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Caribbean News

Tropical Storm Matthew threatens Caribbean through the weekend

Tropical Storm Matthew is gaining strength as its continues on its track west into the warm waters of the Caribbean. As of 8:00 p.m., Matthew was located about 90 miles west of St. Lucia and had slowed to about 15 mph.

Don't yield to U.S. pressure, Maduro tells Caribbean leaders

Havana - Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro on Saturday accused the United States of exerting "brutal pressure" on nations in the region to isolate his country, already battered by an economic crisis and domestic political upheaval.

Op-Ed: Scientists discover how camouflage 'trick' helps fish disappear

Scientists have discovered that some fish use a clever mechanism to disguise themselves and avoid hungry predators in the open ocean. These findings may also help the military create more effective ways to use this type of camouflage.

Tropical storm Erika drenches parched Cuba

Havana - Tropical storm Erika broke up as it raked across Cuba, drenching the drought-parched island in heavy rain after killing at least 20 people on the Caribbean island of Dominica.

Tropical Storm Erika unleashes deadly floods in Dominica

Roseau - Tropical Storm Erika churned across the Caribbean on Saturday, a day after sweeping over the tiny island nation of Dominica and leaving at least 20 people dead.

Danny upgraded to 'category 3' — Expected to weaken over weekend

The National Hurricane Center's (NHC) latest update, issued at 5 p.m. EST is forecasting that Hurricane Danny, now a category 3 tropical cyclone, with sustained winds of 115 mph, is expected to weaken starting tonight.

Spirits & Spice at Marché brings the Islands to Toronto Special

Toronto - With a clean blanket of snow on the ground it may seem like Carnival season is far away in Toronto but Spirits & Spice week at Marché Restaurant is bringing on the sun while raising funds for The Caribbean Scholarship Foundation (CSF).

Chikungunya virus gallops across Caribbean; may hit United States

Oranjestad - Chikungunya virus is spread by mosquitoes and has been galloping across the Caribbean. Experts say that it's likely to hit the U.S.

'Miss Piggy' found swimming in the Bahamas

Who doesn't know Miss Piggy? The adorable, lovable, fluffy Muppet. And who doesn't know that pigs love to waddle in mud?

UK gran always dreamed of visiting Spain, ended up in Caribbean

62-year-old Lamenda Kingdom had always longed to visit the famous Alhambra in Granada, Spain. However, she ended up on a flight to the Caribbean island of Grenada instead. Just one letter makes the world of difference.

Scuba divers pitted against lionfish in a eco-gladiator battle

Gladiators had lions to contend with during the “blood sport” games in Ancient Rome. And when you think scuba divers, a sort of modern-day gladiator, you probably think of them contending with sharks, the “Jaws” that rule the ocean waters.

Protests against toxic gold mining in the Caribbean

“I’m too old for this. I’m not going to be driven off of my land again,” says Juliana Guzman, a farmer from La Cerca in Dominican Republic. The walls of her house are riddled with cracks from the explosions that shake the ground every day.

Haiti's Hurricane Sandy victims: World, don't forget about us

Even as Hurricane Sandy has passed through Haiti, the people of the country are far from recovering as it deals with problems that grow increasingly worse.

Hurricane Sandy's Caribbean trip — devastation in Haiti and Cuba

As the world concentrates on the latest devastation in the US, Sandy has already done some serious damage to other countries, including Haiti and Cuba. Sandy took the lives of 54 people in Haiti and 11 in Cuba.

Hurricane Sandy, could it be to Obama as Katrina was to Bush?

Federal, state, and local governments scramble along the east coast of the United States in preparation for Hurricane Sandy which has become a "Frankenstorm." But, could Sandy be to Obama as Katrina was to Bush?

Blood-sucking parasite named Marley in homage to Reggae singer

Researchers from Arkansas State University have discovered a parasitic crustacean which infects fish in the coral reefs of the eastern Caribbean. They named it after Bob.

Jamaica People's National Party secures landslide poll win

Kingston - A huge election victory has seen Jamaica's first female prime minister swept back into office. Portia Simpson-Miller secured her big election victory after a campaign dominated by the economy.

Tropical storm Rina becomes hurricane

Tropical storm Rina has recently gathered strength as it moves through the Caribbean. It is now classified as a Category 1 hurricane with sustained wind speeds of 80 mph and gusts up to 100 mph.

Netflix's streaming service available in Mexico, Latin America Special

Netflix has been the largest Internet movie and TV series subscription/mail order service since 1997. Today, its online streaming is being launched in Latin America and the Caribbean for unlimited DVDs, movies and television shows.

Hurricane Irene batters Caribbean, aims for Florida coast

Tropical Storm Irene was upgraded to a hurricane after she battered Puerto Rico packing 80 mph winds and heavy rains. Hurricane Irene, the first named storm of the season, has her eye on Florida and is expected to impact the Sunshine State by the weekend.

Jamaica declares state of emergency in war with drug lord

Kingston - Trouble began earlier this week in Kingston after the government approved a US extradition request for Christopher "Dudus" Coke, a reputed gang boss. Police were shot and killed, retreating from police stations set on fire by supporters of Dudus.

Grenada man arrested after delivering severed heads to police

Grenada police say a man calmly walked into the police station and declared, “I have two heads for all you” as he handed them a couple buckets carrying the severed heads of a pair of local islanders who were later found decapitated and mutilated.

Another 4.4 magnitude earthquake strikes the Haiti region

Two weeks ago, Haiti was devastated by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake, which killed approximately 150,000 people. On Tuesday, a 4.4 magnitude earthquake hit the Haiti region again.

Caribbean could face more deadly earthquakes

The powerful earthquake that rocked Haiti may not be the last to devastate the region, earthquake experts said recently. "Much larger quakes, of magnitude 8 or more, have occurred in this region and will do so again," said one researcher.

Latin American countries to introduce common currency

Countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) agreed to introduce regional common currency, the sucre.

Lionfish Invade The Caribbean

It is believed that an invasion of predatory lion fish is the result of Hurricane Andrew smashing an aquarium. The fish threaten to devastate other species and reef ecosystems..

Martinique Earthquake Ripples Across Caribbean to South America

A strong magnitude 7.4 earthquake hit near the Caribbean island of Martinique sending shock waves across the Caribbean to Dominica, Puerto Rico, Antigua, St. Lucia, Montserrat, St. Vincent, Trinidad and Tobago, Guadeloupe and Guyana.

Number of people killed by hurricane Felix in Nicaragua rises to 46

The number of dead in Nicaragua's north Caribbean region as a result of Hurricane Felix increased to 46 on Thursday, and authorities said they were still searching for more than 100 missing people.

The Gentelman's Game aka CRICKET

It is one of the biggest sporting events to be held in the Caribbean in the last decade. Among the cricketing nations (mostly former British colonies) there are 16 teams who will be competing in the Cricket World Cup starting March 13.

Save the [insert endangered animal here]

Turtles in the Caribbean are threatened -- we must save them -- and all of the other critters.
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Caribbean Image

Devastation in Haiti by Hurricane Sandy
Devastation in Haiti by Hurricane Sandy
Video screen capture
Lime kiln oven at the base of Brimstone Hill
Lime kiln oven at the base of Brimstone Hill
The Island of Grenada
The Island of Grenada
Guanaja Island  in the Caribbean  sits 70 miles off the coast of Honduras.
Guanaja Island, in the Caribbean, sits 70 miles off the coast of Honduras.
Devastation in Cuba from Hurricane Sandy
Devastation in Cuba from Hurricane Sandy
Video screen capture
Grand Anse Beach  Grenada
Grand Anse Beach, Grenada
Haiti s map
Map of Haiti
Devastation in Haiti by Hurricane Sandy
Devastation in Haiti by Hurricane Sandy
Video screen capture
A resident surveys the open pit gold mining operation in the Dominican Republic.
A resident surveys the open pit gold mining operation in the Dominican Republic.
Rainforest Rescue
Cocoa  affected by the cyanide in the ground water in Dominican Republic.
Cocoa, affected by the cyanide in the ground water in Dominican Republic.
Devastation in Cuba from Hurricane Sandy
Devastation in Cuba from Hurricane Sandy
Video screen capture
Hurricane Danny is a category 3 storm with maximum sustained winds of 115 mph.
Hurricane Danny is a category 3 storm with maximum sustained winds of 115 mph.
St. Kitts Marriott

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