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Mohammed cartoons editor honoured in Denmark

Copenhage - The Danish editor who commissioned the caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed that sparked international protests was late Thursday awarded a prize by Denmark's national press club.

Australian prime minister Abbott praises new Charlie Hebdo issue

Australian prime minister Tony Abbott has praised Charlie Hebdo’s latest cartoon, lampooning the prophet Mohammed, noting he could revisit options to amend existing racial vilification laws should another “Bolt-type prosecution” emerge.

Saudi clerics urge faithful to shun 'Islamic' superhero series

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia's top clerics have declared an Islam-inspired cartoon series, which earned praise from US President Barack Obama, a "work of the devil" that Muslims should not watch.The television version of superhero comic book "The 99" is being aired by...

Review: ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2’ serves delectable seconds Special

In ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2’, inventor Flint Lockwood must once again save the world from his infamous machine when it begins to create mutant food beasts.

50 Cent producing animated series based on his childhood

Hip-Hop mogul 50 Cent will be executive producing his own animated comedy series for Fox. The cartoon will be loosely based on the rapper's childhood.

Israeli PM's cartoon bomb at UN sparks Internet meme

It didn't take much time for the Internet to respond to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's bomb cartoon at the United Nations.

Spanish magazine El Jueves publishes satirical Islamic cartoon

Barcelona - The satirical Spanish magazine, El Jueves, has published a magazine cover, showing a line up of men in Islamic outfits as a parody of recent controversial cartoons. The text of the cover reads, "But how do they know which one is Muhammad?"

Indian cartoonist jailed on sedition charge

Mumbai - Aseem Trivedi, the satirical cartoonist whose works have drawn attention to corruption in India's public life, was jailed today on charges of sedition. The move has ignited controversy in the world's largest democracy.

Austria Freedom Party criticized for Nazi-like cartoon

Vienna - Heinz-Christian Strache, the leader of Austria's Freedom party has stirred up a lot of anger by posting an apparently anti-Semitic cartoon on Facebook, similar to Nazi propaganda during World War II.

President Zuma disgusted at 'penis cartoon' by Zapiro

Cape Town - Johathan Shapiro, otherwise known as "Zapiro" is a cartoonist. He depicts satire in various government-related cartoons for South Africa's newspapers. Now he is really in trouble.

Danish court convicts four men over Muhammed cartoon terror plot

Copenhagen - A Danish court has convicted four men over a plot to shoot and kill people at a newspaper over the 2005 Kurt Westergaard cartoon that depicted the Prophet Mohammad, which led to mass unrest in the Muslim world.

Angry Birds, first the app now the animated series

Cannes - The popular phone, web and iPad app, Angry Birds, is to become an animated series, the game's creators have announced. The game will be turned into a series of weekly cartoon adventures.

Artist Keith Haring rocks Brooklyn

New York - "Keith Haring: 1978-1982" runs at the Brooklyn Museum through July 6th. It is the first large-scale exhibition of the artist's early work.

Review: South Park takes on Tebowing, cat-breading, GOP debates

Tonight's new South Park episode skewered Internet fads, also known as memes, by perfectly satirizing our Web generation's obsession with trends such as "Tebowing". The show had their own version - Faith Hilling and Taylor Swifting.

H. Jon Benjamin is back as the hilarious secret agent on 'Archer' Special

The hilarious, off-beat, animated half-hour spy comedy 'Archer' is back for a third season of danger and a whole lot of laughs. Archer's alter-ego, vocal star H. Jon Benjamin ('Bob's Burgers') gives up all his secrets on Secret Agent Sterling Archer.

Animation movie criticized for ‘poking fun’ at leprosy

A film trailer for animated adventure “The Pirates! Adventures with Scientists” has received complaints due to the film appearing to make a joke about people suffering from leprosy.

Anti Royalty: From Ottawa street cartoon to Quebec sky banner Special

Ottawa - The royal tour of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Canada could set up a new stage for debates and polls showing to what extent a British Monarchy is welcomed in Canada.

Op-Ed: Locked up for reading a poem in Bahrain

An article relating to the arrest of a young woman in Bahrain urging caution in evaluating the situation, and the aversion of double standards.

Lazy Cakes melatonin-laced brownie stirs controversy

Memphis - A popular new relaxation brownie that contains melatonin and other naturally found herbal ingredients has hit store shelves, and is being touted by some as a legal alternative to marijuana brownies.

Op-Ed: How fitting Arnold Schwarzenegger makes his comeback as a cartoon

Former California governor is returning to the spotlight with a comic book and animated show called The Governator, and it's only appropriate for this political caricature to extend himself to kids' programming. Who else would take him seriously?

France: Cartoonist's take on left-wing politician sparks conflict

A spat has begun between an extreme left-wing party leader and the political satirist who drew an irreverent cartoon comparing him to extreme right-wing politician Marine le Pen.

Bombings in Sweden linked to Afghanistan, political cartoons

Police in Sweden confirmed that the Stockholm bombings were the work of terrorists, and that the attacks were linked to Swedish activity in Afghanistan and to the prior controversy over Mohammed caricatures in Swedish newspapers.

Newly released Shrek video tells kids 'Discover the Forest'

West Hollywood - Shrek, Dreamworks and the USDA Forest Service have teamed up to get kids away from the television and out of the house in a series of new PSA's. The loveable Shrek encourages kids to "get outside and explore nature, there are surprises everywhere."

SA Muslims angered by Muhammad cartoon, fear World Cup reprisal

Durban - On Thursday evening, 20 March, a Muslim group tried to prevent the weekly Mail & Guardian newspaper from publishing a cartoon of their prophet Muhammad by applying for an urgent interdict in the Johannesburg High Court, in South Africa.

Family Guy writer Alec Sulkin on Fox, Palin, rumours of film Special

Los Angeles - One of the comedic brains behind the popular animated series Family Guy gives a peek behind the curtain to unveil the truth behind Fox's censors, his thoughts on Sarah Palin's criticism of the show and rumours of a Family Guy film.

Notre Dame Student Paper Apologizes for Anti-Gay Cartoon

An anti-gay cartoon that appeared in an editorial in the Notre Dame student newspaper has made the school president try to answer why it was published.

A cartoonist earns $55,000 giving away her film for free

New York artist Nina Paley made a huge profit publishing her movie 'Sita Sings the Blues' under the Creative Commons licence.

Study Finds The Simpsons Sets Bad Example

An Australian study of the popular The Simpsons cartoon has revealed a large number of smoking references in the show and concluded that watching "The Simpsons characters smoking may prompt children to consider smoking at an early age."

Murdoch apologizes for NY Post cartoon

New York Post Chairman Rupert Murdoch said in a statement that he is sorry for the cartoon that compared a chimp shot dead by police to President Barack Obama.

Op-Ed: GOP Chairman Steele Reinforces GOP's Racial Blind Spot

Just when we thought the Republican Party had made a turn in the right direction with the selection of Michael Steele as their new chair, the former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland is missing in action.
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Illustrations of Symbolia’s co-founders, Erin Polgreen (left) and Joyce Rice
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Copyright 2011 Nancy L. Houser
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Meme of Prime Minister Netanyahu's cartoon bomb
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