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Cab News

Woman charged $787.33 for two-mile cab ride

Chicago - We’ve all complained about expensive cab-fare at some point, but nothing compares to Becky Siegel’s recent charge on her credit card bill. For Siegel, a two-mile cab fare came out to a shocking $787.33.

Arrested for using an ambulance as a taxi cab

Ambulances are used to transport people to the hospital due to an emergency, but a woman in South Carolina has been using the ambulance as a taxi for the past seven years.

Video: Watch two New York business gentlemen brawl over a cab

New York - The video showing two New York businessmen in a brawl for a cab in Manhattan's financial district is going viral online.The men demonstrate in the twenty-second video why New Yorkers have a worldwide reputation for impatience and aggression.

'The Last Cab Ride' a NYC taxi driver's moving memory goes viral

New York - A former New York City taxi driver's essay about one memorable passenger has gone viral with more than half a million 'likes' on Facebook. But you may want to grab a Kleenex before reading it through.

Nissan's new London Taxi updated version of traditional black cab

Nissan is riding the wave of Olympic hype to unveil its new London Taxi, with many of the same features as the black cabs but a few changes like the ability to go electric.

Chicago Cabbie Arrested for Alleged Ties to Al-Qaeda

Chicago - A Chicago cab driver was arrested Friday on charges of "attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization for allegedly trying to send money to Al-Qaida", according to

London cab goes to China

One of London's icons, the old-fashion style black cab now is made in China. Before long, they will be seen in China's major cities.

Robert Pattison Clipped By Taxi In New York

Twilight star Robert Pattinson was hit by a taxi in New York after being mobbed by a group of fans. The actor walked away from the incident.

Cab Drivers in Philippines to Issue Receipts Starting June

Starting June, receipt-issuing taximeters should be a pre-requisite in each and every cab that roams around the corners of the Philippines.

Washington cabbie returns $6,000 left in car

"My mother always said, 'If you're an honest person, you will always have money in your pocket,'"

Cab Driver Locks Fare in Cab and Heads Towards Jail

Passenger hails cab for home but locked in cab and driven towards jail.

Cabbie returns diamond rings to tightfisted tipper

A taxi driver returned a black bag carrying 31 diamond rings to a passenger who earlier had given him a 30-cent tip on an $11 ride.

Black Man Trying to get Cab

Segment from Michael Moore's TV Nation, demonstrating modern day racism.

Colombian cabbie rolls armed robber over embankment

A Colombian taxi driver got the better of an armed robber by rolling his cab over an embankment -- with the assailant still inside. allows NYC users to share cabs to/from Airport is a new service that lets you sign up to share a cab to go to/from the airport in the NYC area. It just launched November 11, and you can use it for your upcoming thanksgiving travels.

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