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Camera News

Review: HD-smart Wi-Fi camera offers complete smart home security Special

A new, portable security camera from Heimvision provides optimal security for the smart home, including wide screen image capture and night-vision infrared technology.

Review: HeimVision's battery powered security camera does the job Special

HeimVision's new battery powered security camera allows the user to assess images, motion and sound both inside the home, or to keep an eye on events happening outside.

World's fastest camera at 10 trillion frames per second

Quebec - The world's fastest camera has been developed. Called the T-CUP the camera operates by 'freezing time' at 10 trillion frames per second.

Adobe's new app will make you a PDF from just a photo

Adobe has launched a new app that uses the power of your phone's camera to create editable PDFs from photos of documents. Called Adobe Scan, it employs optical character recognition technology to convert written words into printed text in real-time.

Palm-sized medical gamma-ray camera launched

Scientists have invented a Compton camera weighing just 580 grams. The camera visualizes gamma rays of different energies. in tests the camera has produced high-resolution, multicolor 3D molecular images of a live mouse.

Google reinvents search to move past Android, into crazy future

Google I/O is, far and away, Google's most important single event of the year, where CEO Sundar Pichai presents his grand vision for the company in the year to come.

Explosion proof digital camera launched

Austin - A high resolution explosion proof digital camera has been launched this week from Larson Electronics, a Texas based company. The camera is designed for security and remote observation in both indoor and outdoor environments.

3D printed camera mimics sharp vision of predators

An advanced camera has been created through the use of a 3D printer. The camera has been designed to mimic the 'eagle-eyes' of many predatory birds, and a key application is with advancing drone imaging technology.

Lensless camera technology promises improved picture quality

Hitachi has produced a camera technology capable of capturing video images without using a lens. Remarkably, the focus of the image can be altered once the image has been captured.

UV light used to make smartphone cameras better

The smartphone market is driven by incremental improvements to device models. One key selling point is the camera. The next generation of smartphone cameras could be improved by an innovation using UV light.

Huawei uses $4,500 professional camera to fake a smartphone photo

Chinese smartphone brand Huawei has been caught up in an embarrassing social media incident that has eroded trust in its brand. It implied that a photo uploaded to its Google+ account was shot on its P9 smartphone. It was actually taken on a $4,500 DSLR.

Apple patents tech to disable iPhone cameras at concerts

Apple has been awarded a patent for a technology that could automatically deactivate your iPhone's camera while at a concert or other public event. It would prevent people from inconveniencing others by taking photos and illegal recordings.

Huawei unveils the P9 and P9 Plus — Flagships to rival the iPhone

Huawei has officially announced its new flagship smartphones, the Huawei P9 and P9 Plus. The handsets target the premium end of the market and aim to demonstrate that the Chinese company can rival the likes of Apple and Samsung.

Man distracted by electronic device walks off a cliff and dies

San Diego - The man who was distracted by the electronic device he was holding and fell 60 feet to his death at San Diego's Sunset Cliffs has been identified, lifeguards say. The incident happened around 4:50 p.m. on Christmas day.

Nokia's 360-degree virtual reality camera costs $60k, on sale now

Nokia's first virtual reality product is now available for pre-order at an asking price of $60,000. The ground-breaking OZO camera is aimed at professional filmmakers and shoots 360-degree VR video for next-generation entertainment experiences.

Nexus 5X may take 'upside down photos'

Google's Nexus 5X smartphone may take 'upside down photos', a company engineer has confirmed. There is a rational explanation for the odd behaviour but it hasn’t pleased annoyed owners.

TV news station replaces film cameras with iPhones

A Swiss news station has recently replaced its professional-quality TV cameras with a fleet of iPhones, citing greater portability, equivalent image quality and lower operating cost as the chief reasons for the change.

iPhone 6S found to take 'much better' video than $3000 Nikon DSLR

A professional photographer has concluded that 4K video from the iPhone 6S significantly outperforms a DSLR setup from Nikon worth over $3000, highlighting how far smartphone optics have come over the past few years.

Sony backtracks on Xperia waterproofing, 'do not use underwater'

Sony has quietly made a rather major change to one of its support pages for its Xperia smartphones. It now warns users that handsets should not be used underwater, a serious contradiction to several of its own press images and advertising campaigns.

Canon unveils a 250MP CMOS sensor for DSLR cameras

Camera manufacturer Canon has created the world's highest resolution CMOS sensor that can fit inside conventional DSLR cameras. Capable of shooting photos with 250-megapixels, Canon claims it makes the branding on airplanes 18km away visible.

Cops to delete LPR data as 80GB hard drive 'keeps crashing'

The Oakland Police Department has decided to delete license plate data after six months instead of retaining it indefinitely. The reason isn't really to give residents more privacy but rather because a Windows XP computer's 80GB hard drive is full.

MIT's new camera sensor could erradicate photo overexposure

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are working on a new way of capturing light with camera sensors that could put an end to overexposure in photos without having to enable HDR or alter the shot in post-processing.

Apple says iPhone 6 Plus cameras 'may fail', offers free repairs

Apple has acknowledged a long-running complaint amongst iPhone 6 Plus owners who have found that their devices take very blurry photos. The company has admitted that, in some instances, the camera units may fail and has started a replacement program.

Nokia unveils a 360-degree virtual reality camera with 3D sound

Confirming previous rumours regarding what Nokia was planning to unveil at its VIP press event this week, the company has announced that it is developing a virtual reality camera for the movie industry that can capture 360-degree panoramas.

Body cameras lead to dramatic fall in police brutality: UN expert

Ginebra - Growing use of body cameras by police has led to a dramatic fall in brutality, a top UN rights expert said Friday, but warned the technology could be a double-edged sword.

Facebook's new Moments app highlights photos of friends

Facebook has released a new photo management app that uses facial recognition to detect forgotten pictures of your friends in your camera roll. It then suggests tags, syncs the friends and tags to the photo's subject and shares the images with friends.

Microsoft releases substantial update for Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft has just released a substantial update for Windows 10 Mobile to Windows Insiders. It brings along the new universal Office apps for the first time and updated music, video, Xbox and camera apps alongside improvements and support for new devices.

Scientists create trillion-frame-per-second camera

Radiologists at the University of Tokyo have created one of the fastest cameras ever, capable of photographing events happening at one-sixth the speed of light.

The leather-backed LG G4 is here with impressive specs

LG has officially unveiled its new flagship Android smartphone for 2015, the G4. After weeks of embarrassing leaks about the phone on LG's own website that have revealed most details, the powerful device has finally been revealed in London and New York.

Sony unveils the Xperia Z4: Uncannily like the Xperia Z3

Sony has announced the Xperia Z4, its flagship Android smartphone for this year. It uses a design that is almost identical to its predecessor though with the only notable changes being some of the internals.
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Camera Image

A group of researchers at MIT have proposed a camera that can take a perfect picture  no matter what...
A group of researchers at MIT have proposed a camera that can take a perfect picture, no matter what the lighting contrast is. Called a “modulo camera,” this camera is designed to never overexpose an image, enabling high dynamic range photography.
Image by MIT
Sony’s Alpha NEX series are extremely tiny interchangeable-lens cameras that have huge  S.L.R. siz...
Sony’s Alpha NEX series are extremely tiny interchangeable-lens cameras that have huge, S.L.R. sized sensors inside. Photo shows Alpha NEX-6 digital camera
Digital Journal / Sony
HeimVision HM203 1080P WiFi Camera  as dsiplayed on an iPad.
HeimVision HM203 1080P WiFi Camera, as dsiplayed on an iPad.
CCTV cameras
CCTV cameras
Ring Indoor Cam.
Ring Indoor Cam.
© Amazon
PHOTO: Zeng Xiaoyang of Fudan University was one of the scientists who developed the new technology....
PHOTO: Zeng Xiaoyang of Fudan University was one of the scientists who developed the new technology. (Supplied: Weibo: Light world OPTICSKY ).
Weibo/Optic Sky
The Samsung NX100 digi camera
The Samsung NX100 digi camera
Courtesy Samsung
When looking for a camera look for good functionality in low light and at high speeds. Such as a hig...
When looking for a camera look for good functionality in low light and at high speeds. Such as a high ISO range and a fast shutter speed.
Photographer at work
Photographer at work
A camera  lost in a shipwreck by Paul Burgoyne and found 2 years later.
A camera, lost in a shipwreck by Paul Burgoyne and found 2 years later.
The Joy of Digital Photography
Two women browse through photos taken on a digital camera.
Digital Journal
The iPhone 6
The iPhone 6
Via Flickr Creative Commons
NAB show
Fujifilm offers a leather  quick shot  case with matching strap for the X10 digital camera
Fujifilm offers a leather "quick shot" case with matching strap for the X10 digital camera
Courtesy Fujifilm
Canon s 250-megapixel camera sensor.
Canon's 250-megapixel camera sensor.
The Sony Alpha55 DSLR camera
The Sony Alpha55 DSLR camera
Courtesy Sony
The first light field camera (Lytro)
The first light field camera (Lytro)
Fuijifilm Z70
Fuijifilm Z70
Prynt case turns your smartphone into an instant-print camera
Prynt case turns your smartphone into an instant-print camera
Prynt SAS

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