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WTO to open nominations for next director on June 8

Geneva - Candidates to succeed Roberto Azevedo as head of the WTO will have one month from June 8 to submit their nominations, the global trade body said following the Brazilian's surprise resignation.

Tsai vs Han: Taiwan's top two presidential candidates

Taipei - Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen is seeking a second term against the main challenger Han Kuo-yu in Saturday's elections.

Beto O'Rourke, Democratic sensation, puts it all on the line

Washington - Fueled by hopeful progressives, elevated to rockstar status in his rousing but ultimately unsuccessful Texas Senate campaign last year, Beto O'Rourke sought seclusion in January, postponing a reckoning about his political future.

Algeria ruling coalition backs Bouteflika for April poll

Alger - Algeria's ruling coalition on Saturday named President Abdelaziz Bouteflika as its candidate for April polls, although the ailing incumbent has yet to officially confirm he will run.

Algeria PM's party backs Bouteflika for fifth term

Alger - The main ally of Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's ruling party said Thursday it hoped the ailing incumbent would seek a fifth term in office in April polls.

Retired Algerian general becomes first presidential candidate

Alger - A retired Algerian general on Saturday became the first candidate to announce a run for president in April elections, as ailing incumbent Abdelaziz Bouteflika's intentions remain unknown.

From slum-dweller to senator? French Roma woman aims high

L'ile-saint-denis - Anina Ciuciu, a 27-year-old law student who once begged for centimes, is vying to become France's first Roma senator on Sunday.

New Venezuela body not to 'annihilate' opposition: key candidate

Caracas - President Nicolas Maduro calls her "the tiger" as a tribute to her fierce loyalty to his socialist government.

Video: Marco Rubio builds his platform in bid for presidency

Marco Rubio is building a platform around conservatives as well as single mothers, working families and fresh college graduates. Can he stack up to the many strong competitors he will be facing?

Syria lawmaker becomes first presidential challenger

Damascus - A communist lawmaker has registered as the first challenger for the Syrian presidency in an upcoming election expected to return incumbent Bashar al-Assad to power, the speaker of parliament said Wednesday.

Senate candidate feeling heat for posting grisly photos online

Topeka - Dr. Milton Wolf, a U.S. Republican Senate candidate from Kansas, is feeling heat for posting photos of grisly X-Ray images of gunshot fatalities and injuries to his Facebook page.

Mississippi town’s first openly gay mayoral candidate murdered

Clarksdale - Mississippi law enforcement officials have a man in custody, charged in connection with the murder of one of the state's first openly gay mayoral candidate.

Senate hopeful says pregnancy from rape 'something God intended'

Indiana senate candidate Richard Mourdock told a live television audience that when a woman becomes pregnant during a rape, "that's something God intended."

Op-Ed: Obama and Romney debate, no one wins

Hempstead - Barack Obama and Mitt Romney took the stage at Hofstra University for the second and final presidential debate Tuesday, but did anyone really win?

Op-Ed: France Election — Nicolas 2007, Francois 2012, Marine 2017?

The French Republic woke up this morning with quite a hangover, after the surprising result National Front candidate Marine Le Pen achieved in the first round of France’s 2012 Presidential Election.

Op-Ed: Iowa Caucus — History Tells us who the Next President Will Be

It's all over folks. You can stick a fork in it. It's done. The analysis of Iowa Caucus history will tell us who the next president of these "fifty-seven States" will be.

Iowa Republican Caucus Winner Won't Be President, History Shows

Unless they're the incumbent President, or unless the incumbent President is serving his second term, winning the Iowa Caucuses usually means not winning the nomination, and always means losing the White House, history shows.

Sarah Palin to launch One Nation Tour on Memorial Day weekend

Washington - Sarah Palin, the ex-governor of Alaska and Fox News contributor, will embark on her One Nation Tour beginning Memorial Day Weekend, originating in Washington DC and visiting historical sites on her way to what some are saying could be a presidential bid.

Elizabeth Edwards cuts John Edwards out of her will

Having lost her battle with breast cancer in early December, it was revealed that the will of Elizabeth Edwards did not mention her unfaithful husband - former Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards.

Ten Seats in Play - Ohioans to Decide

Ohio once again becomes a political battlefield with so much at stake incumbents and challengers are fighting for every vote.

A conversation with Toronto Mayoral Candidate James Di Fiore Special

Toronto - Toronto's mayoral race is heating up. In addition to the front runners are numerous fringe candidates offering their solutions to real problems facing Torontonians. James Di Fiore is one who has thrown his hat in the race, targeting Toronto's youth.

GOP candidate backed by Tea Party movement calls some “dumbasses”

The "birther" wing of the Tea Party were called "dumbasses" by Ken Buck, a Colorado GOP Senate candidate, who says they are "distracting" from his campaign.

Toronto's William Molls wants City Hall to work for the people Special

Toronto - At 22 most young men are concerned about where the next party is. Not so for William Molls, running as a candidate for city councilor in Toronto's Ward 22 (St. Paul's). He hopes to bring a fresh face to City Hall while tackling the hard issues.

Texas dog Woodrow has joined race for Governor

Austin - Woodrow is a loyal, loving, fair, honest candidate for Governor. Isn’t that what Texas needs? He never a met a dog he didn’t like. Once homeless and down on his luck in a shelter, he wants to show Texans that great things can happen to anyone.

Republican Candidate Shoots from the Hip

Birmingham - Dale Peterson, Alabama Agriculture Commission, candidate vows to name names and take no prisoners in his TV advertisement that is attracting attention for this farmer, businessman, cop and former marine and he plans to show the people he means business.

Speak English, this is Alabama - learn it or leave

Montgomery - "This is Alabama; we speak English," says gubernatorial candidate Tim James. "If you want to live here, learn it." Requiring Alabama driver’s license tests in English only is a matter of public safety for the people of this state.

Rwandan Genocide Survivors Slam Presidential Candidate's Remarks

The leader of Rwanda’s genocide survivors’ organisation has criticized remarks made by new presidential candidate Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, claiming her statements were tantamount to genocide denial.

Gingrich Considers Himself a GOP Prospect

Newt Gingrich said, while speaking in Cary North Carolina, that he sees himself as a top GOP Prospect for the 2012 election.

D.A. Candidate Dons Ankle Monitor: Savvy Move or Political Stunt?

Republican candidate Michael Untermeyer, who is hoping to be the next district attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has teamed up with a GPS ankle monitor as his campaign partner.

Obama, Clinton, McCain and Barr? The Libertarian Presidential Candidate

With all the attention on the front runners for the Democrat and Republican parties, few know that there are other choices. The Libertarian Party has picked their nominee for Presidential Candidate.
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Carl Paladino
Carl Paladino
azipaybarah on Flickr
Astronaut candidate Sidey during the second series of aptitude tests.
Astronaut candidate Sidey during the second series of aptitude tests.
Canadian Space Agency
David Patterson  2014 Libertarian US Senate candidate
David Patterson, 2014 Libertarian US Senate candidate
Picture of candidate from Libertarian party website
Dale Peterson  Candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries.
 The Cowboy  stops to enjo...
Dale Peterson, Candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries. "The Cowboy" stops to enjoy fresh, fried pork rinds at the 13th annual Sweet Tater Festival at Dowling Memorial Park in Crane Hill on Labor Day weekend.
Courtesy Dale Peterson
Woodrow s run for Governor is a fund-raising effort to help Austin Pets find new homes and meet expe...
Woodrow's run for Governor is a fund-raising effort to help Austin Pets find new homes and meet expenses to stop animals from being dying each week when the new kill lists come out.
KVUE news Screen shot
CAMPAIGN: Retired Johns-Hopkins neurosurgeon Ben Carson  a candidate for the 2016 Republican Party p...
CAMPAIGN: Retired Johns-Hopkins neurosurgeon Ben Carson, a candidate for the 2016 Republican Party presidential nomination, speaks at a campaign event in New Hampshire last summer.
Michael Vadon/Wikimedia Commons
AUDIENCE: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie addresses a town hall meeting in Union City  N.J.  in 2011.
AUDIENCE: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie addresses a town hall meeting in Union City, N.J., in 2011.
Luigi Novi/Wikimedia Commons

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