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California News

Olivia Newton-John bestowed Companion of the Order of Australia

Los Angeles - Veteran music and entertainment icon Olivia Newton-John has a major reason to celebrate. She finally received her Companion of the Order of Australia award.

PG&E cuts power to thousands of Californians amid wildfire threat

Pacific Gas & Electric implemented a controversial practice of cutting power to selected portions of Northern California on Saturday to guard against wildfires as the weather turned very windy, dry and hot.

California's housing crisis forcing a reverse migration

Idaho may be the new frontier for Californians. In a recent Bloomberg story, reporters Prashant Gopal and Noah Buhayer describe an "echo boom" in which Californians are invading landlocked cities out west, like Boise, Phoenix, and Reno, Nevada.

Social equity the slumbering elephant behind legalizing marijuana

Questions about marijuana and social justice have played a prominent role this year in several U.S. states' debates about pot legalization.

Data mining reveals clues behind California earthquakes

By applying advanced data mining techniques, researchers have been able to assess earthquake data and this analysis has revealed hidden clues about major California earthquake triggers. The new information may assist with prevention.

California sets regulations for testing light driverless trucks

Sacramento - California would allow testing of light-duty autonomous trucks on public roads under a rule announced last Friday. The California Department of Motor Vehicles outlines a permitting process for any companies wanting to test or deploy driverless trucks.

California chef feeds homeless kids

Los Angeles - For thousands of poor or homeless children in California, you could say that Chef Bruno Serato is a real super-hero, vanquishing hunger by the plateful -- three million meals in 14 years, to be exact.

25 Local governments sue California over pot home delivery rule

Beverly Hills - Beverly Hills and 24 other localities in California sued state regulators Friday to overturn a rule allowing home deliveries statewide, even into communities that banned commercial pot sales.

California declared drought free for first time in seven years

California has emerged from a state-wide drought and has been declared 'drought free' for the fist time in seven years. This follows an abundance of rain and snow throughout the winter months.

Children not spared by California's homelessness crisis

Los Angeles - Jose Razo, the principal of Telfair Elementary School in Los Angeles county, wants his students to spend their time worrying about homework, their grades or playdates.

California governor to impose moratorium on executions

Los Angeles - Governor Gavin Newsom will Wednesday impose a moratorium on carrying out the death penalty in California, granting temporary reprieve to the 737 inmates on death row -- the largest such group in the United States.

California governor to withdraw National Guard from border

Los Angeles - In a rebuke to President Donald Trump, the governor of California on Monday was set to sign an order to pull most of the National Guard troops deployed on the Mexico border.

Erin Brockovich steps in to support California wildfire victims

Environmental and consumer rights activist Erin Brockovich has taken up the cause of California wildfire victims and is seeking compensation, once again, from Pacific Gas & Electric.

PG&E will file for bankruptcy protection at end of January

California’s largest power company intends to file for bankruptcy as it faces tens of billions of dollars in potential liability following massive wildfires that devastated parts of the state over the last two years.

Op-Ed: Trump threatens to cut FEMA wildfire funds to California

President Donald Trump, unable to get his way on a wall on the Southern border, revived his criticism of California on Wednesday, insisting again the state has mismanaged forest management programs and allowed wildfires to rage.

California's new laws reflect state's liberal activism

Sacramento - California Governor Jerry Brown is leaving office Jan. 7 after signing more than 1,000 laws in his last year, most of them going into effect on January 1. Many of the laws play on the state's liberal activism and response to social movements.

With climate change going unchecked, insurance costs will rise

Although there are some folks who remain skeptical of Climate Change, the folks who make a living providing us with insurance are not. Insurance companies are already being impacted by the significant amount of destruction a warming world is causing.

California wildfires — Can we learn a lesson from the past?

Drought and abnormally dry conditions now cover 100 percent of California, up from 26 percent one year ago - making the state a literal tinderbox. The Camp Fire in Butte County is now ranked as one of the deadliest wildfires in U.S. history.

Public Safety Power Shutoff not warranted said PG&E during fire

On November 8, two hours before the deadly Camp Fire erupted in Butte County, California, The National Weather Service issued a "Red Flag Warning" for the region.

At least 44 people have died in destructive California wildfires

Fueled by blustery winds and parched vegetation, two massive fires burning in California both grew overnight, even as exhausted firefighters worked to extend containment lines. Today, the winds are expected to return.

Small team leads harrowing search for California fire victims

Chico - A small team searching for victims of one of California's deadliest fires happen upon a man lying face down between two ash-covered pickup trucks. His body and clothes seem intact, aside from hideous burns around his calves."You never get used to it.

Tales of courage, survival emerge from California wildfires

Paradise - As firefighters battled the devastating California wildlfires for a seventh day on Wednesday incredible tales were emerging of courage and survival.

Death toll jumps to 25 as California battles wildfires

Powerful winds are expected to sweep through California on Sunday, exacerbating three major fires that have killed at least 25 people, destroyed thousands of homes and displaced hundreds of thousands of residents.

It's not forest management that's making wildfires so dangerous

The ferocity of the wildfires on either end of California have never been seen before in the state's history. While hundreds of thousands of people have fled the flames and thousands of homes have been destroyed, don't blame it on poor forestry practices.

Trump tweets on Calif. wildfires? 'I may yank federal payments'

President Donald Trump early on Saturday said “gross mismanagement of forests” is to blame for two unchecked wildfires burning in California, where nine people have been killed and hundreds of thousands forced to evacuate.

PG&E will replace three gas plants with world's largest batteries

Sacramento - The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) on Thursday approved four energy storage projects for Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) to replace retiring gas generators, including two batteries that would be the largest in the world.

Wildfire ravages California town of Paradise as residents flee

Paradise - A late-season wildfire ravaged the town of Paradise in northern California overnight, forcing its nearly 27,000 residents to flee for their lives, officials said.

Explosive California wildfire wipes out town of Paradise

Paradise - A fast-moving wildfire has ravaged a Northern California town - sending residents racing to escape on roads that turned into tunnels of fire while thick smoke darkened the daytime sky.

Camp Fire in Northern California is already visible from space

Paradise - Tens of thousands of people in northern California were ordered to evacuate a fast-moving wildfire that exploded in size Thursday to over 8,000 acres in Butte County.

Cannabis equity in California aims to level the playing field

On September 27, Governor Jerry Brown signed the California Cannabis Equity Act. In many ways, the act recognizes the failed efforts of the war on drugs and the devastation cannabis criminalization had on minority and underserved communities.
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California Image

 Back To The Picture  framing and art gallery manager Derek Hargrove (at center) with his fellow sta...
"Back To The Picture" framing and art gallery manager Derek Hargrove (at center) with his fellow staff/crew worked to help make the opening reception of the exhibit that Saturday evening a success.
Derek Hargrove
#CanyonFire [update] CA-91 & Cole Canyon  Anaheim (Orange Co) is at 2 000 acres and 5% contained. Un...
#CanyonFire [update] CA-91 & Cole Canyon, Anaheim (Orange Co) is at 2,000 acres and 5% contained. Unified Command
Cal Fire on Twitter
A blue oak tree at the Blue Sky Ecological Reserve  Poway  San Diego County  California. It was blac...
A blue oak tree at the Blue Sky Ecological Reserve, Poway, San Diego County, California. It was blackened in a fire in 2008, but is still going strong.
A view of the Oakland  California skyline
A view of the Oakland, California skyline
Basil D. Soufi
This will be the home of Digital Action Hub.  We re still in the process of upgrading the space   sa...
This will be the home of Digital Action Hub. "We're still in the process of upgrading the space," said founder/coordinator Lena Carew. She is hoping that the paint, electrical, etc. will all be done soon. "As of now, we should be up and running by October."
Courtesy of Lena Carew / Digital Action Hub
Courtesy of Chic Lotz
The Theme Building and control tower at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport).
The Theme Building and control tower at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport).
Michael Zara
Eric Rucker on Twitter
 El Buen Parricide  is a film about marriage  promisies made and the power of a promise.
"El Buen Parricide" is a film about marriage, promisies made and the power of a promise.
Courtesy of Vicky Contreras and Ella Films Productions
Close-up of the burned trees
Close-up of the burned trees
King fire spreads to Placerville  California on Sept. 17  2014.
King fire spreads to Placerville, California on Sept. 17, 2014.
Elijah was an  exceptionally sweet  dog according to those who knew him. His owner  Joe Regis  Jr sa...
Elijah was an "exceptionally sweet" dog according to those who knew him. His owner, Joe Regis, Jr said that he would walk Elijah everyday. Like this park in Redwood City called Stulstaft.
Courtesy of Joe Regis, Jr.
 Not having a beneficiary clearly stated on a fund or on an account can be frustrating. People don t...
"Not having a beneficiary clearly stated on a fund or on an account can be frustrating. People don't realize that if a beneficiary's name is not on that account or fund, and the official will says something else, we as financial advisors can do nothing," he said. Daren Blonski of Edward Jones Investments
The Whispers live on stage.
The Whispers live on stage.
Preparing for opening night on January 2  Tamar Cohn reads David Mamet s  The Anarchist  very carefu...
Preparing for opening night on January 2, Tamar Cohn reads David Mamet's "The Anarchist" very carefully, making notes in the margins, she pays close attention to the playwright's powerful use of subtle meaning and as some have called it "camouflaged" words.
Readers  Books shop owner Andy Weinberger was very pleased with the turn out for Catherine Sevenau s...
Readers' Books shop owner Andy Weinberger was very pleased with the turn out for Catherine Sevenau's book launch. Sevenau's writing echoed some of the 1960's, Weinberger also recalled that time. "If you were a young person then (and who wasn't) there was a certainty in your heart that you were riding the crest of an unstoppable wave. Our music (we thought) contained all the truth we'd ever need. You might not know where things were headed, but still the times they were a-changin', as Bob Dylan
courtesy of Catherine Sevenau
The walls and ceilings of Ingleside Presbyterian are covered with an on-going collage or spontaneous...
The walls and ceilings of Ingleside Presbyterian are covered with an on-going collage or spontaneous mosaic, that Rev. G calls "The Great Cloud of Witness."
 The Great Cloud of Witness   as Rev. G calls it began with just a single picture he pasted to the w...
"The Great Cloud of Witness," as Rev. G calls it began with just a single picture he pasted to the wall, that of boxer Mohammed Ali.
Chinese lanterns along Grant Street  San Francisco  CA.
Chinese lanterns along Grant Street, San Francisco, CA.
Theâtre Femina: Spectacles de La Chauve Souris. Program of a 1923 cabaret-ballet produced by Nikita...
Theâtre Femina: Spectacles de La Chauve Souris. Program of a 1923 cabaret-ballet produced by Nikita Balieff. From the Jane Bourne Parton Collection of books on dance.
Courtesy of the F. W. Olin Library, Mills College

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