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BMW plans to launch autonomous car in China

German car maker BMW is planning to launch self-driving vehicles in China with its first autonomous car hitting the road five years from now.

Should teen drivers be allowed to drive at night?

Washington - Newly qualified teenage drivers are often regarded as a risk (to themselves and other road users.) Some U.S. states have restrictions on teen drivers. A new report calls on these restrictions to be extended.

Strengthening materials through nano-extracts from trees

Could parts of a tree be used to strengthen car bumpers and fenders? Could these biological parts be recycled from trees felled in the rainforest? This idea may seem bizarre but it has the potential to protect cars from bumps and crashes.

Finland auctions Soviet cars abandoned by migrants

Helsinki - Collectors with a penchant for old Soviet cars will head to the Arctic this weekend where the Finnish customs will auction dozens of cars abandoned by migrants crossing over from Russia.

40 years on, last chance saloon for cars abandoned in Cyprus war

Antique cars rust under the fierce Cyprus sun beside vintage motorcycles and gutted lorries, stranded for four decades on the wrong side of a dividing line that didn't exist when they were parked.

Vehicles of James Bond come to London Special

London - Many of the vehicles from the James Bond movies have been collected together for a special exhibit in London. The collection is at the London Film Museum.

Why do the same people take risks when driving?

Road traffic accidents are serious enough and when someone has had an accident they are normally more cautious next time. Not, however, it seems drunk drivers who are more inclined to repeat the offense. Psychologists explain why.

Scientists think poop can power vehicles

Los Angeles - Poop could one day power people's vehicles. Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, think poop can become a new kind of fuel..

Google scrambles to figure out why self-driving car struck bus

Mountain View - Google rushed teams of software engineers to downtown Mountain View on Valentine's Day to figure out why one of the company's self-driving cars struck a public bus.

Ford announces the addition of four new SUVs to lineup

Ford announced on Thursday at the Chicago Auto Show that it will launch four new sport-utility vehicles over the next four years, recognizing their popularity among millennials and baby boomers.

Op-Ed: The top 10 cars we can't wait to drive in 2016

2016 is going to be a great year for cars. Many models are being revamped and reintroduced. Some new models are bold moves for major car manufacturers, whether it's in terms of performance or design.

The odd-even traffic rule — Will it clean Delhi’s dirty air?

Delhi’s odd-even traffic plan is expected keep around 1 million private cars off the roads beginning January 2016. The decision brings in fresh challenges for the government without legal framework and absence of concrete action.

Australia immediately buys up all available 2015 Mustangs

Christmas has come early for a number of Australian car enthusiasts. According to recent news reports, roughly 500 drivers will be able to take their long-anticipated 2015 Ford Mustangs out on the road in the land down under before the year ends.

Volkswagen cuts $1 billion in spending amid scandal

Still reeling from the Dieselgate scandal, Volkswagen had set aside $7.3 billion to recover. That may not be enough. The company recently decided to cut its capital investments by $1.1 billion, or about 8 percent of the total.

Microsoft HoloLens teams up with Volvo to reinvent selling cars

In another indication of where Microsoft wants to take its HoloLens holographic headset technology, the company has announced it is working with Swedish car manufacturer Volvo to reinvent car buying as an interactive and enjoyable experience.

Poorly veiled women can have their cars impounded in Iran

Tehran - Female drivers in the capital of Iran could have their vehicles impounded by law enforcement, if they are operating a vehicle with a poorly fixed veil.

Car hackers expose new way to hijack vehicles

Issues surrounding car hacking were concerning when it was discovered that hackers could use a car’s entertainment system to shut down its brakes. But now there's some more news that should be on the minds of car manufacturers.

Graphene is the key to the car of the future

Manchester - Graphene could be the key to more fuel efficient vehicles, leading to a generation of cars where less fuel is needed for each pump stop. It all comes down to heat efficiency.

Nanotech can tell you when it's time to change your car’s oil

When to change out engine oil is a dilemma that many car drivers face (or for the less practically minded, when to ask the garage to do it). A new nanotech invention can give motorists the answer.

Artifical platinum is the basis for cars of the future

Platinum is a rare and expensive metal, and one classed above gold. The metal has a more important use than jewelry; it is proving to be the most efficient catalyst for the power industry.

Marijuana plus alcohol increases THC levels in the blood

The interaction between marijuana and alcohol remains poorly understood. A new study shows that the two can make for a dangerous combination, since alcohol increases the levels of THC in the blood.

Honda joins list of automaker recalls with Takata airbags

A third automaker has issued a recall of a line of vehicles equipped with a specific manufacturer's components following an internal review of the cars' airbags.

Op-Ed: VW safety experiment aims at reducing drivers' speeds

Volkswagen New Zealand has launched a revolutionary new campaign to reduce speed related auto fatalities by reminding drivers how much they have to live for.

Canadian startup Carmigo could simplify the car buying experience Special

Recently launched automotive service Carmigo seeks to simplify the car shopping experience by allowing buyers to speak anonymously with multiple dealers to get the best possible deal.

Op-Ed: The Autobahn to be a major testing ground for driverless cars

The Autobahn autocar plan is to launch driverless cars along the A9 Autobahn connecting Munich and Berlin. All we can do is speculate as to projected start and finish dates for the project, or what sort of budget we're looking at.

Will driverless cars soon be the reality?

Milton Keynes - The British government will consider the feasibility, and the legal changes changes necessary, to make driverless cars a reality along the roads of the U.K..

Generating bioethanol with starch and yeast

A new class of enzymes can degrade previously resistant forms of starch, according to a new study. The resultant product is a source of material for making biofuels.

BMW 1-series gets a facelift for 2015

BMW has updated the design, engineering and even price of the 1-series hatchback to improve market appeal. The revamped three-door and five-door models were introduced at the 2015 North American Auto Show in Detroit.

European car sales rise in 2014, ending six-year slump

According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) car sales in the European Union rose in 2014. Sales have been up for the first time in six years.

Microsoft unveils Forza Motorsport 6 for Xbox One; Ford GT stars

Microsoft has publicly revealed the next installment in its Forza Motorsport Xbox racing series. The sixth major addition to the long-running franchise accompanied by the spin-off Forza Horizon, it is expected to launch at some point this year.
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New York s Times Square
Broadway and Times Square: New York's Theater District
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Citroën DS4 (screenshot from television spot)
Citroën DS4 (screenshot from television spot)
The 100-percent electric  zero-emission Nissan LEAF was named 2011 World Car of the Year.
The 100-percent electric, zero-emission Nissan LEAF was named 2011 World Car of the Year.
Nissan Motor Company
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Westroads Mall Omaha parking lot
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1994 Lamborghini Diablo VT
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Photos from the July 6, 2013, Silver Willow Classic car and truck show in Mansfield, Ontario.
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1933 Rolls Royce Phantom II Continental Saloon
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1971 Lamborghini Espada S2
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A woman getting roadside assistance
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1994 Lamborghini Diablo VT
1994 Lamborghini Diablo VT
Photos from the July 6  2013  Silver Willow Classic car and truck show in Mansfield  Ontario.
Photos from the July 6, 2013, Silver Willow Classic car and truck show in Mansfield, Ontario.
Traffic on L.A. s 405 Freeway
Traffic on L.A.'s 405 Freeway