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Cat News

World's oldest cat dies aged 30

A Siamese cat from Mansfield, Texas, called Scooter, claimed the record for the world's oldest living cat. Scooter lived to be a sprightly 30 years old.

Japan's cat island finds purr-fect solution to food crisis

Toukyo - An army of cats ruling a remote Japanese island are licking their whiskers after a plea for food aid triggered a flood of donations from across the country.

Refugees bring along their pet cat

Images of a cat and its family have been going viral on social media. The cat and its owners made the journey by sea from Syria to Europe.

Cat says 'no more' while getting a bath

A video has recently surfaced, and it shows a cat that is apparently not happy about getting a bath. It makes it known by saying "no more."

Drug suspect puts GPS bracelet on cat, fools officials and flees

Highland Springs - A Virginia man who was being held on a drug charge and wearing a GPS tracking device may have fled the state, and possibly the country because he may have found a novel way to confound authorities.

Is this tabby cat walking upstairs or downstairs? [Photo]

The image shows a tabby on a flight of stairs. Is the cat going upstairs or downstairs? First posted to, the image has sparked a debate splitting viewers into two camps, and inspired multiple YouTube attempts to find a definitive solution.

Homeless Russian cat 'saves' abandoned baby boy

Moscow - A homeless cat in Russia has won praise for keeping warm a baby boy abandoned in a chilly entrance-way.

Cat receives breath of life after fire destroys home in Oregon

Prineville - With flames crackling in the windows of an Oregon home and time growing short, firefighters battled the blaze and struggled to save three dogs and a cat trapped in the home.

Officials trying to find out why city smells like cat urine

New Castle - Residents of New Castle, Pennsylvania, hope that some air sample tests will reveal why their city smells like cat urine.

First cat cafe in United States opens in Northern California

Oakland - Think Americans are a little pet obsessed? Think the "Hello Kitty" craze was over the top, even before we all found out "Hello Kitty" was not a cat at all? Well, hang on -- you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Recap of latest viral videos, from dogs in costumes to Ed Sheeran

A dog and a cat making out, pugs in Halloween costumes, a little girl that wakes up and starts dancing to an Ed Sheeran song, and a man that trained his dog to bring him beer from the refrigerator--those are some of the latest viral videos online.

Family gets $140K more for home after including cat in deal

Melbourne - Last weekend a family in Australia auctioned their home off for $2,060,000 Australian dollars, but they ended up selling it for $140K more after including their cat in the deal.

Op-Ed: When kitty gets cancer: A detour of grief, a lesson for humans? Special

Sonoma - The unexpected detour or perhaps life-journey began over two months ago back in May. And, while most people know about cancer in some way, it is seldom ever anything this reporter considered on the list of common pet diseases.

Woman calls 911 as cat turns on couple, trapping in bathroom

A woman from DeLand, Florida, called 911 on Saturday evening after her cat "freaked out" and began attacking her and her husband.

Japan: The cat came back—three years after the tsunami

Ofunato - If only cats could talk. Especially Suika. The black, short-furred cat lived with Kazuko Yamagishi and her husband Takeo in Ofunato, which is in the northeastern Iwate Prefecture.

Man mailed cat feces to companies that didn't hire him

On Friday a man in St. Louis received two years probation for mailing cat feces to companies that didn't hire him. He plead guilty to mailing injurious articles.

Mystery Spanish cat found in Scotland reunites with owner

Muchalls - When a short-haired tabby mysteriously appeared in a garage in Scotland recently, she was taken to the vet for identification. The cat's microchip showed she was from the Spanish Canary Island, Fuerteventura. So how on earth did she get to Scotland?

Dell will fix laptops that smell like cat urine

On Wednesday Dell issued a statement to their customers last week, saying that it will replace a part in their laptops that smell like cat urine.

Video: Cats stealing dogs' beds compilation goes viral

A compilation of YouTube videos appears to show that cats stealing dogs' beds has become a problem. In the videos dogs can be seen adopting a variety of tactics in order to regain their bed from the offending cats.

Video: Brave cat chases fox off property in Norway

Lillepus, a one-year-old cat living in Florø, western Norway, is now famous for protecting his property from a fox. A passerby caught the incident on camera.

'Best Internet mistake of the day' goes to the Chicago Tribune

Chicago - Apparently it's now fixed, but for a while there on Tuesday, the Chicago Tribune had one big boo-boo on their home page. Cute kitten though.

Cat running for mayor in Mexico?

Xalapa - Meet Morris, a candidate running as mayor in the Eastern Mexican city, Xalapa. But there's one exception; he's not a person, but a cat.

Watch man rescue cat from boa constrictor's choking hold

The video shows a man rescuing a cat from the crushing and choking hold of a boa constrictor that captured it in Costa Rica. The man literally wrestles the constrictor away from the cat which escaped with its life

Cat busted for trying to smuggle cellphones into Russian prison

Guards at a Russian prison nabbed a cat trying to make its way inside the jail through the fences. The animal had cellphones and adaptors strapped to its body.

Boy rescues buried cat from Oklahoma rubble 6 days after storm

Geoff and Jo Humann of Moore, Oklahoma lost their home in the tornado that swept through their community this month. Hard to accept but harder still was the loss of a family-member, their pet cat Egor.

Grumpy Cat finally hits the big time with a Hollywood movie deal

Los Angeles - Having gone totally viral on the Internet, that famous cat with the permanent scowl finally has a reason to smile. But will she? Probably not, as according to her agent, she hates movies too.

Video: Philly bike-riding cat going viral on YouTube

Philadelphia - Meet Rudi Saldia, a bike messenger who loves cruising the streets of Philadelphia, and his tabby cat MJ, who apparently loves to ride along with him perched on his shoulders.

Frightened burglar arrested after calling police about a cat

A frightened burglar in Romania was arrested recently after he called the police for help. He had heard strange noises in the house he was stealing from.

New Zealand cat lives on McDonald's for a year

Frankton - A black and white kitten was abandoned when his owner was evicted, and moved into the parking lot of a local McDonald's branch. He soon learned to beg from the customers leaving the drive-thru, but his health suffered badly.

Soldier rescues cat in Afghanistan: 'He was my saving grace'

U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Jesse Knott was serving in Afghanistan when he found an abused kitten. After seeing evidence of the abuse, he took the kitten back to his office to care for him.
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Cat Image

A social network in Russia saved the life of a cat  trapped in a car.  Sign reads: “Dear car owner...
A social network in Russia saved the life of a cat, trapped in a car. Sign reads: “Dear car owner! Animal inside! Urgently open your car!”
Just a few shots of my best friends  more to come
Just a few shots of my best friends, more to come
A cat in a pet store
A cat in a pet store
Mother cat saves her kittens
Mother cat saves her kittens
Helen Woodward Animal Center
A cat in a cream can.
A cat in a cream can.
600 cats where rescued in Putuo  Shanghai  when they were being taken to be killed for fur and meat
600 cats where rescued in Putuo, Shanghai, when they were being taken to be killed for fur and meat
Kittens at two weeks of age.
Kittens at two weeks of age.
Cat hiding behind a tire in Detroit  Michigan
Cat hiding behind a tire in Detroit, Michigan
Pet being evacuated during Hurricane Sandy
Pet being evacuated during Hurricane Sandy
Video screen capture
Miren  resident of nursing home in Nova Scotia
Miren, resident of nursing home in Nova Scotia
Crying kitten
Crying kitten
What wine goes with cat?
What wine goes with cat?
Cat on a laptop.
Cat on a laptop.
Thing acting cute
Thing acting cute
Woman picks cat up and throws her in garbage bin
Woman picks cat up and throws her in garbage bin
Sky News screen grab
original photo of cat and jack-o-lantern made into photo art for this article by Jonathan Farrell 20...
original photo of cat and jack-o-lantern made into photo art for this article by Jonathan Farrell 2010
A cat called Stripe  one of Tim Sandle s pets.
A cat called Stripe, one of Tim Sandle's pets.

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