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Carnivores News

Genetic basis of why carnivores eat meat discovered

Researchers have discovered the genetic basis of meat eating. This has come about after a review of the genomes of leopards, tigers, killer whales and Tasmanian devils. The research also raises questions about extinction.

Dwindling prey bad news for big cats

Paris - The world's top land carnivores such as tigers, lions and jaguars are coming under threat as their prey dwindles in number, according to the first global study of feeding patterns.

Two New Species of Carnivorous Dinosaurs Identified

Fossils that have been uncovered in the Sahara Desert in the country of Niger have identified the existence of two carnivorous species of dinosaurs. Two new species of carnivores can be added to the list of meat-eating dinosaurs.

Alien Ants that are carnivorous go vegetarian in California

Argentine ants have become a menace in most parts of coastal California and have supplanted many local species. These alien species arrived as carnivorous creatures but have become vegetarians soon after and searchers have found out why.

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A gray wolf in Yellowstone National Park. Gray wolves are one of the world s most widely distributed...
A gray wolf in Yellowstone National Park. Gray wolves are one of the world's most widely distributed mammals and the most studied large carnivore.
Jeff Burrell -Eurekalert