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Britain 'not yet certain' if 'Jihadi John' dead: Cameron

London - British Prime Minister David Cameron said Friday it was not yet clear whether the Islamic State () group militant known as "Jihadi John" had been killed in a US air strike in Syria.

Britain's Cameron considers help for Syrian refugees

London - British Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to draw up a plan Friday to help more Syrian refugees amid growing pressure at home and abroad to address the crisis.

British PM's 'swarm' of migrants comment sparks outrage

London - Prime Minister David Cameron faced heavy criticism Thursday for saying a "swarm" of migrants was trying to come to Britain, as authorities in France struggle to stop them crossing the Channel.

UK must prepare for many citizens killed in Tunisia: PM

London - Prime Minister David Cameron on Saturday warned the country to prepare for the fact that "many" of those killed in the attack on a Tunisian beach resort were British.

Cameron to see queen at 1130 GMT for expected PM nomination

London - Prime Minister David Cameron will leave Downing Street to meet Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace at 1130 GMT on Friday where she is expected to formally invite him to form a new government, officials said.

Intelligence agencies identify executioner in ISIS videos

London - Two unnamed U.S. officials confirmed Thursday that a black-dressed militant who spoke for the Islamic State group in a series of gruesome videos is London-born Mohammed Emwazi, a 26-year-old Islamic militant already known to British security services.

Cameron vows to fight EU payment despite warning of fines

London - Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday brushed off an EU payment demand despite a warning from the European Commission that Britain faces fines if it does not pay up by December 1.

British MPs vote on joining Iraq airstrikes

London - British lawmakers vote Friday on whether to bomb Islamic State militants in Iraq, joining United States-led air strikes against a group that has seized control of swathes of the war-torn country.

Britain readies for Iraq air strikes, arrests Islamists

London - Prime Minister David Cameron was preparing Thursday for a key vote on joining air strikes in Iraq as police arrested nine people, including a notorious radical preacher, accused of links to Islamist extremism.

Op-Ed: The Islamic State — Obama follows W’s lead

New York - There is a residual anti-”Christian West" dimension to the “Muslim” narrative in many parts of the world, including among a great many Muslims enjoying the “freedoms” and social benefits guaranteed residents in Western “democratic” lands.

Cameron 'has not ruled anything out' on Syria air strikes

London - British Prime Minister David Cameron is not ruling out military action against Islamic State militants in Syria, a spokesman said on Thursday, after Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said Britain would not join any US air strikes in Syria.

Cameron warns Britain could quit EU if Juncker gets top job

Berlin - British Prime Minister David Cameron has warned that his country could leave the European Union if Luxembourg's former premier Jean-Claude Juncker became the next European Commission president, Der Spiegel reported.

Britain's Cameron won't attend Russia's Sochi Winter Olympics

British Prime Minister David Cameron will not attend next month's Winter Olympics in Russia, his spokesman said on Wednesday, adding his schedule meant it was not possible and that British leaders did not usually go to the event.

Cameron urges West to surf 'reshoring' wave to recovery

Davos Platz - Britain on Friday urged the rest of Europe to seize an opportunity to win back millions of jobs through the "reshoring" of production from low-cost economies like China and India.

Op-Ed: UK MPs set for 11% pay rise, but more austerity for Brits

London - Members of Parliament in the UK are set for a bumper 11 percent pay rise. Releasing this news in the same week Chancellor George Osborne delivered his Autumn Statement will be a slap in the face for Brits feeling the financial pinch.

Protests for Lee Rigby, but PM supports alleged killer’s group

London - Protests took place outside the Old Bailey as the accused murderers of Drummer Lee Rigby, UAF speaker Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale appeared in the dock.

Op-Ed: Russia calls Britain 'irrelevant'

Sydney - Vladimir Putin's spokesman referred to Britain as a “diplomatically irrelevant little country no one listens to”. The exact quote is getting blurry, some saying "irrelevant little island", but the intent was obvious.

Op-Ed: Obama looks for support as Cameron ups financial aid for Syria

Saint Petersburg - As the G20 summit drew to a close in St Petersburg, Russia, UK PM David Cameron offered increased financial support to ease the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

Review: Beauty and Whimsy at The Met's Latest Photography Exhibition Special

New York - Photography is front and center the Metropolitan Museum of Art right now, with a showing of the work of English photographer Julia Margaret Cameron, best-known for her portraits of Victorian figures including Charles Darwin and Thomas Carlyle.

Cameron and Putin to discuss differences on Syria

British Prime Minister David Cameron has said he will ask the Russian President Vladimir Putin to concentrate his efforts on bringing about an international deal that will in turn lead to an end of the ongoing conflict in Syria.

Romanian online newspaper launches fun anti-UK ad campaign

With the UK worried about mass immigration by Eastern Europeans and the introduction of the ‘Life in the United Kingdom’ citizenship test, at first Romania was a little insulted. Then a newspaper in the country decided to have a little fun.

EDL Walthamstow: Police allow violence from Cameron backed UAF

Walthamstow - New video evidence shows the sheer scale of violence and intimidation used by the far-left organised counter demonstration. The Metropolitan Police can be seen losing control of the situation and then giving in to the perpetrators.

UK Government rumoured to be creating new peers

Rumours abound in Westminster about government plans to create approximately 60 new members of the House of Lords, potentially avoiding embarrassing defeats in future.

Op-Ed: Europe isn't going to fail but it will look very different

European politicians - from Nicholas Sarkozy to Angela Merkel - are correct in saying that this is Europe’s darkest hour since World War II. What has emerged from decades of negotiations between European leaders is now under threat.

Obama serves up BBQ in the back garden of 10 Downing Street

After a morning of in-depth talks about Libya, Afghanistan and world economy, President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron served up the barbecue in true American-style using British beef and American staple side dishes.

David Cameron speaks of failure of mulitculturalism

Prime Minister David Cameron blamed the ways in which multiculturalism has been implemented for contributing to extremism in Britain, saying a strong national identity is needed.

Teen who dies after being punched leaves final thoughts online

Pakenham - An Australian teenager who hit his head in a fall after being punched was unaware that he needed medical help. He went home and posted messages on Facebook about being in pain and died a few hours later.

Cameron thinks moving UK clocks forward year round may be best

UK Prime Minister David Cameron thinks it may be a good idea to move clocks forward year round to provide more daylight in the evenings, but some people are concerned that it would mean children travelling to school in the dark.

UK hacker could avoid extradition

Computer hacker Gary McKinnon looked to be facing certain extradition to the States but he now seems to have found himself a powerful ally in British Prime Minister David Cameron.

UK Prime Minister apologizes for 'Bloody Sunday'

In a speech to the House of Commons, newly minted UK Prime Minister David Cameron has termed the 1972 killings in North Ireland "unjustified", saying:
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