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Catfish News

Gentian violet residue behind recall of catfish products by FSIS

A domestic producer of farm-raised catfish in Wisner, LA. is recalling approximately 21,521 pounds of catfish products that may be adulterated with gentian violet, a chemical in violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act in the US.

Siluriforme fish from Vietnam recalled — No USDA/FSIS inspection

U.S. Cado Holdings, Inc. has expanded its recall of imported, frozen Swai fillets products that were distributed into U.S. commerce without meeting federal importation requirements. The recall now covers about 28,000 pounds of fish.

Italian fisherman reels in monster 280-pound catfish [Photos]

Veneto - While fishing in the Po Delta last week, an Italian fisherman, Dino Ferrari, managed to reel in a 280-pound wels catfish. The monstrous fish is being touted as the largest wels catfish ever caught with a rod and reel.

Kampango — African catfish takes parental devotion to extremes

Parental catfish of Lake Malawi feed and care for their young in a way similar to birds. Both parents defend the nest and the female sheds unfertilized eggs which are eaten by the catfish young. Another fish species takes advantage of this unusual trait.

Catfish learn how to go pigeon hunting

Albi - Going pigeon hunting is great sport for those who enjoy it, although not for the pigeons. Now though, the pigeons have another foe to be worried about. (video may bother some)

Fisherman catches 84-pound blue catfish in Potomac River

An Oregon man was fishing in Maryland's Potomac River waters and caught a huge blue catfish, its size was a record-setter in the state.

Catfish Noodling a Growing Trend

Catfish noodling is the practice of catching catfish by letting them latch onto your arm. It is a sport for the adventurous and injuries are possible. But it's become a hot trend for Southerners in the U.S.

Have Giant Catfish In India Developed a Taste for Human Flesh?

Scientists fear one of the world's largest catfish, called a goonch, may have started killing swimmers in the Great Kali river near the India-Nepal border after scavenging corpses dumped there. One goonch recently came in at 161 pounds and 6 feet long.

Using Barbie Fishing Rod, David Hayes Reels In Record Breaking Catfish

A record breaking catfish was reeled in using David Hayes' granddaughter's Barbie fishing rod. Alyssa, 3, feared that the 21 lbs,1oz catfish was going to break her pink rod.

Catfish assault reported at Tenn. diner

The folks at Di's Diner were assaulted with a catfish dinner of their own making.

Florida Restaurants Serve Vietnamese Catfish, Call It Grouper

If you've ordered grouper in a seafood restaurant lately, you may not have gotten grouper. Instead, you may have been served a catfish from Vietnam.

Catfish growers face global competition

U.S. catfish growers face growing global competition from vietnames, chinese fish farmers

Giant catfish caught in Europe

It was the first time Carl Smith has ever caught a catfish, but he didn't expect the fish to weigh 226 lbs. and measure 8 ft. long.

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Catfish Image

Dino Ferrari and his monster wels catfish
Dino Ferrari and his monster wels catfish
Sportex Italia
280-pound catfish caught in the Po Delta  Italy
280-pound catfish caught in the Po Delta, Italy
Sportex Italia
Kampango catfish is endemic to Lake Malawi  Africa
Kampango catfish is endemic to Lake Malawi, Africa,
Ad Konings
Dino Ferrari and his brother Dario  with the 280-pound wels catfish
Dino Ferrari and his brother Dario, with the 280-pound wels catfish
Sportex Italia
84-lb fish breaks Maryland record for blue catfish
84-lb fish breaks Maryland record for blue catfish
Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources