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Canada Election 2011 News

Prescription drug shortages — A problem affecting many countries

In both Canada and the United States, common drugs needed for patient care are becoming increasingly hard to find — being either discontinued or back-ordered, creating a public health crisis.

Tourism numbers up in Toronto

Toronto - Toronto set new records in tourism by welcoming 14.3 million overnight visitors in 2014. Key drivers were a fourth consecutive year of growth in visitors from the U.S., and the highest number of overseas visitors ever in the destination.

Former Conservative staffer off to jail for robocalls

Guelph - Michael Sona, a former member of the Federal Conservative Party staff has been sentenced to nine months in jail for his role in the 2011 Federal Election robocalls scandal.

Guelph Liberal association fined by CRTC for robocall violations

Guelph - In the latest ruling of the robocall saga from last year’s Canadian federal election, the Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has found the Liberal riding association in Guelph guilty of violating the Telecommunications Act.

Report: 1 in 4 defeated Canadian Tory candidates got public jobs

Ottawa - Following last year's spring federal election in Canada, approximately one quarter of the defeated Conservative candidates landed jobs in the public sector, according to a report. The Conservatives criticized the report for its methodology.

Liberal caucus appoints MP Bob Rae as interim Liberal Leader

Ottawa - It’s final. After weeks of speculation and rumours, the Liberal caucus has chosen Toronto Centre Member of Parliament Bob Rae as the party's interim leader. Rae will serve until a permanent leader is found to succeed Michael Ignatieff.

Fair Vote Canada reports 'classic phony majority'

Ottawa - Canada is run by a Conservative government because it does not use a proportional voting system, an electoral reform group says. Only 39 percent of Canadians voted for the Conservative Party. The minority of voters have elected the majority of seats.

Canada's NDP Deputy Leader questions bin Laden photo existence

Montreal - Canada's New Democratic Party is now the official Opposition party in the House of Commons after a historic federal election Monday. But the party's Deputy Leader is now in hot water after he questioned the existence of photos of Osama bin Laden.

Canadian federal candidate who was never in riding wins in Quebec

Berthier - New Democratic Party candidate Ruth Ellen Brosseau, an assistant manager at a bar, defeated Bloc Quebecois Berthier-Maskinonge incumbent Member of Parliament Guy Andre. But who is she? Not a lot of people know, including voters.

Op-Ed: Canada elects Harper, trashes Libs and Bloc — A foreign view

Canada is a mystery to other countries in many ways. Having grasped the fact that Canadians don’t like being considered Americans, (after all, Americans these days are just under-achieving Canadians) they seem to be following the US down Amnesia Lane.

Canadian Tories win majority, New Democrats become opposition

Toronto - Canadian voters have had their say in what has been called one of the most interesting and unique federal election campaigns in recent memory. The New Democrat Party has become the official opposition for the first time since its formation.

Canadians cast their ballots today, polls show Conservative lead

Today, Canadians will head to the polls to vote in a race between two parties many thought would not go head-to-head this year: the New Democrats is six points behind the leading Conservative Party, according to a recent Nanos Research poll.

Hundreds protest in Toronto ahead of Canadian federal election Special

Toronto - Under rainy skies, hundreds of activists, voters and concerned citizens gathered in downtown Toronto's Parkdale community to protest and march as part of International Workers’ Day. Parkdale New Democratic Party candidate Peggy Nash attended briefly.

WikiLeaks: U.S. cables show officials analyzing Canadian leaders

Ottawa - With just one day until Canadian voters head to the polls, WikiLeaks has published United States cables that show U.S. officials dissecting each of Canada's federal party leaders. What do officials south of the border think of the country's leaders?

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff rallies voters on election eve Special

Toronto - On the eve of Canada's federal election, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, who has slid to third place in the polls, tried to gain some momentum before Monday. Ignatieff campaigned throughout southern Ontario Sunday.

5 Questions with Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper Special

Ottawa - Today Stephen Harper tells Richard Mccallum why he deserves a majority government when he answers 5 Questions about himself and his place in Canada's history books in his very first interview with Digital Journal.

5 Questions with New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton Special

Ottawa - If any of the leaders of Canada's federal parties are performing strongly in this election, then the surprise for election 2011 is that leader of the NDP;Jack Layton seems to be gathering popular momentum day by day.

Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney talks policies, record Special

Toronto - Canadian Minister of Immigration Jason Kenney presented the Conservative Party's immigration platform and past record at Don Valley West Conservative candidate John Carmichael's campaign office in Toronto.

Op-Ed: The Powers That Be — Tweedledee and Tweedledum

The Canadian Prime Minister’s recent infatuation with the large ethnic vote brought to mind a verse by T.S. Eliot, which adapts rather well to the Tory romance with these new Canadians.

Canada Election 2011: 5 Questions with Liberal Scott Bradley Special

Ottawa - The race for Ottawa Center is heating up during this federal election; and giving the NDP"s Paul Dewar a run for his money is Liberal candidate Scott Bradley who today answers five questions .

Jack Layton blames Canadian PM over NDP candidates' vacations

Montreal - New Democratic Party candidates are taking mid-campaign vacations in sunny destinations, which have received criticism. But whose fault is it? NDP Leader Jack Layton blames Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

5 Questions with Canadian Green Party leader Elizabeth May Special

Ottawa - Elizabeth May has been the leader of Canada's Green Party since 2006. In 2011 she is determined to win their very first seat in the Canadian Parliament.

NDP Leader Jack Layton hosts 'historic' town hall in Toronto Special

Toronto - New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton held another large rally in the heart of Toronto. Layton, whose party is in a tough fight for second place with Michael Ignatieff's Liberals, pledged more funding for healthcare and to bring the troops home.

Election Canada: 5 Questions with NDP MP Paul Dewar Special

Ottawa - The Globe & Mail has called the New Democratic Party's Paul Dewar one of "Five MP's to Watch" and has also declared him as "Front and center on the big issues" .

Ignatieff vows to defend 'integrity' of gun registry Special

Vancouver - With opinion polls showing his support falling, Liberal Party leader Michael Ignatieff strongly defended gun control on Tuesday while condemning the Conservative government's record on helping crime victims.

Canadian PM defends asbestos exports and pushes for Senate reform

Windsor - Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper spoke in Quebec Tuesday where he defended asbestos exports, despite the number of cancer risks. The Conservative leader earlier said he would push for reforms in Canada's Senate.

Liberal, NDP leaders celebrate Sikh Khalsa Day in Toronto Special

Toronto - As thousands of Canadian Sikhs celebrated Khalsa Day at Toronto's Queen's Park, Liberal and New Democratic Party leaders Michael Ignatieff and Jack Layton made a brief stop at the event. The two shook hands when their campaigns collided.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff: 'The campaign has just begun' Special

Toronto - Michael Ignatieff, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, spoke in downtown Toronto Sunday. Ignatieff, standing alongside Liberal colleagues, commented on the latest polls, the recent campaign vandalism and his “campaign of style.”

Who is John Kettridge? Canadian Libertarian candidate speaks out Special

Toronto - In Ayn Rand's 1957 epic novel "Atlas Shrugged," the question that is often repeated is: "Who is John Galt?" As an Objectivist follower and a Canadian federal Libertarian candidate for the St. Paul's district, the question now is: Who is John Kettridge?

All-candidates debates — off-limits to Canadian party leaders

Toronto - Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff and Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper have already declined to attend their riding's all-candidates debates. New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton was the latest to announce that he won't be attending either.
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Don Valley West Conservative candidate John Carmichael listening to an immigrant s concern.
Don Valley West Conservative candidate John Carmichael listening to an immigrant's concern.
Stephen Harper  the prime minister of Canada  shooting pool with Sam Sheinkman  a resident at Consta...
Stephen Harper, the prime minister of Canada, shooting pool with Sam Sheinkman, a resident at Constantia Retirement Home
Rochelle Silverberg
Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff speaking with Sikh media.
Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff speaking with Sikh media.
New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton and fellow New Democrats.
New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton and fellow New Democrats.
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaking at event in the Greater Toronto Area.
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaking at event in the Greater Toronto Area.
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Courtesy Conservative Party of Canada
Liberal Member of Parliament Bob Rae (L) and Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff.
Liberal Member of Parliament Bob Rae (L) and Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff.
Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff
Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff
Courtesy Liberal Party of Canada
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Courtesy Conservative Party of Canada
Liberal Member of Parliament Rob Oliphant re-election campaign staff.
Liberal Member of Parliament Rob Oliphant re-election campaign staff.
Bob Rae  leader of the Liberal Party
Bob Rae, leader of the Liberal Party
NDP cross-country tour bus.
NDP cross-country tour bus.
Liberal MP Rob Oliphant.
Liberal MP Rob Oliphant.
Canadian Libertarian federal candidate John Kettridge
Canadian Libertarian federal candidate John Kettridge
Courtesy of John Kettridge
Green Party Leader Elizabeth May
Green Party Leader Elizabeth May
Courtesy Green Party of Canada

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