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Arms, investment and 'instructors': Russia boosts Africa role

Moscow - Touting military cooperation and "instructors," arms deals and investment, Russia is making a comeback in Africa after years of inactivity and now aims to rival European countries and even China, analysts say.

Russia says its military in C.Africa only to train local troops

Moscow - Moscow on Friday said its military members are in the Central African Republic only to train local forces after three Russian journalists were killed in the strife-torn country.

New attempt made to build a flying car

A flying car sounds like something from a science fiction movie, shades of Fifth Element or Blade Runner. However, a tech company believe trey are close to launching a model, and it doesn't even need a pilot's licence.

Car hits crowd at Brazil's Copacabana, killing baby

Rio De Janeiro - A car ploughed into a crowd on Rio de Janeiro's tourist-packed Copacabana seaside promenade on Thursday, killing a baby and injuring 17 people, authorities said, with the driver telling investigators he suffered a seizure.

Diana crash car 'handled badly at high speed'

Paris - The 1997 car crash that killed Britain's Princess Diana spawned a host of conspiracy theories, but evidence that it was an accident only grows stronger, bolstered by new revelations about the history of the vehicle.A book titled "Qui a Tue Lady Di?

Car ramming east of Paris kills girl, terrorism ruled out

Paris - A car smashed into a pizza restaurant east of Paris late Monday, killing a girl, but investigators said the young driver had tried to commit suicide and the incident was not terror-related.

German police probe driver's motive in deadly car ramming

Frankfurt Am Main - Investigators are probing the motives of a 35-year-old German student who rammed his car into a group of pedestrians, killing one person and injuring two others, officials said Sunday, ruling out terrorism.

Rolls-Royce unveil the most upmarket driverless vehicle

London - With driverless cars set to become commonplace within a decade or so, most of the attention has been with functionality. With the technology now advanced consumer niches are being tapped into, including a luxury car by Rolls-Royce.

Fiat used by Pope in New York fetches $300,000

New York - A four-door hatchback Pope Francis used while visiting New York in September has fetched $300,000 at auction, said the website that held the sale.

Bomb-laden car found outside govt building in southeast Turkey

Diyarbakir - Police in southeastern Turkey defused an explosives-laden car found parked outside a government building days after a suicide car bombing in Ankara claimed by Kurdish rebels, security sources said Friday.

FacePalm Friday: Drunk man dials police to help him start his car

Richmond Hill - Early Tuesday a man called police to help him start his car, but he ended up being arrested for drunk driving in King Township.

Police find car rented by wanted Paris attacks suspect

Paris - A car rented by Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam that may have been used in the preparation of the carnage was found Tuesday in a northern district of the capital, police sources told AFP.

Several Kalashnikovs found in abandoned car after Paris attacks: judicial source

Paris - Several AK47 rifles of the sort used during the attacks in Paris were found in the black Seat abandoned in an eastern suburb of the capital, a judicial source said Sunday.

Attacks on Israelis near Hebron after Palestinian killed

Jerusalem - A Palestinian was killed and three Israeli soldiers injured in two attacks near the turbulent West Bank city of Hebron on Sunday.

Russian driver throws pedestrian into canal for 'touching his car'

Sanktpeterburg - Russian prosecutors on Friday opened an attempted murder probe after a businessman threw a pedestrian that touched his car into a canal in Saint Petersburg.

This car is designed to hit 1,000 mph

The Bloodhound Super-Sonic Car is in development, with an aim of challenging the land-speed record. This week the designers put the near-complete vehicle on display in London.

Apple is looking for a testing ground for its self-driving car

Leaked documents have apparently confirmed Apple is building a self-driving car. Developed in Silicon Valley, the company is now looking for a secure location in the San Francisco Bay Area to use as a testing ground for the autonomous vehicle.

Heatwave melts car in Italy

Caorle - Italy has been experiencing some very hot weather as of lately. On Monday temperatures got so hot that a car ended up melting.

Driver crashes car, steals another vehicle before getting caught

Montreal - On Tuesday evening, a dramatic hit and run, as well as police chase, took place in the Montreal neighborhood of Rosemont.

What hackers could do to the Jeep Cherokee: Anything they want to

Two security researchers have found a way to gain total control of the Jeep Cherokee in a way that gives complete remote access to all of its systems from any location, across the Internet. That includes the throttle, brakes, engine and much more.

Out-of-control car kills pedestrian in historic California city

Vallejo - A speeding car leaped onto the sidewalk Friday on Sonoma Boulevard in Vallejo, killing at least one pedestrian at a bus stop and injuring several more.

Car full of bees leads to driver being cited

A car full of bees led to a man getting pulled over and ticketed in Montana. The bees obscured the view from the windshield.

Google's self-driving cars involved in several minor crashes

A report has revealed that Google's self-driving cars have acquired an abnormally high crime rate in the state of California since the company acquired a license to let the vehicles roam around free last September. A car by rival Delphi also had a crash.

A self-driving car just drove 3,400 miles across the US

A self-driving car has just successfully completed a trip across the US from San Francisco to New York City, making history and highlighting how far the technology has come in recent years.

Thousands of inmates to be transferred after riot in Texas prison

Raymondville - Efforts are being made to relocate thousands of inmates at a federal prison in south Texas after an uprising by angry prisoners left the prison seriously damaged and uninhabitable, reports say.

SUV falls 60 feet from bridge; lands upright with passengers safe

An SUV fell over 60 feet from the Hackensack River bridge after avoiding another vehicle and hitting a snowdrift. Two occupants have survived with only minor injuries as the car landed upright below the bridge.

Barn find of classic cars hidden under magazines sells for £20m

A collection of classic cars found buried beneath piles of magazines and junk in a barn in France has sold at auction for over £20 million. The star of the show, an ultra-rare Ferrari 250 GT, sold for £11.8 million on its own.

BMW patches flaw that could have allowed hackers to unlock cars

German car manufacturer BMW has patched a flaw in software used across its product family of cars that would have allowed hackers to unlock the doors of other peoples' cars. Over 2.2 million cars have been affected.

Uber driver gets caught with weed after crashing into cop car

Late last week, an Uber driver crashed into a police car, and then the driver got caught with weed in the glove compartment.

Male birth control, without condoms, will be here in a few years

Vasalgel, a reversible form of male birth control, is about to enter human trials. Vasalgel could hit the market by 2017.
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Car Image

The Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder that was part of Roger Baillon s car collection  found amon...
The Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder that was part of Roger Baillon's car collection, found amongst piles of dust and junk in a French barn
The Telegraph
Rolls-Royce Phantom
Rolls-Royce Phantom
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad s old car
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's old car
Iranian Government
Tesla electric car in a display room at Westfield Shopping Centre  London.
Tesla electric car in a display room at Westfield Shopping Centre, London.
Google Street View car.
Google Street View car.
The 2014 Toyota Corolla
The 2014 Toyota Corolla
Moto "Club4AG" Miwa
Burning car
Burning car
Police car.
Police car.
E-Class Mercedes-Benz
E-Class Mercedes-Benz
The 2013 Volkswagen CC 2.0T
The 2013 Volkswagen CC 2.0T
Courtesy Volkswagen
Solar-powered car designed in the West Bank  Palestine
Solar-powered car designed in the West Bank, Palestine
Video screen capture
Cat rescued from a car in Belarus  thanks to Russian social network.
Cat rescued from a car in Belarus, thanks to Russian social network.
DRIVERLESS: A Google self-driving car is seen parked in Mountain View.
DRIVERLESS: A Google self-driving car is seen parked in Mountain View.
Mark Doliner/Wikimedia Commons
A boy in the Central African Republic s Birao town largely burnt down during fighting in 2007
A boy in the Central African Republic's Birao town largely burnt down during fighting in 2007
Sky News screengrab
Tesla vehicles cut in half the carbon dioxide emissions of its petroleum-burning rivals.
Tesla vehicles cut in half the carbon dioxide emissions of its petroleum-burning rivals.
1961 Ford Sunliner
1961 Ford Sunliner
Audi Luxury Car
Audi Luxury Car

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