Havana and is considered one of the most beautiful and harmonious in Latin America. The mansions surrounding the plaza date from the XVIII century.

Pope says church 'obsessed' with gays, abortion, contraception

In an interview with an influential Jesuit journal, Pope Francis blasted the Catholic Church's 'obsession' with homosexuality, abortion and birth control.

Pope Francis to future priests and nuns: Buy 'humble' cars

Rome - Pope Francis on Saturday evening told future priests and nuns to resist the temptation to buy expensive cars; instead they should buy something more "humble."
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Father Groeschel's Sunday Night Live
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