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James Reynolds talks about 'Days of Our Lives,' and acting career Special

Emmy award-winning actor James Reynolds ("Days of Our Lives") chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about his illustrious career in acting and entertainment.

Angus Young of AC/DC talks 'Power Up' album, career, digital age Special

Guitarist Angus Young of the Australian rock and roll band AC/DC chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about their "Power Up" album, "Realize" video, their music career, and being an artist in the digital age.

'Superman' actor Dean Cain talks '2050' film and acting career Special

"Superman" actor Dean Cain chatted with Digital Journal about the new sci-fi film "2050," which deals with sexbots. He stars in "2050" as Maxwell. Cain also spoke about the digital transformation of the entertainment business.

Q&A: What women need to know to get ahead in tech Special

Ondas Networks, a supplier of private licensed broadband cellular data networks, have announced the appointment of industry expert Kathy Nelson to the senior leadership team. Nelson offers some insights for women entering STEM fields.

Deorro discusses new single 'Existence,' electronic music career Special

DJ and producer Deorro chatted with Digital Journal about his new single "Existence," as well as his plans for 2018, and his love for electronic music.

Peter Marks opens up about radio career, technology and bitcoin Special

Peter Marks, acclaimed astrologer, numerologist, radio host and intuitive, chatted with Digital Journal about his career, and he also opened up about the digital transformation of the tech industry.

Interview: Actor Kelly Karavites opens up about acting career Special

Award-winning actor, producer and comedian Kelly Karavites chatted with Digital Journal about his acting background and success with "Mommy's Box."

Interview: Wrestler Earl Cooter opens up about wrestling career Special

World Wrestling Network (WWN) wrestler Earl Cooter chatted with Digital Journal about his career, proud moments, and fans.

Hank Williams Jr. scores highest album debut in career history

Veteran country singer-songwriter Hank Williams Jr. has scored the highest studio debut in his career's history with new album.

Colleges at the forefront of higher education Special

The route outside of high school doesn't necessarily lead to university. About 58% of post secondary students in Ontario choose one of the 24 colleges of Applied Arts and Technology in the province.

Op-Ed: How to write a great resume in six steps

If you are looking for a job then your resume (or CV) is the key document which will either get you an interview or put you on the reject pile.

Op-Ed: Seven steps to cope with overload at work

Are you overworked, overloaded and over-stressed at work? Some people work hard every day but find that they never seem to get ahead. Tasks just keep piling up. What can you do if you are in this situation?

Op-Ed: Tips to writing an impressing SAP resume

The IT industry is going and if you are entering, you may be developing for by far the biggest software companies today. While looking for a SAP based job, there are a number of ways to emphasize on your resume to fit this career field.

ScribbleLive Chat: Addressing the shortage of women in STEM jobs

If you've ever been curious how women can find more jobs in the career fields known as STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) you'll want to check out the archived live-chat that took place June 12.

Op-Ed: How to get paid what you're worth

Have you ever left a ton of money on the table? Maybe you have and never realized it. Have you ever thought about how you could negotiate a better salary for yourself?

Toronto's Scala Network event helps women improve careers Special

Toronto - This week SCALA Network hosted a networking forum for women in Toronto. The event on November 7 allowed attendees to understand how social networking can improve their career paths.

Elton John: Madonna's career is over

Elton John has re-ignited his feud with Madonna, telling Australian TV her career is over and that she resembles a fairground stripper.

European Commission airs 'sexist' women-in-science video

Brussels - A campaign to attract women into science run by the European Commission has run into hot water over sexist imaging and stereotyping. The charges relate to a video linked to the campaign called “Science: It’s a Girl Thing.”

Robert Pattinson's career in jeopardy

Robert Pattinson's career seems to be in a little bit of trouble as his post-Twilight film ends up flopping at the box office.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn return to politics has French divided

Paris - New poll results show French people are divided on Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s return to politics, even though a sexual assault case against the former head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) appears weakened due to his accuser’s credibility.

Career prospects may be enhanced by reading books Special

An Oxford University cohort study has found that the only extra-curricular activity that positively impacted on a 16-year-old's ability to obtain a professional or managerial career was reading books.

Number of childless American women rising

Washington - There has been a striking increase in American women in their 40s who are childless. A study shows one in five women in the U.S. either have not, will not, or cannot conceive.

Op-Ed: Career Job Fairs

There have been a lot of "job and career fairs" lately and the weak economy has a lot to do with that. Are they putting more people back to work?

UC San Diego study reveals best careers options for college grads

San Diego - As U.S. unemployment is showing signs of recovering from a 25-year high, a new trend study from the University of California San Diego Extension reveals the hottest career options for college graduates in this years economy, which included web journalism.

A Movie Career For Michael Jackson's Children

Michael Jackson's three children all want to be film stars rather than a singer like their father. The children are cared for by Jackson's relatives and child minders.

Ontario's '2nd Career Program' no longer holds out hope

At a crucial time in Ontario's recovery from the recession, thousands of unemployed people are learning that they cannot access the retraining programs they were slated to start this fall.

New job interview method being corporatized

Job seekers take note: a new interview method developed at McMaster University that is difficult to ace might appear in the corporate world.

Sarah Palin: The Next Oprah?

Never mind that the McCain-Palin ticket's shot at the White House seems bleaker than ever. You just might still be seeing a lot more of Palin. Why? Because if Washington doesn't just work out, Hollywood might.

Op-Ed: Look Out Boss - Here Comes The Trophy Kid

In our not-too-distant past, there was a paradigm shift in parental behavior where children were protected from all kinds of things that might possibly harm a child's ego - for better or worse. The result is the Trophy Kid.

Blog Directories Can Make Your Blog Work For You

Blogging has become an important tool in both social networking and as a business skill. Being able to have your blog have exposure can help you in your career. So how do you make sure your blog will get the notice it needs to?
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Journalist Caitlin Kelly provides a detailed account of the day to day life of someone working in re...
Journalist Caitlin Kelly provides a detailed account of the day to day life of someone working in retail, in her 2011 book entitled, "Malled - My unintentional career in retail," published by Portfolio - Penguin, New York, NY.

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