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Cabinet News

Brazil's new president names business-friendly cabinet

Bras - Brazil's acting president Michel Temer named a business-friendly cabinet Thursday after his former boss Dilma Rousseff was suspended from office, ending 13 years of leftist rule.

Iraq PM to attend parliament for cabinet vote: Speaker

Baghdad - Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will attend parliament on Thursday for a vote on a new cabinet lineup, after two previous sessions ended in chaos, the speaker's office said.

Turkey's new cabinet meets with first pro-Kurdish, veiled ministers

Ankara - Turkey's new caretaker government that includes the first ever representatives from a pro-Kurdish party and a veiled minister held its first meeting on Tuesday to prepare to rule until snap polls in November.

Mexico president reshuffles cabinet

- Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto appointed seven new ministers Thursday in a cabinet reshuffle, including naming a new foreign minister, in a mid-term shakeup of his administration.

Modi set to expand cabinet to speed up economic reforms

New Delhi - Indian premier Narendra Modi is set to appoint a new defence minister Sunday in a major cabinet expansion aimed at speeding up promised economic reforms, after storming to power in May.

Egypt's Sisi tells outgoing PM to form new govt

Cairo - Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who took office on Monday, tasked prime minister Ibrahim Mahlab with forming a new government after the previous cabinet resigned, the presidency said.

Tunisia PM designate says has formed new government

Tunis - Tunisia's premier-designate Mehdi Jomaa said Sunday he has presented the president with the list of his proposed cabinet of independents, under a roadmap aimed at ending months of political crisis.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano leaving DC for UC

Washington - After more than four years as Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Napolitano announced in a statement today that she will be leaving the post to head the University of California System.

Alberta PC Premier Alison Redford announces 18-member cabinet

Calgary - A couple of weeks after winning a historic election, Alberta Premier Alison Redford announced her cabinet, which consists of six Calgary MLAs becoming ministers and a Tory who claimed to be assaulted by a senior citizen during the campaign trail.

Jordan's King fires his prime minister

The king of Jordan dismissed Samir Rifai as prime minister. Rifai's dismissal comes in the wake of protests that have been taking place across the country.

Afghan Parliament again blocks Karzai Cabinet appointees

On Saturday parliament in Afghanistan rebuked President Hamid Karzai after rejecting 10 of the 17 ministers he proposed on his try try at forming a government.

Iranian president Ahmadinejad Fires Three Ministers

Iranian president Ahmadinejad has removed Intelligence Minister Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Ejei, Islamic Culture and Guidance Minister Mohammad-Hassan Saffar-Harandi and Labor Minister Mohammad Jahromifrom their positions.

New Brunswick Premier Shuffles Cabinet

New Brunswick Premier Shawn Graham has shaken up the senior ranks of his cabinet. The shake up involves moving three of his most controversial ministers to lower-profile positions.

Indian PM sworn in

After an election which cost the country $2 billion, according to the Centre for Media Studies, a new Cabinet has taken office in India. For the second time, 76-year old economist Manmohan Singh is at the helm as Prime Minister.

Op-Ed: For Gregg and the GOP is it Party first, Country last?

Republican Sen. Judd Gregg's withdrawal as nominee for Secretary of Commerce could be the latest ploy in a GOP arsenal of blatant attacks to undermine President Obama's efforts in advancing a bipartisan agenda for his administration.

Gregg Withdraws from Commerce Post

In the midst of the last minute alterations to the economic stimulus package, Senator Judd Gregg withdrew his name from consideration for the position of Commerce Secretary.

Obama Appointees Hit by Tax Problems

Tom Daschle, the former Senate majority leader whom President Barack Obama had nominated for secretary of Health and Human Services, withdrew his nomination Tuesday amid growing criticism over his late payment of more than $120,000 in back taxes.

Op-Ed: The Falling Down Of A Puppet On A String

Right after the 9/11 attacks George Bush could do no wrong. Americans praised his actions in the days that followed the attacks that took the lives of 2,974. What happened?

Op-Ed: The First Crack In A Seamless Presidential Transition

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson today withdrew his nomination to serve as Commerce Secretary in the new Obama administration. It's the first adverse event in Barack Obama's seemingly seamless entry into the White House.

Salazar Appointed for Interior; Team Building for the Environment Continues

Barack Obama has been moving quickly to make his Cabinet appointments. Kenneth Salazar’s appointment to the Cabinet as Secretary of the Department of the Interior is another reflection of Obama’s intentions.

Obama Puts Science Back in Business with New Cabinet Appointments

Barack Obama today formally announced his appointment of individuals he believes can help develop a new energy policy while coordinating efforts to protect the environment thereby making science a critical part of his plan for change.

Op-Ed: G. G. Will Convince Canada To End Monarchy

With a long winter setting in Canada a monumental and historic decision sits in abeyance. The outcome could finally advance the architecture of the federal government's framework.

Obama Cabinet Shaping Up

The process of naming individuals to the Obama White House started slow but has quickly accelerated, with the Obama-Biden Transition team making several major announcements over the last week.

Canada: New Cabinet Will Cost Canadian Tories $3.9 Million More in Salaries

It is possible that the new Federal cabinet will cost the Canadian taxpayer an additional $3.9 million in salaries alone for the extra ministers and their staff.

Canada: PM Unveils New Cabinet

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today appointed a new federal Cabinet. The PM increased his cabinet to 38 members from 31, and now has 11 women in cabinet.

Malaysian PM unveils new cabinet

Malaysia's prime minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, has responded to the worst election result by Malaysia's governing party for 50 years by unveiling a substantially changed government line-up.

Hamas Cabinet Set to Resign Today

Historic Hamas/Fatah coalition government to be formed later today.

Ignatieff Named Deputy Leader

In a show of solidarity, Liberal Stephane Dion named Michael Ignatieff the deputy leader of the opposition. Ignatieff was the front runner in the recently contested Liberal leadership convention. Ignatieff eventually lost to Dion on the 4th ballot.

Israel Names First Arab Minister

Labor Party Chairman appoints the first Arab Muslim in Israel's history to cabinet.

Harper Shuffles Cabinet

Stephen Harper makes some changes
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Hamas holds an election rally in the West Bank city of Ramallah in 2007.
Hamas holds an election rally in the West Bank city of Ramallah in 2007.
Hoheit/Wikimedia Commons
Members of the new BC cabinet
Members of the new BC cabinet
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a picture of President Obama, V.P. Joe Biden and the Cabinet in July 2012
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