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Cafe News

Starbucks finally opens cafe in Italy, home of espresso

Milan - US coffee giant Starbucks opens its first branch in Italy on Thursday, with the sprawling Milan 'roastery' at the avant garde of an ambitious plan to conquer the spiritual home of espresso.

Robotic café chain raises $9.4 million

San Francisco - A robotic coffee bar startup powered by robots raised $9.4 million, and has plans to continue fundraising until they hit their goal of a $12.01 million venture funding round.

Extremists charged over Bangladesh cafe attack

Dhaka - Bangladesh police Monday charged eight Islamist extremists over the savage 2016 attack claimed by Islamic State on a Dhaka cafe popular with Westerners that killed 22 people including 18 foreigners.

Hugs for Pugs at London's latest pup-up cafe

London - Pugs are the new fashion must-have in Britain, with owners, in love with their saggy faces and big eyes, even taking them for cocktails and afternoon tea in Pug-dedicated cafes.

Cyprus coffee shop provides common ground for peace

Nicosia - Between two checkpoints in Europe's last divided capital a coffee shop provides a venue for Greek and Turkish Cypriots to overcome their differences and dream of a shared future.

Restaurant leaves prices up to 'karma'

Albuquerque - A brand new cafe in Albuquerque is relying on karma instead of money to keep it in business. The menu doesn't have prices and you can eat for free, if you really wanted to.

Study: San Francisco has highest rate of pot smoking in U.S.

Washington - San Francisco, the gleaming city by the bay and financial center of the West, now has another title to add to its allure: marijuana capital.

Kenya wakes up to coffee

Nairobi - Africa's best barista doesn't drink coffee, nor even really like it, yet two-time Kenyan champ Martin Shabaya won the Africa round and next month competes at the World Barista Championships.

'Shockingly high' levels of sugar in cafe drinks

London - The drinks sold in many high street and shopping mall cafes contain very high levels of sugar, especially those that contain syrup. Consumers could be unaware just how much sugar is in some drinks.

FacePalm Friday: Naked guy enters cafe and demands to be killed

Saratov - A naked male entered a restaurant in Saratov, and got on top of a table before he asked an employee to take his life by shooting him in the head.

Starbucks raises price of some of its drinks

Seattle - Feeling the pain? You're not alone. Your morning coffee just got a little more expensive. Starbucks, the nation's largest cafe chain, raised the price of most of its drinks by as much as 20 cents on Tuesday.

Cafe interruptus: Starbucks to shut down La Boulange shops

Seattle - Starbucks plans to shut down nearly two dozen La Boulange cafes it bought in 2012 but to continue to sell La Boulange baked goods in its stores nationwide, the world's largest coffee seller said Monday.

Rocks hurled at Sydney siege cafe

Sydney - A former professional basketball player was Wednesday charged with malicious damage after rocks were thrown through five windows of the Sydney cafe at the centre of a deadly siege.

Sydneysiders queue for reopening of siege cafe

Sydney - The Sydney cafe where a gunman inspired by the Islamic State group staged a bloody 16-hour siege reopened Friday, with scores queuing to enter the site where two hostages died.

System let us down with Sydney siege 'monster': PM

Sydney - Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott admitted Sunday "the system" had let the public down by failing to protect it from the "monster" who carried out a deadly siege in a Sydney cafe.

Sydney siege survivors tell of terror at hands of gunman

Sydney - Survivors of a 16-hour siege in a Sydney cafe on Sunday told of their terror during the deadly standoff, as a jihadist gunman threatened to kill people "one by one".

Australia terror attack prompts worldwide travel warning

Washington, D. C. - Tuesday's counterattack on a Sydney cafe that freed 15 hostages has prompted the United States to issue a worldwide travel alert advising its citizens traveling abroad to extra careful.

First cat cafe in United States opens in Northern California

Oakland - Think Americans are a little pet obsessed? Think the "Hello Kitty" craze was over the top, even before we all found out "Hello Kitty" was not a cat at all? Well, hang on -- you ain't seen nothin' yet!

What are they inking? Starbucks could let workers reveal tattoos

Seattle - Most customers probably do not know this, but Starbucks has always required its tattooed coffee servers to cover up body ink when behind the counter.

Panera Bread announces a 'no-gun' policy for its cafes

Popular cafe chain Panera Bread is now discouraging customers from bringing guns into its stores as it joins a growing list of businesses enforcing such rules, despite American law allowing for it.

Villagers take stand against cafe owner banning 'loud Americans'

Waterville - Residents came out to show their support and connections to America after a local cafe owner banned "loud Americans" from his shop.

Review: Ginger — Tasty treats near the beach in Fuengirola, Spain Special

Fuengirola - A new eatery has opened up in Los Boliches in Fuengirola on the sunny Costa del Sol in southern Spain. Named Ginger Food and Drinks, they are an international restaurant, offering delicious meals to suit all tastes.

North America set to welcome cat cafes

As many offices adopt cats and rabbits to foster a calm demeanor in their staffs, the trend of cat cafes, where anybody can spend time sharing a hot beverage with a friendly, furry feline, looks set to take hold in North America.

French café gives discounts for politeness, charges for rudeness

Nice - A French café has decided to charge customers for their rudeness. They offer a range of prices for their coffee which offers discounts to those who are polite when ordering.

Amsterdam sees closure of 'pot-cafes' as next step to prohibition

The Netherlands is unique in its policy on marijuana possession. While it is considered an illegal drug, having 5 grams or less on your person is not a criminal offense. Visitors to Amsterdam's coffee shops may find this law doesn't apply to them anymore.

Restaurants trying to cut down on 'wi-fi-hobos'

Buenos Aires - I'll have a double-mocha-grande- latte-and-wifi-hobo to go please. More cafes are wishing that wifi hobos would just go.

Op-Ed: Senegal: World's first 'Tablet Cafe' will change Africa

Dakar - Something huge happened not too long ago in the small Francophone West African country of Senegal. The world's first "Tablette Cafe" was opened there by Google.

Cat café to open in London

London - The UK's first ever cat cafe will be opening up in London in the next couple of months after an entrepreneur receives over $100,000 in donations from members of the public.

Photo Essay: Views through Turkish glass Special

Istanbul - Take a walk at twilight and peer through the entrance to a glass museum in Istanbul, a cafe in Kocaeli, and a florist in Izmit. Throughout Turkey you can find lights shining through glass.

Review: Café Yanx — 'An American in Marbella', since 1997 Special

Marbella - Their website reads, "Here at Yanx, we like to think of ourselves as a smooth quality vintage with a successful pedigree going back some thirteen years." And it really shows with their incredibly tasty, all-American food, served here in Spain.
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Cafe Image

The alpine-like cafe at Greenpark Hotel on Kar Tepe mountain
The alpine-like cafe at Greenpark Hotel on Kar Tepe mountain
Le Bistrot  a French cafe in Lyon
Le Bistrot, a French cafe in Lyon
Close to the Newsroom  the main part of the British Library concourse.
Close to the Newsroom, the main part of the British Library concourse.
FAMOUS: Habakuka  the street cat who achieved fame after being featured in last year s Amazon book  ...
FAMOUS: Habakuka, the street cat who achieved fame after being featured in last year's Amazon book "Cute Cats From Around The World" by Alex Rosel, lounges confidently at her home in Jerusalem.
zeevveez/Wikimedia Commons
Spark Cafe at Walmart Visitor Center.  Bentonville  Ark.
Spark Cafe at Walmart Visitor Center. Bentonville, Ark.
A park cafe
A park cafe
The Evergreen Hotel serves a nice  reasonably-priced breakfast in its cafe
The Evergreen Hotel serves a nice, reasonably-priced breakfast in its cafe
AFTERMATH: Flowers and other tributes line the sidewalk Thursday outside the Lindt cafe at Martin Pl...
AFTERMATH: Flowers and other tributes line the sidewalk Thursday outside the Lindt cafe at Martin Place in downtown Sydney, where two hostages and their alleged kidnapper died in a rescue attempt.
Sardaka/Wikimedia Commons
A cafe at the town of Çanakkale
A cafe at the town of Çanakkale
After all that shopping  relax at Paul s Place  a cafe next to a gift shop
After all that shopping, relax at Paul's Place, a cafe next to a gift shop
Inside the Royal Court Theatre  London.
Inside the Royal Court Theatre, London.
Enjoy your coffee and the cafe? Now you can invest in it.
Enjoy your coffee and the cafe? Now you can invest in it.
People in a cafe at a shopping centre  Hatfield UK.
People in a cafe at a shopping centre, Hatfield UK.
Classically French  one of the many cafes (for coffee  wine  or cheese) within the city of Lyon.
Classically French, one of the many cafes (for coffee, wine, or cheese) within the city of Lyon.
Details of tea cups in the hotel gift shop
Details of tea cups in the hotel gift shop
A glass-enclosed cafe
A glass-enclosed cafe
The Uptowner Cafe  located at Grand Avenue and Lexington Parkway.
The Uptowner Cafe, located at Grand Avenue and Lexington Parkway.