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Carbon emissions News

Power companies will work with Biden to cut Carbon emissions

A group of U.S. electricity companies wrote to President Joe Biden this week saying they will work with his administration and Congress to design a broad set of policies to reach a near-term goal of slashing the sector's carbon emissions by 2030.

Shell outlines its plan to transition to cleaner energy

London - Royal Dutch Shell, one of the multinationals that has defined the oil industry, is slowly turning away from the fossil fuel that made its fortune over the decades but also worsened a global climate crisis.

'Zombie Fires' fuel sky-high carbon emissions in the Arctic

"Zombie" wildfires that were smoldering beneath the Arctic ice all winter suddenly flared to life this summer when the snow and ice above it melted, new monitoring data reveals, making this summer's wildfires the worst on record.

Major drop in carbon emissions reported during COVID-19

One indication of the extent of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a 17 percent drop in global carbon emissions worldwide. The fall in pollution levels will please many in the environmental movement.

Q&A: How energy companies are responding to climate change Special

Climate campaigners want the government to declare a climate and ecological emergency. How successful have protests like Extinction Rebellion been and will governments and energy companies give ground? Dr. Shuli Goodman weighs in.

The climate crisis has pushed Earth to a critical 'tipping point'

The Earth is heading toward a "global tipping point" if the climate crisis continues on its current path, scientists have warned, as they called for urgent action to avoid "an existential threat to civilization."

Global sea-levels continue to rise despite global carbon goals

Sea levels are set to continue to rise globally after the carbon emissions pledges set during the Paris climate agreement have been met and global temperatures flatten out. This means that the Paris agreement is too little, too late.

Rising emissions turning Arctic permafrost into carbon source

Arctic regions have captured and stored carbon for tens of thousands of years, but a new study shows winter carbon emissions from the Arctic may now be putting more carbon into the atmosphere than is taken up by plants each year.

B.C. Transit announces it will convert fleet to electric buses

Victoria - On Monday, B.C. Transit, the public transport operator of the Canadian province of British Columbia, announced that it will convert its entire bus fleet of more than 1,000 vehicles to electric propulsion as part of its efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

BP Report: Carbon emissions rise at fastest rate since 2011

Extreme temperatures around the globe drove a sharp acceleration in energy demand over the past 12 months, causing carbon emissions to grow at the fastest rate since 2011.

CO2 levels reach 415 ppm for first time in human history

"For the first time in human history, our planet's atmosphere has more than 415ppm CO2," meteorologist Eric Holthaus tweeted on May 12, 2019. Remember this day - because humanity has now entered into uncharted territory.

Development of coal-fired power plants has dropped worldwide

The number of coal-fired power plants being developed around the world has collapsed over the past three years, according to a report from the NGO-backed Global Energy Monitor.

Etsy completely offsets carbon emissions from shipping

Etsy has announced it has become the first global e-commerce platform to offset 100 percent of carbon emissions generated by shipping. In addition, for one day Etsy offset carbon emissions from all major U.S. online retailers.

Ocasio-Cortez offers outline of 'Green New Deal' plan

Washington - The Green New Deal is now a green new plan, with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., set to roll out a resolution calling for a complete transition to renewable energy by 2030.

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan declares 'climate emergency'

London - London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, has declared a climate emergency and urged the UK government to do more to avert an ecological breakdown that he says poses an existential threat to future generations.

Carbon emissions to rise in rich nations — First time in 5 years

The world’s advanced economies will see an uptick in their carbon dioxide emissions this year, bucking a five-year-long decline, mainly due to higher oil and natural gas use, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Only two major oil companies disclose their carbon emission plans

Only two companies among the 10 biggest oil and gas producers globally have disclosures that allow investors to see and track how their carbon emissions will decline over time.

Tesla releases some interesting data for (Middle) Earth Day

Tesla's news on the state of its electric vehicle fleet and energy products was released on Earth Day - focusing on the electric miles driven and the millions of tons of CO2 emissions saved from entering the atmosphere.

Coal continues its downward slide as more coal-fired plants close

More coal plant capacity was shuttered in the first 45 days of 2018 than in the entire first three years of the Obama administration, according to Sierra Club and Energy Information Administration (EIA) data.

Alberta unveils new rules on large carbon emissions industries

Alberta, Canada's main crude oil-producing province, unveiled new rules governing how it plans to charge large industrial carbon emitters including the oilsands sector, targeting a 19 percent cut in emissions by 2030.

Alberta sets aside $1.4 billion to help reduce carbon emissions

Calgary - Alberta is setting aside close to $1.4 billion from climate levies to help industry reduce carbon emissions. The government said the funding, spread over seven years, will make it easier for industries to invest in new technologies.

Netherlands going forward with thorium reactor research

The first phase of a Salt Irradiation Experiment (SALIENT) has begun at the Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group in Petten, a nuclear research facility along the North Sea coast in the Netherlands.

New device set to make washing machines lighter

Nottingham - A new device for washing machines is set to make the household appliances lighter, require less energy and reduce carbon emissions too.

Global companies abandon Canada's oil sands for greener pastures

In the last year, five multinational energy companies have sold off close to $25 billion of their assets in Canada's oil sands holdings to domestic companies, leaving experts to wonder if the exodus will continue.

Shell CEO urges industry to switch to cleaner energy sources

Houston - Shell CEO Ben van Beurden, speaking at the 2017 CERAWeek energy conference in Houston, Texas on Thursday, said the oil and gas industry risks losing public support if progress is not made in the transition to cleaner energy.

U.K. carbon emissions fall after record drop in coal use

New figures released by Carbon Brief shows the UK's CO2 emissions fell by 5.8 percent in 2016, after a record drop of 52 percent in the use of coal.

Trump poised to do away with coal lease ban and Clean Power Plan

Senior White House officials continue to leak information to the press and this latest leak is a doozie - Trump plans on rescinding the federal coal leasing ban and the Clean Power Plan by executive order next week.

Waters off North America's west coast affected by climate change

The ocean chemistry along North America's West Coast is changing rapidly because of global carbon dioxide emissions and action needs to be taken now to mitigate the effects of these changes.

Carbon emissions highest since time of the dinosaurs

A new study looks at changes in the Earth's temperature and atmospheric carbon dioxide since the end of the age of the dinosaurs. It found that humans were responsible for carbon release 10 times faster than any event recorded.

Canada's weather extremes — But you ain't seen nothin' yet

Canada is a country of weather extremes, from bone-numbing cold to scorching heat and drenching rains to droughts. But as the old-timers say, you ain't seen nothin' yet.
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Carbon emissions

Carbon emissions Image

Ferrybridge Power Station in Yorkshire  UK. Energy production remains one of the biggest emitters of...
Ferrybridge Power Station in Yorkshire, UK. Energy production remains one of the biggest emitters of the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide.
Wikimedia Commons - Paul Johnston-Knight
A farmer surveys his dry pond bed in Ashely  Illinois.
A farmer surveys his dry pond bed in Ashely, Illinois.
Risky Business
Warming permafrost softens coastlines  making it more vulnerable to wave action and promoting erosio...
Warming permafrost softens coastlines, making it more vulnerable to wave action and promoting erosion along the Arctic coast of Alaska. A large block of ice-rich permafrost has detached from the mainland and will quickly disintegrate (photo: Christopher Arp).
United Nations Environment Programme
American Apparel shop in Paris  France soon to have darkened windows at night.
American Apparel shop in Paris, France soon to have darkened windows at night.
Guilhem Vellut
The original Lafayette meteorite  discovered  in a geological collection in 1931  is classed as a Ma...
The original Lafayette meteorite 'discovered' in a geological collection in 1931, is classed as a Martian meteorite having originated from Mars.
Smithsonian Institution
File photo: Coal power plant in Datteln  Germany at the Dortmund-Ems-Kanal
File photo: Coal power plant in Datteln, Germany at the Dortmund-Ems-Kanal
Arnold Paul
Herbert Diess says he is "very sorry" for people who will lose their jobs
Herbert Diess says he is "very sorry" for people who will lose their jobs
Eric Piermont, AFP
In Gates of the Arctic National Park  a bank of this lake thawed  allowing the Okokmilaga River to c...
In Gates of the Arctic National Park, a bank of this lake thawed, allowing the Okokmilaga River to cut through and drain it to sea. Image dated: July 7, 2014.
NPS Climate Change Response NPS Photo (C.Ciancibelli)
Portugal is researching wave-power as part of its renewable energy mix - a Pelamis wave energy conve...
Portugal is researching wave-power as part of its renewable energy mix - a Pelamis wave energy converter during the final tests at the port of Peniche
Dipl. Ing. Guido Grassow
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveiled his government s net-zero accountability plan on Thursday  No...
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveiled his government's net-zero accountability plan on Thursday, November 19, 2020.
Media Pool

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