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Cancer treatment News

Q&A: AI fighting cancer by rescuing and repurposing failed drugs Special

Lantern Pharma is aiming to change how the industry thinks about clinical testing, by analyzing historical data with AI and machine learning to get the right people in the right trials with the right drugs.

Darryl Worley talks music, Darryl Worley Cancer Treatment Center Special

Chart-topping country singer-songwriter Darryl Worley chatted with Digital Journal about his music and the Darryl Worley Cancer Treatment Center. He also revealed his dream collaboration choices in country.

Remarkable cancer treatment announced

Medical scientists have reported on a remarkable cancer treatment. Terminally ill patients, suffering with blood cancer, have become symptom-free following treatment with modified cells.

Novel platform for cancer treatment developed

A new strand of research, exploring how microRNAs can be delivered for cancer treatment, has been published. The method takes advantage of advances in hydrogel technology.

Cotton plants provide the basis of an anti-cancer treatment

A naturally occurring compound found in the ubiquitous cotton plant, called gossypol, may contain a key chemical that could help to treat prostate cancer. The focus is on tackling cancer at the genetic level.

New cancer research uses 2 viruses to find and kill cancer cells

A novel method of fighting cancer being studied in Canada may be the big breakthrough the world has been waiting for. It is early but by using two viruses researchers may be able to target and kill off cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone.

New drug combination causes cancer cells to 'self-destruct'

Liverpool - Researchers in the United Kingdom have discovered a drug combination that triggers a self-destruct mechanism in lung cancer cells.

New cancer discovery may pinpoint optimal treatment window

New research published in the journal Nature Communications shows cancer cells grow more rapidly at night when somebody is sleeping, because hormones that keep people awake and alert suppress the cancerous cells.

NHS decision to reject drug for prostate cancer is a 'fiasco'

A decision by the NHS in England to reject a drug for men with prostrate cancer has angered a charity. Prostate Cancer UK, the largest organisation and a health charity, said the entire process was "a fiasco."

iKnife helps surgeons find cancer

London - An intelligent surgical knife is helping surgeons identify cancer instantly. It is hoped that the knife will reduce the necessity for multiple cancer surgeries by diagnosing unhealthy tissue the first time around.

Harvard develops cancer-killing nanorobots

Boston - The relentless pursuit of a cure for one of humanity's most devastating diseases took a rather large leap with a very small invention recently as Harvard develops cancer-targeting nanorobots that seek out cancer cells and kills them.

Poisoning cancer cells with sugar

A new two-part therapy combining a modified sugar molecule with two cancer killing drugs causes many types of cancer cells to "commit suicide" by apoptosis, a type of programmed cell death, researchers at UC San Diego and Kyushu University wrote.

FDA approval for first melanoma drug extending patients' lives

Washington - Drug manufacturer Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. received the U. S. stamp of approval on Friday to manufacture and market the first drug medication to extend the lives of patients suffering from melanoma.

Chemotherapy may not be as terrible as you have been told

Chemotherapy, a standard form of cancer treatment, has a bad reputation. So bad, that quite a few people prefer to forgo it. But is it really that bad? The indomitable world-renowned James Randi talks about his experiences in a video clip on YouTube.

Cancer Could be Treated by Anti-Psychotic Drugs

Preliminary findings showing that anti-psychotic drugs could help in the treatment of cancer have been published in the online issue of the International Journal of Cancer

Australian researchers unveil new cancer treatment

The new treatment, according to Nature Biotechnology, works by using mutant bacteria generated minicells, which contains siRNA, a cytotoxic drug, to destroy cancer cells.

April Cancer Research Month Brings Out the 'Can' in Cancer Help Special

Cancer is a word that strikes fear and takes most people a sentence to express. But it can be expressed by a single word: "can. Some professionals in the medical and support groups are proving that right now.

Arsenic Can Kill Cancer?

In a twist that seems unlikely arsenic is being used to treat patients with a rare form of leukemia. Arsenic has been used for over 2,000 years in China but now the West sees that in this case it works.

Princess Margaret Hospital's Decreasing Wait Times For Radiation Therapy

In a time when the waiting times for cancer treatment are at an all time high Toronto's Princess Margaret Hospital has decreased the wait for its radiation therapy. Patients routinely have to wait for treatments in Canada. It's one of the shames of the m

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