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Camera News

41MP Nokia Lumia 1020 receives a substantial price cut

The Nokia Lumia 1020, a high-end Windows Phone device famed for its incredible 41MP camera lens, has dropped significantly in price, apparently permanently, over this weekend.

Mantis shrimps can see cancer

Adelaide - Australian scientists have discovered that the mantis shrimp has an amazing ability: the shrimps can detect a variety of cancers inside the human body. The researchers hope to harness this to make a special camera.

'Drunk' bride's photo ordering Taco Bell goes viral

Last Thursday a photo of a bride trying to order some food at a Taco Bell's drive-thru was posted on Reddit and since then it has gone viral.

CaseCam brings hands free photography to the iPhone

When was the last time you took a picture with your iPhone's camera? Chances are it wasn't too long ago, but this crowd funding project aims at enhancing that experience.

Samsung tells S3 camera users to upgrade to the S5

A new Samsung advertisement published online appears to be designed to convince users of its ex-flagship device, the Galaxy S3, to upgrade to its much-newer successor, the S5.

This is what happens when you put a GoPro inside a dishwasher

A curious owner of a GoPro3 camera decided to place his camera inside a dishwasher, for a full cycle, to see what would happen.

Shipwrecked camera found 2 years later, photos intact (Video)

Vancouver - Back in 2012, Paul Burgoyne got into a little trouble and had to be rescued by the coast guard, on his way from Vancouver to his summer home in Tahsis, B.C. He lost a camera containing precious family photos, which he thought were lost forever.

Toronto police to test body cameras

Toronto - After a study revealed massive drops in use of force incidents and reports of police misconduct if officers are required to wear a camera on their uniforms, departments the world over are considering employing cameras to monitor officers.

Taking photos in near darkness, thanks to nano tech

Scientists have discovered that a special super-thin layer of nanomaterial could dramatically improve how cameras work, especially in circumstances when there is not much light.

London's armed police to wear body cameras

London - In the wake of the fatal shooting of a 29-year-old man in North London in 2011, armed police units in London will soon be required to wear body cameras.

Video: Sea eagle steals camera, makes mini-documentary

Ending in the capture of probably one of the most original "selfies" yet, a sea eagle stole a camera and went on a 100 kilometer (70 mile) aerial tour of Western Australia in May this year. Now the video has been released on YouTube for our edification.

Bird steals camera and records journey in Australia

In northwest Australia a bird snatched a video camera that was recording crocodiles, and captured its 70-mile journey across a remote landscape.

Samsung Galaxy S5 release date in 2014 and more confirmed details

For those eagerly waiting for the Galaxy S5, it isn't coming at the end of 2013 like many hoped it would. Instead, it will most likely arrive in early 2014 to line up with its one-year release of the Galaxy S4.

Videos: GoPro — Getting down and dirty with your pet's eye view

Have your ever wondered what the world looks like from your animal friend's point of view? Well several people decided to find out, by attaching a GoPro to their pets and catching the action.

Op-Ed: How tablets are replacing several everyday use electronic devices

Internet tablets actually existed for quite a while, but only recently gained popularity. On a retail level, one of the first tablets introduced was the Archos 5 Internet Tablet (IT) in 2009.

GoPro Hero camera lost at sea, found by spear-fisherman (video)

Kitesurfer Jens Knof lost his brand new GoPro Hero in the water while on vacation in the Dominican Republic. Two and a half months later, a spear-fisherman found it. All was intact, including the footage.

Sony's new camera mount for dogs: A dog's perspective in life

Sony announces their new product, a camera harness that fits on dogs. Called the AKA-DM1, this camera harness allows an owner to mount a camera on a dog to capture shots from a dog's point of view.

Tiny infrared camera could give every soldier sight in the dark

A new 1280 x 720 night vision camera with five microns pixels has been developed by DARPA-funded DRS Technologies, Inc. The new camera is practical and could end up saving the government a lot of money.

CCTV: Man attempts grocery store robbery, fails miserably

A man, dressed in rather bright and gaudy clothing, was walking past a grocery store. He got it into his head to attempt a robbery, but things didn't go quite as planned.

Owner of camera which traveled from Maui to Taiwan has been found

On March 23, Hawaii News Now published an article with photos, looking for the owner of an underwater camera which had traveled on its own from Maui all the way to Taiwan. The happy owner has now been found, and five years later can see her photos.

Watch skateboarder trigger speed camera as he nearly hits 70 mph

Cape Town - Watch this footage that shows a daredevil South African skateboarder hitting nearly 70 mph (110 km/h) during a downhill ride. But South African police do not appreciate this extraordinary stunt. What you see in this video could land this guy in jail.

Video: Robber scared away from gold shop with a chair and a stick

A robber was first fought off with a chair and a stick, and then caught, soon after he tried to rob a gold shop in Hui'an County in southeast China's Fujian Province. The surprise was the arsenal found on his person by the police after his arrest.

Video: Man fined for speeding, but his car was completely stopped

Baltimore - Everyone is aware of those darn cameras, catching you speeding on a regular basis, but this owner was more than a little upset because his car was completely immobile at the time it was caught on camera.

Review: Digital Journal Gift Guide — Hot tech, cool gadgets Special

In our annual holiday gift guide, Digital Journal recommends several impressive gadgets ideal for the tech lover in your life. We review high-performance cameras, stylish vacuum cleaners, powerful tablets and much more.

Plane crash at Sao Paulo's Congonhas airport captured on camera

Rio De Janeiro - A security camera captured the moment a small plane that touched down at Sao Paulo's Congonhas airport, ran down an embankment, crashed into a boundary fence and stopped a few meters away from a main highway, after it overshot the runway.

Bounce Imaging Produces Low Cost Solution To See the Unseen

What if firefighters could see inside a burning building before entering? What if law enforcers can observe a hostage situation without risks? What if there was a low cost solution that could do all this?

Video: Millions watched as Jimmy Savile groped girl on live TV

London - An old video showing Jimmy Savile literally mauling a young girl on live TV while millions watched in their homes has surfaced. The Top of the Pops video was shot on November 25, 1976 in the BBC's West London TV Center.

Google camera spots man with gun at home where baby died

Detroit - A Google mapping truck caught an image of a man standing on a porch, with what appears to be a gun, at a home that looks like the same home where a baby died.

New York Times photojournalist fights brutal NYPD arrest

New York - Robert Stolarik was doing his job, covering the arrest of a 16-year-old girl in the Bronx, when the NYPD brutally assaulted and arrested him.

New camera can see through skin and around corners

Superman could do it and now so might you. Israeli scientists have developed a new camera that is able to see through skin without x-rays and even see through walls and around corners using just natural light.
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Camera Image

Fujifilm JV100
Fujifilm JV100
Fujifilm HS10
Fujifilm HS10
A camera traveled from Maui to Taiwan where it was found - the photos survived.
A camera traveled from Maui to Taiwan where it was found - the photos survived.
Video screen capture
Canon s PowerShot s95
Canon's PowerShot s95
The owner of a lost camera that traveled from Maui to Taiwan has now been found.
The owner of a lost camera that traveled from Maui to Taiwan has now been found.
Video screen capture
CCTV cameras
CCTV cameras
Fuijifilm Z70
Fuijifilm Z70
A GroPro Hero camera  lost on Kite Beach  Dominican Republic turned up two and a half months later i...
A GroPro Hero camera, lost on Kite Beach, Dominican Republic turned up two and a half months later in the reef, with footage still intact.
Photographer at work
Photographer at work
The Sony Alpha55 DSLR camera
The Sony Alpha55 DSLR camera
Courtesy Sony
A sea eagle in Australia stole a camera and made a mini-documentary.
A sea eagle in Australia stole a camera and made a mini-documentary.
The first light field camera (Lytro)
The first light field camera (Lytro)
NAB show
Fujifilm S1800
Fujifilm S1800
Nikon D3000
Nikon D3000
By metropoint_gametrix
A woman taking a photo
A woman taking a photo
Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman takes some pictures as he arrives for Media Day for Supe...
Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman takes some pictures as he arrives for Media Day for Super Bowl XLVIII at the Prudential Center in Newark
Candace Beckwith

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