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Car News

Teen rescues police officer from burning car

Philadelphia - Seventeen-year-old Joe Chambers saw sparks flying from the bottom of a police car, and he knew the cop trapped inside didn't have that long to escape.

Dog dies in hot car after woman spends 13 hours in Walmart

Last Thursday a woman in Crestview, Florida, left her dog Waldo unattended in a hot car while she was inside a Walmart store for more than 10 hours.

They need CAR’s diamond so they use the national army

The CAR diamond situation is reaching an international level as the armed forces are going against militias in a power struggle surrounding the control of diamonds.

Toyota working on cars that hover above the roadway

After decades of science fiction movies and novels that fuelled our thinking of hover crafts in the new millenium, Toyota has finally stepped up to conquer the technological revolution of the hover car. But it still isn't what you're thinking.

Assembling the best tools for DIY auto maintenance Commissioned

As the warm weather ushers in summer, for many auto hobbyists, that means opening their garages in order to work on their cars.

Car shoppers embracing the online age

According to a new report published Tuesday, a rapidly expanding number of car buyers are now finding great deals just by shopping exclusively on the Internet.

Raven blamed for vicious attacks on cars

Police in Richmond, Maine say a raven confused by its own reflection has attacked at least three cars, causing hundreds of dollars in damage.

Student's car gets covered with 20,000 bees

George Neal, a student in Portsmouth, England, recently awoke to 20,000 bees covering his vehicle, which he had parked right outside of his home.

Volkswagen recalls 26,000 new cars over possible fire risk

The Volkswagen Group has confirmed that it is recalling over 26,000 brand new 2014-model year cars from across the range over a possible fire risk.

Over 200,000 BMWs need inspection for possible loose screws

Owners of 232,000 BMW series or X variants made from June 2009 to June 2013 will be checked on their anniversary in June of this year for defective screws on the six-cylinder engines.

Battery operated, barn-built futuristic car has nostalgic twist

Since 2007, a team of self-funded volunteers have spent their time designing and building an electric vehicle from scratch. They recently unveiled the Illuminati Motor Works Seven.

5-year-old boy drives car into mother & child at kindergarten

Fulda - In a freak accident, a five-year-old boy managed to start his parents' car outside a kindergarten in Fulda in Hesse, Germany, seriously injuring a mother and her son.

Teen gets life for stealing celebrity's car, and attempted murder

A teen from northern California was convicted of a series of crimes, which included an attempt to murder a romantic rival and the theft of a $200,000 Lamborghini owned by Guy Fieri, a celebrity chef .

2013 a record year for Rolls-Royce

The luxury car manufacturer Rolls-Royce has just released figures showing that 2013 was a record breaking year for the company. The two biggest growth markets were in China and the Middle East.

Parked German car rolls 200 meters down onto busy highway

Bucha - A brand new car, belonging to a woman from Jena in Germany, rolled 200 meters down a slope from the parking area all the way onto the busy autobahn below. Luckily no one was injured.

War in Central African Republic: The human side of the story Special

Bangui - In war-torn Central African Republic (CAR) the former Séléka rebels have been wreaking havoc up and down the country by looting and instituting a rule of terror and total chaos, resulting in the flight of entire populations.

World mourns Mandela while Central African Republic bleeds

Bangui - While the world watches one point on the African continent as South Africa mourns its great president, in Central African Republic a humanitarian tragedy is unfolding.

No deaths reported in 60+ car pileup in Massachusetts

On Sunday morning, freezing conditions were blamed for a 65-car pileup in central Massachusetts. No deaths were reported.

Video: poisonous snake refuses to budge from car windshield

Two Australian men filmed a poisonous snake on the windshield of the car they were in, but when they turned on the wipers the snake still didn't budge.

Call for ban of mobile phone use in cars

London - The charity group Brake are calling for a ban on hands-free mobile phones for drivers in the UK. The charity is asking for a total ban of mobile phone use in cars.

Rolls Royce reveals diamond studded car

Rolls Royce recently revealed a car that has 446 jewelry grade diamonds in the vehicle's doors, the rear seat privacy divider and the center console.

Man attends Oktoberfest but ends up losing his car for five weeks

An Italian man has finally got his car back after he forgot where he had parked it during a visit to Munich's Oktoberfest.

Fake French 'clitoris' poll causes smug Italian media to mock

France has a version of the famous spoof website "The Onion", called "Le Gorafi". They published a fake poll which announced that 89 percent of French men thought the "clitoris" was a Toyota model. The Italian media mocked but ended up with red faces.

Will hacking into car systems soon be an everyday concern?

Hackers have recently been demonstrating how they can take control of a car from a distance. All that's needed is some know-how and a laptop or even a smartphone.

Which auto insurance add-ons are actually worth your money? Commissioned

You’re sitting in front of your insurance broker and she starts talking some foreign language. Would you like additional accident insurance benefits? What about roadside assistance coverage? Find out which insurance add-ons you actually need.

What every Canadian student should know about auto insurance Commissioned

As summer turns to autumn, the annual migration of college and university students returning to school begins. No doubt the subject of auto insurance will be a concern for students driving their own car on campus or visiting their parents during holidays.

Man caught by his own airbag for faking car theft

Marbella - A Marbella man went to the police and reported that his car keys had been stolen and that the car had disappeared. Then the police found the car, and now the driver is in trouble.

How the car you drive affects your auto insurance rates Commissioned

When buying a new car you might not consider how the type of car you get affects your insurance quotes. Although every auto insurance company has its own method for setting rates, all include the type of car to be insured as a variable.

Car hacking tricks revealed at Las Vegas hacking conference

Las Vegas - Following their viral video moment two weeks ago, Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek have taken the stage in Las Vegas at Defcon 21 to reveal the tricks they used to hack into a Prius control system.

What drivers need to know about no-fault insurance Commissioned

Have you ever wondered what no-fault auto insurance means after you've been in an accident? Why are your rates increasing even though no-fault is supposed to lower them or keep them even?
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Car Image

Car on its roof after a wreck - not the car mentioned in the article.
Car on its roof after a wreck - not the car mentioned in the article.
Austin-Healey 3000 1967
Austin-Healey 3000 1967
Lars-Göran Lindgren Sweden
Arkansas State Police officer and car.  Dalai Lama event at University of Arkansas  Fayetteville  Ar...
Arkansas State Police officer and car. Dalai Lama event at University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark. May 11, 2011
Children wait for water at a school where they have taken shelter from the increasingly brutal secta...
Children wait for water at a school where they have taken shelter from the increasingly brutal sectarian violence in the Central African Republic.
Hannah McNeish
Tesla Roadster.
Tesla Roadster.
Janusz Überall / iPhone 3GS photo
1967 Volkswagen V rod
1967 Volkswagen V rod
Wrecked car
Wrecked car
Blue Vauxhall Corsa tries to get out of carpark.
Blue Vauxhall Corsa tries to get out of carpark.
Ben McKenzie - YouTube
A New York car tries to protect itself from the oncoming Hurricane Irene
A New York car tries to protect itself from the oncoming Hurricane Irene
Police car.
Police car.
The 2013 Volkswagen CC 2.0T
The 2013 Volkswagen CC 2.0T
Courtesy Volkswagen
Florida police car.
Florida police car.
World Food Programme trucks delivering food in Bangui  CAR  despite increased violence  but very lit...
World Food Programme trucks delivering food in Bangui, CAR, despite increased violence, but very little is getting through now. (Feb. e, 2014)
Alexis Masciarelli
The first Future Car Challenge took place on 6 November 2010
The first Future Car Challenge took place on 6 November 2010
The new Toyota fuel-cell  seen here  is yet to be named  but is expected to be released in 2015.
The new Toyota fuel-cell, seen here, is yet to be named, but is expected to be released in 2015.
On the road in Alberta
On the road in Alberta
C. G. P. Grey
A boy in the Central African Republic s Birao town largely burnt down during fighting in 2007
A boy in the Central African Republic's Birao town largely burnt down during fighting in 2007