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Chaos, mud and cards: Nigerians frustrated ahead of vote

Lagos - Angry voters queueing for hours and entire parts of the country rendered war zones: pitfalls abound for Nigeria's fast-approaching general election.

Turkey mails bombed parliament debris in New Year cards

Paris - It's a New Year's card with a message. Turkey has mailed thousands of diplomats and journalists a fragment of its bomb-damaged parliament, along with its wishes for a happy year of democracy.

Starbucks customers leave more than $1 billion on coffee cards Special

Seattle - Customers of Starbucks, the world's largest coffee chain, deposited more than $1 billion on store-issued debit cards in the first quarter of 2016, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Tuesday.

Playing cards once had 5 suits

Playing many card games, beyond snap, is quite challenging. And this is just with 52 cards divided into four suits. Imagine playing with five suits and 65 cards? This was tried in the 1930s.

Hallmark introduces ‘two mums’ Mother’s Day card

In the U.S. this weekend it is Mother's Day. Reflecting the changing times, Hallmark have introduced ‘two mums’ Mother’s Day card.

Michaels Stores: 2.6 million cards affected by security breach

U.S. arts and crafts chain store Michaels has confirmed that on Thursday around 2.6 million cards - over 7% of payments taken on Thursday - used in its stores may have been affected in a security breach.

A poker face is not enough, the arms do the talking

In high-stakes matches, a poker face may not be good enough. Players may have to develop “poker arms” as well, according to a new study.

Forums helping online poker players learn the $7 billion industry

San Francisco - Online poker has become one of the biggest industries on the Internet. Since its introduction in 1998, online poker has turned into a $7 billion industry with an enormous amount of players. Is it a better investment strategy than playing the stock market?

Op-Ed: 'Cards of Love' group illustrates the value of US Postal Service Special

Cards of Love is about "a person taking one minute, one stamp, and one card to make a difference in one life," and these inspirational cards are delivered the old-fashioned way.

Hallmark presents layoff condolence cards

Hallmark has a card for just about every occasion. Whether it be a card for a birthday, graduation, baby shower, or wedding, Hallmark seems to have it all. Now, the company has launched a line of cards for people who have recently become unemployed.

Valentine cards and gifts banned in Iran

Images of hearts, flowers and Cupid won’t be seen in shop windows in Iran this year, as producing and selling items related to Valentine’s Day has been banned in that country.

Marijuana scratch-and-sniff cards handed out by Dutch authorities

Rotterdam - Dutch authorities are handing out 30,000 scratch cards with a marijuana odour as part of their efforts to fight the illegal cultivation of cannabis.

New credit card rules coming in February

Most consumers use credit cards because it seems to be the norm now a days but they can cost users a lot of money in fees and interest if they do not understand a credit card's terms and conditions.

Joshua Witter Sells I-Told-You-So Cards For Those Left Behind

According to many Christians when the second coming of Christ happens those who are non-believers will be left behind. Atheist Joshua Witter sells cards to Christians who want to send a message to their loved ones when that happens.

U.S. bank credit cards and the moving due dates scam

Many banks have deliberately designed billing systems to periodically generate payment due dates that are 5 to 6 days earlier than normal in an effort to catch automatic bill payers in a missed due date scam.

Scanners For British IDs Not Ready For Service

Britain may have high tech ID cards but without any scanners to read them how good are they? Britain issued the cards to foreign students and the foreign spouses of British citizens last week.

Vatican Monitoring Workplace Slackers, Introduces Swipe Cards For Staff

It's though of as the place that has all the money, or at least, the Pope is not short of a few bob or two. Yt while the world lies in the palm of financial ruin, the Vatican cuts back too and asks staff to clock in and out.

Pick A Card, Any Card: A Lesson at the Nevada School of Voting

It could be in the spirit of Las Vegas anyway and at least it shows there is laughter at the end of a political tunnel, and as many a wild west film will confirm - high stakes on a town are always won over a deck of cards

San Francisco ID cards to be Gender Neutral

The city by the bay relieves its citizens from the burden of gender-based descriptions. San Francisco Mayor Newsome is expected to sign the measure into law within the next 10 days.

Chewed-Up Michael Vick Cards Sell For $7,400 Online

22 Michael Vick football cards were auctioned off on eBay. The winning bid at the end of the auction today was $7,400 for cards that were pretty much destroyed by two dogs in Missouri.

US City Issues Immigrant ID Card

New Haven, Connecticut has become the first city in the United States of America to issue identity cards to all of its residents, including illegal immigrants. Some say yea!, and of course, some say nay!.

ExxonMobil Mails Customer 2,000 Credit Cards

Frank Van Buren requested two new cards to replace one that was about to expire. They sent him a box that had 1000 credit cards in it. They had Frank's name and account number, and no activation stickers.(So they were ready to be used.)

American Troops Can Learn While Playing Poker

When the troops get some much deserved down time they can learn now while playing cards. They have just been sent decks of cards with the country's most precious archaeological sites. Like the cards sent in 2003 the cards are meant to teach.

The Sims Credit Cards

A perfect example of when you take a profitable product and make products that have nothing to do with it.

Short film about ID cards in the United Kindom

A short film about what life might be like in the U.K. if the ID card scheme comes through in 2009.

Apple Won't Sell You A Computer Because You've Got Too Many Gift Cards

Charlie asked her family to chip in towards a new (refurbished) Apple computer by sending her Apple gift cards for Christmas.

Cards for Cancer, Eating Disorders and Depression by Hallmark

Hallmark produces cards for cancer, eating disorders, depression. Still no cure for the first one!

This 'n' That magic trick

Can you figure out how he does that, see how he messes with your mind just using cards

Recover Lost Digital Photos from Corrupt Memory Cards

Is your digital camera unable to read one or more images from the memory card ? Or did you accidentally delete some pictures from the camera-phone and now looking for some software to retrieve the deleted files ?

Ontario Health Ministry employee charged for issuing fake health cards

Even the customer service reps can't be trusted :(
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Credit Card
Credit Card
Photo by b.franchina
First Lady of the United States of America  Michelle Obama  Prince Harry of Wales  and Jill Biden he...
First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama, Prince Harry of Wales, and Jill Biden help military children create Mother's Day cards and other crafts in the State Dining Room of the White House on 9 May 2013.
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The UKIPT series of tournaments will begin in July 27  2013.
The UKIPT series of tournaments will begin in July 27, 2013.
Credit Cards
Credit Cards
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The playing cards used to illustrate the psychological study. Most people go for Ace of Hearts  Quee...
The playing cards used to illustrate the psychological study. Most people go for Ace of Hearts, Queen of Hearts, and King of Hearts.
MasterCard and VISA credit cards are seen in this illustrative photo
MasterCard and VISA credit cards are seen in this illustrative photo
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Credit Card
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