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At least 90 Ukrainian troops 'captured' in Debaltseve

Kiev - More than 90 Ukrainian troops were captured and 82 were still missing after pro-Russian rebels seized the key town of Debaltseve, Ukraine's army said Thursday.

Captured Somali pirates to be put on trial in India

Mumbai - More than two dozen Somali men who fired on Indian Naval and Coast guard ships have been taken into custody and will be tried for attacking the vessels.

Large alligator headed toward school crossing captured

Oldsmar - A large alligator, which was walking toward a crosswalk where children were heading to school, was captured in a Florida community Monday morning.

1 of 2 escaped prisoners captured in US

One of the two convicted criminals who escaped from a US prison has been captured about 100 kilometres from Yellowstone National Park. The second killer is still on the loose.

Balky b-w-a-a-a-king hen outwitted, reeled in by boy and his mom

A black hen that has been dodging traffic and eluding capture for two month, was finally outsmarted and netted by an eight-year-old and his mom, and all it took was a couple of fishing nets.

Kenyan Rangers Arrest Poachers After Rare White Rhino Killing

Game rangers in Kenya have arrested 12 suspected rhino poachers after a rare 10-year-old female white rhino was shot its horns hacked off for sale overseas as an aphrodisiac.

Charging wild boar will have to be put down

A quiet small town outside Los Angeles isn’t exactly what is brought to mind when thinking of a wild boar hunt, but that’s where the unusual event occurred.

Key Pakistan Taliban Official Captured

The main spokesman of the Pakistan Taliban, Maulvi Omar, has been captured. Omar, who was also a senior aide to Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud, has confirmed the death of his leader.

U.S. soldier reportedly captured in Afghanistan

Afghani insurgents have captured an American serviceman in the eastern part of the country on Tuesday. The abduction occurred as the soldier left a military base with three Afghani troops. He was taken when the group stopped at a checkpoint.

Fugitive Foreign Legionnaire Arrested after Two Day Chase

Radio Netherlands and news agencies report UN troops have arrested a French Foreign legionnaire believed guilty of four murders.

They Caught a Falling Star and Put it in Their Pocket

The old song refrain goes, “Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket,” and now a team of astronomers have found pieces of an asteroid that shuttled down to Earth.

Is the search for Bigfoot over?

Two American hunters claim the search for the elusive Bigfoot is over and they have body evidence to prove it. They will make the announcement at a news conference in California.

Marine finally captured

A marine who was accused of raping and killing a pregnant colleague has been arrested south of the border in Mexico, according to the FBI.

Fugitive crime boss captured

After more than one year of investigation one of Naples's most dangerous crime bosses ever has been arrested. The fugitive has spent years on the run and he was finally captured on the outskirts of Naples.

Sex Offender From Most Wanted List Is Captured

An East Jordan, Michigan man failed to register as a sex offender and has tried to disappear for many years. He has been on Michigan's Most Wanted Sexual Offenders web site, and has just been found and arrested this week.

Fugitive in Deadly FBI Shootout Apprehended

The last of the three bank robbery suspects involved in an altercation with federal agents has been captured by state police after a tip-off from the public.

British sailors leave Iran

The 15 british sailors who were captured around two weeks back in Iran boarded a British Airways flight to London.

Captured UK officers shown on TV

Among the 15 UK navy officers who were captured by Iran, 2 were shown on a Iranian television.

UK: 15 'ambushed' in Iraqi waters

Britain's Ministry of Defence said they found through a Satellite tracking data which shows a 15 british military group were captured by Iran last Friday

Child captures the hearts of emergency crews

A 2 year old suffers from a very rare epileptic condition called Dravet’s syndrome.

Bristish Naval Soldiers Captured by Iranian At Gunpoint

Fifteen British Navy personnel have been captured at gunpoint by Iranian forces, the Ministry of Defence says.

Child Rapist of seven-year-old Florida girl finally caught.

Manuel Perez Hernandez, 41 was finally arrested for the crime in Wilmington after being on the run for 6 months for the sick crime.

Rare shark captured on film

The frill shark which dates back to prehistoric times and rarely seen was spotted in the shallows by a fisherman in Japan.

captured Israeli soldiers still alive: ex-Lebanese leader

So says President Amin Gemayel, as well as another Lebanese politician, assuring that the two kidnapped Israelis — Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser — survived the attacks.

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One of the boats captured by the EU NAVFOR flagship  FS De Grasse.
One of the boats captured by the EU NAVFOR flagship, FS De Grasse.

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