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Latest in home security camera devices evaluated Special

Home security products are growing in popularity, but many are expensive, and many have poor connectivity. Two new devices from Reolink provide high-quality imaging at an affordable price.

Cameras, drones: Rio de Janeiro to put electronic eyes on crime

Rio De Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro state is moving ahead with plans to deploy security cameras and drones to help fight crime, according to its next governor, a far-right politician loyal to president-elect Jair Bolsonaro.

Warning against 'drone watching' over wildfires

Flying drones has become a popular pastime among many, especially as the cost of entry-level drones has fallen. There's a time and a place, however, and flying drones over wildfires is likely to get the owner in trouble.

Video-based facial recognition for businesses: Interview Special

Facial recognition technology is making headlines as the debate on privacy vs. security grows. How advanced is the technology and what is it being used for? A leading expert provides some answers.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ claims the highest DxOMark camera score ever

Samsung's just-announced Galaxy S9+ has surpassed Google's Pixel 2 to become the highest-scoring smartphone on the DxoMark photography test. The S9+ scored a record-breaking 104 points on the benchmark used as a standard for phone camera comparisons.

Many security cameras vulnerable to hacking

Businesses and other services dependent upon security solutions have been urged to upgrade their security cameras due to risks that such cameras can be hacked. A big risk arises from malware which leads to leakage of sensitive information.

Micro-cameras being tested for digital businesses

A new development in mini, wearable and customizable cameras has been launched. Called FOMO, the camera offers opportunities for businesses and for consumers, being able to capture video in real-time.

Logitech launches Circle 2 smart security camera to rival Nest

Logitech has announced a new household security camera to rival the Nest ecosystem of products. Called the Circle 2 and acting as follow-up to the Logi Circle, Logitech is pitching the device as a peace-of-mind solution to stay in control of your home.

Ethical qualms make UK police cameras a mixed success

London - With accusations of police misconduct raging on both sides of the Atlantic, Britain has taken the lead in supplying officers with body cameras despite worries about ever-increasing surveillance by the authorities.

Logitech's new webcam features 4K video and HDR support

Logitech has announced a new flagship webcam with support for 4K video, HDR lighting and a zoom control. It's designed for business users and video streamers looking for the ultimate in webcam quality, even though few streaming services support 4K.

Troubled GoPro announces recall of its just launched drone

Action camera manufacturer GoPro has announced a full recall of its $799 Karma drone after reports of devices losing power while in use. The device launched only a few weeks ago and was intended to revive the fortunes of the struggling company.

Microsoft admits Windows 10 update just broke millions of webcams

Microsoft has admitted that it broke millions of the world's most popular webcams with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. An internal change to the way in which webcams are controlled has left devices unusable, including with Microsoft's own apps.

Tesla looking at two possible reasons for the fatal Model S crash

Tesla engineers are examining the cameras and radar system in the Model S involved in the fatal crash of a man in Florida using the car's AutoPilot system in May this year.

Forget microSD — Something far better has finally arrived

Samsung has announced the world's first UFS removable memory cards for mobile devices, available in capacities up to 256 gigabytes. UFS is the replacement for the ubiquitous microSD used by current smartphones and offers huge performance improvements.

Google takes 'some responsibility' for self-driving car/bus crash

Google was testing one of its' self-driving cars on Valentine's Day when the car struck a public bus on a street in Silicon Valley. It appears this is the first time one of the tech company's cars has caused a crash (albeit small) during testing.

Most security cameras on BART trains are fake, agency admits

Oakland - Most of the hundreds of security cameras on BART commuter trains around the Bay Area are not working, the agency admitted Wednesday as it began investigating the second onboard shooting in its 45-year history.

Facebook's facial recognition can recognise you without your face

Facebook's facial recognition has become so accurate that it is now able to identify you in a photo even if you have your back to the camera. The system is not available on Facebook's public site but should be coming soon for any photo that you upload.

U.S. announces $20 mn police body camera program

Washington - U.S. officials on Friday announced a $20-million pilot program to help equip law enforcement agencies across the country with body cameras.

Highlights of NAB 2015 with latest in film making gear Special

Las Vegas - Digital Journal reported live at this year's NAB 2015 convention which exceeded 100,000 in attendance. Held in Las Vegas, NAB is the world's largest digital media show for production, design, management and delivery of content across all formats.

Obama to move on police body cameras after Ferguson unrest

Washington - President Barack Obama will seek to release funds aimed at equipping more US police officers with body cameras following the racially charged fatal shooting of a black teenager in Ferguson, the White House said.

Why DSLR cameras won’t go extinct, according to nature photographer Marianna Digioia Commissioned

Though smartphones have ushered in the age of selfies and instant snapshots, one expert insists taking professional photographs still requires a high-grade camera.

All new cars will have backup cameras by 2018

With the growing number of vehicular accidents, the government is recognizing the need for stricter safety utilities, including mandatory backup cameras.

New surveillance technology can watch a large area for hours

Dayton - New camera surveillance technology from Persistent Surveillance Systems can spy for hours on a single large area, as tested in Dayton, Ohio.

London's armed police to wear body cameras

London - In the wake of the fatal shooting of a 29-year-old man in North London in 2011, armed police units in London will soon be required to wear body cameras.

Op-Ed: Why cameras on smartphones should be wiped out

More and more people are turning to their convenient smartphones to take photographs. Many people have done this when you just don't have the time to reach for a camera, but after reading an article, I believe it's time for these smartphone cameras to go.

'Camover' game destroys CCTV cameras in Germany (video)

Berlin - As the number of CCTV surveillance cameras increases in Germany, a game called "Camover" has been created where players are encouraged to destroy the intrusive cameras and record their actions on video.

US District Judge rules warrant unnecessary for hidden cameras

Green Bay - Setting up hidden cameras, even on private property, is now allowed by police without court approval. US District Judge William Griesbach ruled against a motion filed on behalf of two suspected marijuana growers caught on film on their own property.

Video: Hula Burn 2012 — A hula-hoop extravaganza

What happens when you attach video cameras to a whole load of hula-hoops and then just let those ladies spin? In an amazing display, Hula Burn 2012 shows you the result of that feat.

TrapWire: Anonymous gives handy tips on how to avoid surveillance

Now that WikiLeaks has brought TrapWire to the attention of the world, people are concerned about surveillance and being tracked wherever they go. Here are some solutions. Maybe.

'Facedeals' uses facial recognition cameras to send discounts

Surveillance cameras are a way of life in the modern world. Both government and businesses use them for security purposes. Now one company is in the midst of developing a camera that uses facial recognition to bring consumers deals.
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Cameras Image

The Camover game has been started to encourage people in Germany to destroy CCTV cameras and film th...
The Camover game has been started to encourage people in Germany to destroy CCTV cameras and film the process.
The Joy of Digital Photography
Two women browse through photos taken on a digital camera.
Digital Journal
This photo of the Toronto Harbourfront was taken with the Sony NEX-6 camera
This photo of the Toronto Harbourfront was taken with the Sony NEX-6 camera
Digital Journal
Three surveillance cameras.
Three surveillance cameras.
Lights! Camera! Action!
Lights! Camera! Action!
Cameras surveilling the area
Cameras surveilling the area
jonathan macintosh
Film created by Kodak
Film created by Kodak
William Cho, Flickr
Thanakrit Gu
Photographers and more press showed up throughout the day ready to capture the moments.
Photographers and more press showed up throughout the day ready to capture the moments.
A selection of old movie cameras
A selection of old movie cameras
Camera and microwave transmitter for wireless long range audio and video surveillance
Camera and microwave transmitter for wireless long range audio and video surveillance
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