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Carbon News

David Attenborough issues starkest warning yet on climate change

Veteran broadcaster Sir David Attenborough has issued a stark warning over the threat faced by the planet from climate change, ahead of his new BBC television series about the environmental changes affecting our planet.

Q&A: How any energy company can deliver zero carbon emissions Special

Xcel energy have announced they will reduce its carbon emissions 100 percent by 2050. Environmental consultants As You Sow have been working with Xcel Energy over several years. Lila Holzman explains the involvement.

EU directive to use wood as fuel source will increase emissions

Europe's decision to promote the use of wood as a "renewable fuel" will likely greatly increase Europe's greenhouse gas emissions and cause severe harm to the world's forests, according to a new paper published in Nature Communications.

A unique ecosystem-scale study will decide fate of boreal forests

A recent study found that large swaths of Canada's environmentally important boreal forest are at risk of disappearing by the end of the century as a result of climate change.

Developing a green business with the Internet of Things

The possibilities presented by the Internet of Things can lead to a low carbon economy, according to a recent report. This presents opportunities for the telecom sector to contribute to business growth and a lower environmental impact.

EU agrees to reform world's largest carbon market

Brussels - The EU struck a deal Thursday to overhaul Europe's emissions trading scheme after 2021, hailing it as a key step toward meeting its commitments under the Paris climate agreement.

Carbon 'budget' may be bigger than thought: study

Paris - An ambitious goal to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius is still within reach, said researchers Monday who calculated humanity may have a larger allowable "budget" for burning carbon than previously thought.

Jail terms for French carbon trading scammers

Paris - A top fraudster behind a tax scam in France using carbon emission rights was sentenced to nine years in prison Wednesday as authorities press ahead with prosecutions over the 1.6-billion-euro ($1.9-billion) scandal.

New catalyst could lead to carbon neutral solar-derived fuel

Australian researchers have made progress towards developing carbon neutral fuel. This is due to a new catalyst which can converts carbon dioxide from the air into a synthetic natural gas, using solar energy.

Why the answer is not to plant more trees

Growing plants and trees is not sufficient to counteract emissions from burning fossil fuels, according to a new study. This is because the plantations would need to be so large they would not be economically viable.

New way of breaking down carbon dioxide invented

Amsterdam - A new catalyst which provides an environmental solution has been invented. The catalyst can convert carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide. This provides a sustainable solution to dealing with the greenhouse gas.

Most diamonds share a common point of origin

A new study suggests older and younger diamonds are formed under similar conditions, located deep within Earth. This is based on chemical analysis of trapped carbonates.

Carbon nanotube processors could be 1000x faster than silicon

A new method of engineering the processors that power computers could result in chips with 1000 times the performance of today's best offerings, according to a group of researchers.

The oceans inspire a new generation of batteries

Scientists, inspired by life in the oceans, have developed a system that enhances the electrochemical performance of lithium-ion batteries. This is through hierarchical porous carbon spheres to function as anodes.

Credit scheme backfired, hiking greenhouse gases: study

Paris - A global scheme meant to keep atmospheric greenhouse gas (GHG) levels in check instead caused some 600 million tonnes of excess emissions, researchers said Monday.

Outrage over green tax on renewables

London - There was incredulity in some quarters when the U.K. government unveiled its latest budget: the Conservatives are to extend an existing climate change levy to renewable electricity.

Funding to explore impact of ‘green energy’ on nature

London - Green energy has many advocates, but do some projects harm the natural world? A research foundation is investing $3 million to explore future scenarios for U.K. energy to see how groundwater and natural habitats would be affected.

Alaska, Canada on fire - What will happen when permafrost melts?

Wildfires are burning in some northwestern states and Alaska in the U.S., and British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and northern Alberta in Canada. Smoke from the wildfires have led to the issuing of air quality advisories as far south as Colorado in the U.S.

Graphene light bulb headed for shops, cuts energy use by 10%

The first commercially viable consumer product to be built from graphene is to go on sale before the end of the year. The dimmable light bulb will use 10% less energy than other bulbs but will last longer because of graphene's increased conductivity.

Soil microbes can help tackle climate change

Researchers have developed a new climate change modeling tool. The tool shows that carbon dioxide removal from the atmosphere, as result of greater plant growth can be offset by changes in the activity of soil microbes.

New bomb detector launched

Salt Lake City - A new type of bomb detector which uses a carbon nanotube has been produced. The detector is said to be superior to others on the market in terms of speed and the range of explosives that it can detect.

Nanotech turns sawdust into carbon tubes

Birmingham - Scientists have developed a new method to make nanostructured carbon using the waste product sawdust. The tubes can be used as conductors, for a range of technological applications.

Graphene enhances fuel cell output

Graphene quantum dots can attach graphene platelets to enhance the properties of the fuel cells. Tests have shown that graphene functions better than more expensive platinum catalysts.

Saskatchewan: Green technology for Canada

Estevan - Canada's prairie province of Saskatchewan is starting to attract worldwide attention. On October 2, an ageing coal-fired power plant was re-activated after being retrofitted to capture one million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.

Are soil microbes linked to climate change?

Without knowing how microbes in the soil contribute to atmospheric carbon, researchers are unclear how microbes impact on climate change. This conundrum has lead to a series of recent studies.

Soil microbes affect carbon levels

The life-cycle of soil microbes in warmer temperatures appears to affect soil carbon storage. The slower the rate of growth, the more carbon that is released into the atmosphere. A new study suggests that a change is taking place.

The Amazon’s microbes affect carbon dioxide

The Amazon’s widespread conversion from rainforest to pastureland has significant effects on microorganism communities that may lead to a reduction in the region's role as a reservoir for greenhouse gas.

Atmospheric carbon is mostly to do with the soil

As an alternative to more established theories of global warming relating to levels of atmospheric carbon, a new research area considers that carbon levels in the atmosphere are most affected by the composition of the soil.

Small business, consumers bear carbon cost Special

Australia introduced a carbon tax on July 1 2012 at a cost of $23 per tonne. While it may be a step towards lowering carbon emissions, small business owners say they will have to raise prices, inadvertently affecting consumers.

Op-Ed: International Energy Agency says oil supplies really drying up

Fossil fuels and fossilized economics have been such fun in recent decades. The global economy, glued to a vanishing resource, has been in denial, but the last word has come from the International Energy Agency. Oil prices are going nowhere but up.
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Carbon Image

The haze crisis in Southeast Asia is an annual problem caused by fires set in forest and on carbon-r...
The haze crisis in Southeast Asia is an annual problem caused by fires set in forest and on carbon-rich peatland in Indonesia to quickly and cheaply clear land for palm oil and pulpwood plantations
Bay Ismoyo, AFP/File
A 3D carbon nanotube computer chip design
A 3D carbon nanotube computer chip design
Max Shulaker, Live Science
The DoNation team
The DoNation team
Photo courtesy of Hermione Taylor
Simple chart showing the carbon cycle on earth.
Simple chart showing the carbon cycle on earth.
File photo: Electric car being charged in Amsterdam.
File photo: Electric car being charged in Amsterdam.
Ludovic Hirlimann / Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 2.0)
A technician of Canadian firm Carbon Engineering demonstrates how an air capture unit  pulls carbon ...
A technician of Canadian firm Carbon Engineering demonstrates how an air capture unit pulls carbon / CO2 from atmosphere in the form of pellets.
Carbon Engineering Ltd.
NuScale power wants to build modular nuclear reactors small enough to fit on the back of a truck.
NuScale power wants to build modular nuclear reactors small enough to fit on the back of a truck.

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