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Facebook bans car insurer from using data to calculate premiums

Facebook has blocked a U.K. car insurer's plans to use data from profiles on the social network to calculate premiums. The company pulled the app, created by insurer Admiral, with just hours before it was set to launch in a highly public campaign.

What's the cheapest, popular 2015 car model to insure?

There are a lot of factors that go into buying a new car, and insurance should be one of them. But how much can you expect to pay for insurance on a 2015 model?

Insurance to be cancelled over Christ stickers

Cymmer - It seems it may be getting difficult to be a Christian in some places in the UK. A vicar in South Wales is about to lose her car insurance because she has stickers on her car proclaiming "Christ Must Be Saviour" and "Christ For Me."

Insurance premiums skyrocket when teens sit behind the wheel

According to a recent report issued by, the insurance policy premium for a married couple jumps by a national average of 79 percent when adding a teenage driver to the roster.

Drivers worry about automated-car liability

Mason - As carmakers continue their drive toward automated vehicles, the driving public is getting increasingly worried about the potential of unattended vehicles crashing on their roads.

What is ghost broking?

If you haven't heard of ghost broking, perhaps it's time you did, especially if you are a young driver in search of cheap insurance.

What drivers should do when they're in an at-fault car accident Commissioned

When a driver is determined to be at fault in an accident, this anxious situation often invites a number of fears and unknowns along with it.

Which auto insurance add-ons are actually worth your money? Commissioned

You’re sitting in front of your insurance broker and she starts talking some foreign language. Would you like additional accident insurance benefits? What about roadside assistance coverage? Find out which insurance add-ons you actually need.

What every Canadian student should know about auto insurance Commissioned

As summer turns to autumn, the annual migration of college and university students returning to school begins. No doubt the subject of auto insurance will be a concern for students driving their own car on campus or visiting their parents during holidays.

Op-Ed: Safety measures lower auto insurance rates

In addition to safety measures, efficient administration can also lower a consumer’s car insurance. Eight of the 10 insurance carriers chosen for the study charge less for paperless billing.

8 common auto insurance myths you need to know now Commissioned

Being aware of some common myths and popular beliefs about auto insurance can help save you money. From knowing how accidents affect coverage to finding out more about using rental cars, here are eight myths debunked.

How location impacts car insurance rates and what to do about it Commissioned

Many people believe that the main factor determining the cost of an auto-insurance premium is the year and make of the vehicle being insured. In fact, that is far from the truth. Where you live can play a very significant role in determining your rates.

Everything you need to know about getting out of ticket trouble Commissioned

June is a bad month for drivers being slapped with tickets. In fact, more people drive home with a ticket in June than any other month.

7 things to avoid if you faint when you see your car insurance bill Commissioned

Saving on car insurance should be something on the mind of every driver. Everybody knows that accidents and traffic violations can increase premiums, but even if you're the safest, most law-abiding driver you could be facing high costs.

5 secrets to lowering your car insurance Commissioned

All motorists in Canada are required to carry auto insurance but a savvy driver can find many ways to save money when shopping for car insurance and knowing what to look for can help.

How will driverless cars affect liability and insurance?

As Google forges ahead with its autonomous driving technology, the full impact of how this it will affect other industries remains to be seen.

Woman crashes into her insurance's building in Tampa

Tampa - A Tampa woman won't be able to fudge on her claim form after a recent accident. The woman slammed into a building that houses Adrian Fernandez Insurance, the same one she is a member of.

Op-Ed: Car insurance premiums are about to get worse, globally

In a time when dollars are becoming endangered species in people’s bank statements, another form of “bracket creep” which usually goes unnoticed, car insurance premiums, has been a persistent needle for many, and there's another hike on the way.

Car insurance policy reform begin Wednesday in Ontario

Most Ontario drivers are not aware that legislation that is going into effect this fall will allow them to customize their auto insurance policies.

Police: Auto insurance scam hitting Ontario

The Canadian Anti-fraud Centre (formerly Phonebusters) and the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are warning Ontarians that an auto insurance scam is hitting the area.

Car insurance scam looks too good to be true because it is

That great car insurance deal you see advertised in a newspaper may be too good to be true warn Peel Regional Police in Ontario, Canada.

Ontario drivers could be seeing higher car insurance bill

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has announced that the province will be addressing the raising cost of auto insurance. That promise may not help drivers who are seeing higher premiums this quarter.

Car insurance in Belgium now more expensive for young women

From now on, thanks to Europe, young women will pay more for their car insurance, while young men will pay less. Discrimination? Not exactly. Just the opposite, in fact. At least, that is the claim.

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Rev. Wena Parry appearing on BBC Wales’ “X-Ray”
Rev. Wena Parry appearing on BBC Wales’ “X-Ray”
Reverend Wena Parry appears on BBC s Wales   X-Ray.
Reverend Wena Parry appears on BBC's Wales' "X-Ray."
Fall semester is approaching and as college students are hitting the books  no doubt as they hit the...
Fall semester is approaching and as college students are hitting the books, no doubt as they hit the road to go to college they will need car insurance.

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