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Captain Francesco Schettino News

Costa Concordia captain Schettino gets 16 years but will appeal

The three-judge panel in trial of the former captain of the Costa Concordia, Francesco Schettino, handed down his sentence in Grosetto on Wednesday. Schettino, who wept openly during his remarks before the sentencing, was given 16 years.

First Officer: Costa Concordia captain distracted by lover

The captain of tragic Italian cruise ship, the Costa Concordia, was "distracted" on the bridge leading up to the tragedy that killed 32, the ship's First Officer Ciro Ambrosio said. Ambrosio is testifying at the trial of Francesco Schettino this week.

Engineer: Costa Concordia will be towed from Giglio in June

The engineer in charge of the salvage operation of the now-upright Costa Concordia said Saturday the ship could be removed from the shores of the island of Giglio in June. The ship must be "refloated" first as it now sits on an underwater platform.

Costa Concordia is pulled off reef, workers setting ship upright

Engineers working to rotate and set upright the Costa Concordia say this morning, using immense pressure, they successfully pulled the hull from the reef it has sat on since Jan. 13, 2012. They are monitoring progress by use of underwater cameras.

Costa Concordia shipwreck to be rotated and raised up Monday

The tragedy of the Costa Concordia, the Italian cruise ship that listed over on Jan. 13 of 2012, is finally set to begin it's final chapter. The 114,000 ton ship, 300 metres off of the island of Giglio, will be rotated and sat upright on Monday.

At last! Costa Concordia to be rotated, sometime in September

Dates for removing the Costa Concordia from its perch 300 metres from the Italian island of Giglio have come and gone but the cruise liner hasn't moved. In fact the next stage, rotating the ship, has yet to happen, though it likely will happen soon.

Costa Concordia plea bargains accepted as court sentences five

As the trial of the captain of the Costa Concordia, the Italian ship that capsized 300 metres from the island of Giglio last year, continues, the Italian courts have accepted the plea bargains of 5 others. They had initially agreed to their deals in May.

Costa Concordia captain's new plea bargain rejected at trial

As the trial of the disgraced captain of the Costa Concordia resumed this week, lawyers for Francesco Schettino made a second attempt at a plea bargain. They offered a guilty plea to the 3 counts he's been charged with in exchange for a prison sentence.

Costa Concordia delayed, now won't move until the Spring of 2014

The raising and towing to a port of the Costa Concordia is something inhabitants of the island of Giglio in the Tuscan Bay want to see done as soon as possible. However, it's islanders who have put another delay on when the job will be completed by.

Costa Concordia dancer, alleged lover of Schettino, to sue him

Domnica Cemortan, the Moldovan dancer on the bridge of the Costa Concordia when it listed over, drowning 32 people, has hired Italian lawyer Gianluca Madonna. Madonna said that his client will launch several lawsuits relating to that night.

Costa Concordia Captain Schettino sought a plea bargain, rejected

Francesco Schettino, captain of the ill-fated Costa Concordia when it hit a reef and partially sank early last year, tried to plea bargain with the prosecutors handling his case. Looking for a prison term of 3 years, 4 months, he was flatly turned down.

Work on refloating Costa Concordia ongoing as giant box attached

Italian and American companies, Micoperi and Titan Salvage, continue working on refloating the Costa Concordia. Last week the first of 30 giant 'boxes' was attached to a side of the doomed cruise ship.

Costa Concordia, once refloated, to be scrapped at Piombino port

The Costa Concordia disaster was 14 months ago and finally there is a complete plan to remove the ship. While it's been known for months they were refloating and towing it for dismantling, only now have Italian officials decided the port it will go to.

Costa Concordia hero gets Bulgaria's '2012 Man of the Year' award

The Bulgarian technician credited with saving hundreds of lives on the Costa Concordia has been named his country's 'Man of the Year'. The award was handed out Monday at the Inter Expo Center in Sofia and Petar Petrov's wife and son accepted it for him.

One-year anniversary of Costa Concordia sinking is Sunday

The tragedy of the cruise liner the Costa Concordia turns one-year-old on Jan. 13. Italian authorities will mark the date with a memorial on the island of Giglio, where the ship hit rocks and listed. Sixty-five percent of the ship remains underwater.

Costa Concordia newlyweds to publish book, music of experience

When Benji Smith and Emily Lau boarded the Costa Concordia cruise liner a year ago they were embarking on a honeymoon cruise long anticipated. Not long after, however, it turned into a nightmare as the ship hit a reef and over 65% wound up underwater.

Canada's CBC to air talk with Costa Concordia Captain Schettino

The Canadian newsmagazine show, The Fifth Estate, will air an exclusive interview on Friday with the disgraced captain of the doomed Costa Concordia. In the show, Francesco Schettino says the ship's sinking was an accident and that he was not negligent.

Costa Concordia captain hypes upcoming book, paints himself hero

In a talk with an Italian newspaper, Francesco Schettino, captain of the Costa Concordia, said a book he's writing on the sinking of the cruise liner will show him to be a hero, not a coward. Schettino's claim flies in the face of evidence.

Costa Cruises erects website detailing Costa Concordia removal

The company that owns the Costa Concordia, Costa Cruises, has put up a website detailing the progress of the salvage operation. The ship sank off the shore of the Italian island of Giglio on Jan. 13 and is being refloated.

Costa Concordia captain Francesco Schettino sues to get job back

Only one week before his trial for manslaughter and abandoning his ship is to begin, the captain of the Costa Concordia, Francesco Schettino, has launched a lawsuit. His lawyer said Schettino is suing for wrongful dismissal and wants his job back.

Costa Concordia captain blamed for tragedy by panel of experts

Rome - A panel of 4 marine experts appointed by a court in Italy have come to the conclusion the greatest fault for the Jan. 13 tragedy that took the lives of 32 passengers and crew lies with the captain, Francesco Schettino. The ruling is not a surprise.

The wild utterances of Costa Concordia captain on tragic night

Black box recordings from the ill-fated liner the Costa Concordia were published today by the Italian newspaper La Stampa. The transcripts show a confused bridge lead by a captain who one moment lamented his actions, the next praised his heroism.

Costa Concordia continuing on as tragic tourist attraction

The tragedy that is the capsized liner the Costa Concordia remains on the shores of the Italian island of Giglio and is not being ignored. Crews work to refloat the ship and tow it to a port for salvaging and tourists visit daily.

Costa Concordia back in news, removal delayed until Spring

The Costa Concordia, the Italian liner that listed and partially submerged in January, is back in the news. The American company involved in removing it, Titan Salvage, now expects to have the ship refloated and towed away by the Spring of 2013.

Costa Concordia: Italian court delays hearing, to hear black box

A hearing in the Costa Concordia tragedy was delayed Saturday by the Italian court that is to preside over it. In order to more expertly analyze recordings from the ship's black box, the hearing has been moved to Oct. 15.

Costa Concordia captain Schettino makes excuses to U.S. media

The captain of the Costa Concordia, the ill-fated Italian cruise ship that capsized Jan. 13 off the Italian island of Giglio, spoke with U.S. media for the first time this week and his at-times rambling talk produced little clarity.

Costa Concordia memorial marks 6 months; victim's families attend

A memorial to mark the six-month anniversary of the Costa Concordia tragedy, and pay tribute to the 32 who died, was conducted at the site on the Italian island of Giglio July 13. Family members of victims came to the island to honor their loved ones.

Costa Concordia captain Schettino says tragedy not his fault

In a TV interview, his first press interview since his ship, the Costa Concordia, hit a reef and listed over, partially sinking on Jan.13, Captain Francesco Schettino said he was not to blame. However, transcripts released tell a different story.

Costa Concordia filmmaker says ship part of Giglio's 'daily life' Special

Giglio - Bo de Visser, the head of a Dutch film company, Prorama Films, making a time-lapse movie on the Costa Concordia, visited the island of Giglio for the third time last week and reports "life is going on" with the massive liner in the background.

Costa Concordia captain taken off house arrest, on town arrest

The captain of the ill-fated Costa Concordia, the Italian cruise ship that listed and partially sank, Francesco Schettino, was taken off of house arrest but put on a 'town' arrest. An Italian magistrate made the change Friday.
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The Costa Concordia lies waiting to be refloated and to leave the island of Giglio.
The Costa Concordia lies waiting to be refloated and to leave the island of Giglio.
Photo by Bo De Visser of The Last Salute

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