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Carp News

Australia unveils $11.4 million plan to infect carp with herpes

Canberra - Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has told the Australian parliament that the only way to get rid of carp is to infect the fish with a form of the herpes virus.

Mysterious deaths of Asian carp

Startling statistic of the week: half a million invasive silver carp are dead in a Kentucky river, and nobody knows why.

Asian carp: The other white fish

Asian carp were imported to the United States in the 1970's to control algae in aquaculture ponds. But much like the mongoose that was imported to the Hawaii islands to control rats, the carp proliferated and are now an invasive, nuisance species.

Asian carp found in the Lake Erie basin

New York - New evidence indicates that invasive Asian carp have bred in the Lake Erie basin. Scientists fear the impact that the carp will have on established ecosystems.

Op-Ed: Japan/Missouri face clean-up of thousands of dead sardines & fish

Around the world, the number of dead zones, some of which are naturally occurring, increased from 149 in 2003 to more than 200 in 2006, according to a 2008 report by the United Nations Environmental Program.

'Two Tone', UK's largest freshwater fish, found dead

A mirror carp named Two Tone was given the name because of his skin color. It is believed the giant fish was at least 40 years old and died from old age.

Silverfin Carp Next Foodie Fad

Louisiana wildlife officials are opting to create gourmet dining from the bighead carp rather than suffering the ferocious fighting fish to mass poisonings like their nearby northern neighbors.

Getting A Pedicure? Try It With A Fishy Flair

The world of manicures and pedicures. One requires a manual just to understand terms like solar nail, crystal gel and well, you get the picture. The future in pedicures is no longer pumice, but a smoothing agent with scales and fins...

Thai Fishermen Catch 256-lb. Carp

The catch of the day was a huge one for a pair of fishermen in Thailand. They only estimate it at 256, which is 36 pounds more then his scale can handle. The world record for a carp is 88lb.

Bacteria Kill Lake Scugog Carp

High temperatures encourage the growth of a bacteria that is killing the carp in lake Scugog and surrounding areas. dead fish are being found on local beaches and the smell is becoming revolting.

Line Up For The Fluffy Duckling Special

A fluffy baby duck has his work cut out when a queue of carp await to be fed

Japanese Koi Fish Have Their Fans In Far Away Germany

HAMBURG (dpa) - They are the "jewels" of the backyard pond: a colourful carp that grows up to 80 centimetres long and is a native of Japan. Thousands of the "koi" fish are kept by rich Germans. They can sell for upwards of 25,000 dollars in Germany,...

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Carp Image

Adult grass carp.
Adult grass carp.
Instead of bringing home a live carp  many families opt to purchase the fish already cleaned and dre...
Instead of bringing home a live carp, many families opt to purchase the fish already cleaned and dressed. This saves a lot of tears on Christmas morning.
screen grab
Scene from the video  Carp in the bathtub
Scene from the video "Carp in the bathtub"
CPTIPS / Screengrab
A screen grab showing the traditional way to fry carp for Christmas dinner.
A screen grab showing the traditional way to fry carp for Christmas dinner.
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