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Why buying less is better than buying green

New research looks into what is ultimately better for the planet - buying less or keeping spending at current levels and buying environmentally-friendly commodities. The answer is to buy less items.

Review: The real villain in ‘Money Monster’ is capitalism Special

‘Money Monster’ is a fairly transparent social commentary directed by Jodie Foster that is boosted by an excellent cast.

Op-Ed: UBI and the zenith of Capitalism

The zenith of Capitalism is on the horizon now that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots are set to take up countless jobs and Universal Basic Income (UBI) is proposed to unconditionally distribute the wealth.

Op-Ed: Sen. Ted Cruz reveals that he knows little about net neutrality

Senator Ted Cruz, who criticized president Obama's defense of net neutrality as "Obamacare for the Internet," has published an op-ed defending his views. Unfortunately, Cruz appears to know little about economics, the Internet, or Constitutional rights.

Op-Ed: Putin declares war on the Ukraine and McDonalds

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin is making the same grave mistake his Soviet predecessors did. He is using the country’s oil exports to finance his bid to restore his country to greatness it never had.

Op-Ed: Economic recovery cannot exist in a plutocratic America

Much debate is had every month when job reports are released about the state of our economy, but these debates are between politicians and economists and rarely reflect what the American people as a whole feel or think.

Op-Ed: A loony rants against the big supermarkets

The supermarket is one of the most wondrous institutions to emerge from the 20th Century. Alas, not everyone sees it that way.

Op-Ed: How the free market is winning

In many ways, the unstoppable power of free market capitalism is winning, even if it is being regulated out of existence.

Op-Ed: Saving the American Dream Means Letting it Die

As we enter a new age of thinking, it seems as though the ideals of the American Dream are stuck in antiquity. It is these residual industrialist ideals that keep people hanging on to the old world while being left behind by the new.

Op-Ed: I can't claim either political party

I have slowly distanced myself from politics over the past 15 years. I’ve become more and more disillusioned with our nation’s leadership at large.

Review: 'Masters of Money - Keynes' Special

London - The BBC has produced a short TV series about the men it says are the masters of money: Karl Marx, Friedrich Hayek and John Maynard Keynes. Such folly.

TEDGlobal Conference Highlights Social Media Challenge

Edinburgh - A combination of social media networks and increasingly powerful technological advances looks likely to take us down a path where we learn to hack everything ourselves to suit our particular requirements.

Op-Ed: This is capitalism? American net worth $77,300, down 30% on 2007

Sydney - If you’re looking for evidence of the criminal mismanagement of America, you don’t need to go past the latest figures from the Fed. The net value of an American family after debt is a paltry $77,300, down from $126,400 in 2007.

Op-Ed: Occupy Movements — Saving our planet requires Economics re-write

On 1 May 2012, Occupy movements in several cities used the workers' holiday to relaunch their campaigns. A CBC radio documentary which aired several weeks ago emphasized the "Occupy Vision" to replace capitalism with economic democracy.

Op-Ed: The Titanic is sinking all over again in 2012

When the Titanic sank in 1912, death for many people was almost preordained by their social status. On hundred years later, things have not changed much for the rich and for the poor.

After the eviction, Occupy London prepares for Occupy 2.0 Special

Less than 24 hours after their tents were removed from outside St. Paul's Cathedral in London, the Occupy protesters were back for their General Assembly, planning the next stage of their campaign. Earlier I interviewed supporter Tina Bakolitsa.

Op-Ed: Cameron guns for boardroom parasites

London - British Prime Minister David Cameron may have no friends on the left, but after today's pronouncements, he won't have many left in the boardroom either.

Op-Ed: Conceptualism to Capitalism — Why Israel will always Occupy

Ottawa - Some argue that globalization is not a new phenomenon yet it’s affect on the 21st century is undeniably innovative in its cross cultural influence.

Op-Ed: Although police have moved in, 'Occupy' still has a job to do

The long-awaited showdown between police and 'Occupy Wall Street' protesters has indeed been ugly at points, but continues to proceed in a relatively civil manner. Many now question whether the movement can survive following widespread eviction notices.

Occupy Wall Street protesters snowed in and found by Howard Stern

New York - With the Occupy Wall Street movement calling for winter gear in the wake of Saturday's blast of snow fall, a new string of interviews by The Howard Stern Show highlights the humorous lack of focus that remains among the protesters.

Former GOP Senatorial candidate Peter Schiff represents 1% at OWS

New York - Peter Schiff, former Connecticut GOP Senatorial candidate and author of several books, decided to speak with Occupy Wall Street protesters. By representing the one percent, Schiff defended free market capitalism and criticized corporatism and Washington.

Occupy Edinburgh - peaceful protest in St Andrew's Square Special

Edinburgh - The Occupy movement has spread steadily around the world and now the Scottish capital becomes part of that as Occupy Edinburgh takes over St Andrew's Square.

Op-Ed: Occupy London – Tent City speaks its mind Special

London - ‘This isn’t an outrageous movement of crazies. Our’s are reasonable demands, and this camp is in the public interest. People just don’t understand this protest; they don’t understand the inequalities that they live with every day.’

Glenn Beck: Activists to 'drag you into the streets and kill you'

Conservative talk personality Glenn Beck, commenting on the Occupy Wall Street protests from his web-based GBTV program, characterized the anti-capitalist activists as 'radicals' that will 'kill everybody.'

GOP Pres candidate Cain calls Wall St protesters anti-capitalist

New York - Herman Cain to protesters, "If you don't have a job, and you're not rich, blame yourself." The Republican Presidential candidate directed those comments at all the protesters involved in the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.

Op-Ed: Confessions of a trader – Goldman Sachs rules the world

Alessio Rastani is handsome, intelligent, charismatic, extremely expensively dressed, and dreaming of a big stock market crash so he can make money off your misery.

Ford ad speaks out against competition's stimulus dollars

Detroit - In a new television commercial supporting Ford's 'press conference' campaign, a Ford customer explains in detail his anti-bailout positions that determined his purchase of a Ford vehicle.

Op-Ed: The Hubris of East Europe's Peasants

Smug hubris is everywhere I look. Add to this access to the Internet, this great equalizer of the stupid, and everyone in these shabby countries - from Macedonia to Russia - holds himself or herself to be a genius and not in need of further edification.

Op-Ed: Yet more SWP nonsense on the riots

The lunacy of the Socialist Workers Party knows no bounds, nor do the limits to which it and its fellow travellers will go to excuse criminal damage, plunder, arson, and even murder.

Hugo Chavez: Capitalism, imperialism ended civilization on Mars

Caracas - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez celebrated World Water Day and delivered a speech to mark the occasion. In his remarks, Chavez believes capitalism and imperialism arrives on Mars and ended all life on the red planet.
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